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  1. Status update...received rod from Fishbites and it's in excellent condition. Just send out the mojo at 1pm via ups should be their tomorrow or Friday the latest Thanks again Fishbites, TimS and sol staff
  2. ok that sounds like a plan...how do you want to handle this?
  3. yes i am very interested...can you give me the exact rating number only so i can have a good idea of what rod were talking about
  4. i want to trade a SC mojo 9' 1-4oz for a st.coix 7 footer for this early spring run looking for something like 3/4oz to 1 1/2oz but open to mostly anything....guides are all good with no cracks and it can pass for almost new with very little wear....will post pics tonight when i get home from work
  5. Please close thread...thanks TimS and SOL
  6. ok im in....let me know when you have your zb ready and no issue do to the bail swap and then we can can work out the money and shipping after that....deal?
  7. ok that sounds good, now quoting you on this, How long will it take for me to get the bailess single roller?
  8. that sounds good, now are you in new york so we can meet for inspections on reels?
  9. I pm him yesterday and got no answer back,I'm sure he ment no harm by that just probably caught up with the holiday to get on sol. Im in need of cash so I want to move this asap. I hope he and the rest of SOL community understands, And if I broke rules then I apologies in advance
  10. If your concern is water getting in the gears then rest a sure that is not the case in this reel, now about fixing it...well im sure you can do some cosmetic work to it but it will defenetly NOT look like it never had and repairs on it. thanks and i hope that help....
  11. Bump....I decided to sell it...asking 1000.00 since that's what I got in it
  12. cool thanks bud, And sorry for low balling im just in a budget for black friday and xmas
  13. sorry i withdraw, i though it was new didnt get to take look at the pic well
  14. im interested in the 7 what is the lure rate on that rod plus if possible for pics?
  15. close thread plz...thanks Tims and Sol Staff
  16. bump...still looking for more one more squid darter and few more mavericks in other colors thanks, Jay
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