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  1. View PostPerhaps you took my post the wrong way.....not sympathizing with him at all, I am thrilled they got him, and I have some friends that were very close to the events of 9/11.


    My point is that the rallying in the streets looks an AWFUL lot like the videos you see of the Islams after a terrorists attack..............I thought perhaps we could be above that.....frown.gif


    I don't like to celebrate death either, but there is a significant difference here.



    That being the difference between celebrating the mass murder of unarmed civilians...

    Versus celebrating the lawful killing of an enemy combatant, who also happens to be the mass murderer who kills those unarmed civilians.



  2. View PostMaking sure my pancakes are fine is reason enough for me.biggrin.gif


    But for a real world example, I attend probably 90% of the Celtics home games, I park in the same lot every time. Parking is $35, I always give the guy $40, sometimes $45 if I'm late.....Why??? Because if I show up at 7:30, he has a spot for me, and when I get back to the lot after the game, the car is on the steet ready to head out, whereas the other cars have to leave thru a exit headed back towards the garden and mad traffic.


    Granted, during the game he make take the Hemi for a ride to Charlestown for a beer or 2, at least when he comes back it's pointing the right way on a one way.biggrin.gif


    So you're paying for a service other than parking.


    This I understand.



    However, if you told me that I should tip a parking attendant if I expected to get my car back in one piece...Then I'd have a problem.

  3. View PostIt's not tipping I believe in, it's overtipping.


    Good job, bob. beers.gif


    As I said in the initial post, I am a good tipper.


    The last time I went to "an establishment where you're expected to tip people for doing their job"...I was by myself, the check came to about $17...And I left a $10 tip.


    I know I do it, I just don't know why I do it?


    I mean, the waitress wasn't hot...pig2.gif

    And I'm certainly not known for doing or saying anything, simply because "society" expects it...



    ...Except tipping. headscratch.gif

  4. View PostTipping in a place for frequent is not a bad idea.


    My Mom is a notoriously bad tipper. Most people from her generation are.


    Several years back, I take my Mom out to dinner to a local place in Worcester I've been going to basically since high school and all through college. Very good food, in and out, loud waitresses, but they REMEMBER you.

    One night in March, my Mom and I are standing on the sidewalk waiting to get in. It's snowing, the line is out the door and down the sidewalk. One of the waitresses spots me from inside, taps on the window, and motions me to the door. In front of everyone, she tells us to come in, and gets us the next available table, right in front of the chef.cwm27.gif

    Food here is crazy reasonable. We get our meals, incredibly good. Halfway through my meal, the waitress comes over, takes my plate, and hands it over the counter to the chef, who dumps 7-8 more shrimp on it. My Mom can't believe her eyes.

    The bill comes, and it's something like $22. I left $32, and left it at that.

    MY MOM HITS THE ROOF!!!!!mad.gif She thinks I'm nuts!kooky.gif I tired explaining to her, this is why we got seated. Otherwise, we'd still be outside cooling our heels in the snow like the other cheapskates.cwm27.gif (she did not agree)


    Now we're getting somewhere. icon14.gif


    If I'm acquiring goods or services from the tip...Then it's a reasonable expenditure.

    If I'm showing my appreciation for someone who risks his life to keep me safe...Then it's a damn fine expenditure.



    If I'm giving money to a hired server, in exchange for them not wiping their ass with my pancakes...I gotta wonder, why?


    Why am I expected to bribe them, in order to get them to do their job and not poison me? headscratch.gif

  5. View PostI like to tip basically everyone, I'd rathe rthe train of thought when I walk back into a place be:


    Hey, here comes that really nice fella.



    as opposed to


    Hey, here comes that cheap cheap prik, lemme wipe my ass with his pancakeswink.gif



    But that's jsut me

    First of all...You need a spell checker. wink.gif

    (Are you using Internet Explorer?)


    Secondly, the fact that you fear repercussions for not giving a tip (to certain select individuals), is my whole point. cwm15.gif


    When a cop stops to check on me, and make sure I'm okay, (as I'm sitting on the ground next to my car, in the middle of the night, trying to get my waders off)......beers.gif


    Why can't I get him to accept a chewed up tandem rigged Slug-go? (After finding out that he hasn't caught a damn thing in over a week, while fishing bait from his boat.)



    View PostTrue story:


    A friend of mine got pulled over for speeding on the Pa. turnpike back in the 1970's. He gave the cop a $20 "tip" and the ticket disappeared.

    In the 70's....I hadn't been born yet.