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  1. You had pods of sand eels and you are hangin it up. I understand the frustration but I’d say it could be worse.
  2. Sober November for me. I know that’s nothing for many of us who haven’t had drinks in years or decades, but a great man once told me that one day is good. For some people, getting through one day is difficult so I’m happy to say I’m able to stay sober when I choose to. I love IPA’s and beer in general but after awhile, having one or six everyday leads you to feel as if you can’t function without it. That’s just not true. Just find something else to occupy your time when you feel like drinking. That’s all folks.
  3. What was the outcome of this? Or do I have to wait for it on Netflix?
  4. You guys gotta lease new cars. You living in the 70’s. Lmao
  5. We all got E
  6. #unplugthewifi
  7. “That escalated quickly. “ Definitely more than predicted 5+ in Staten Island. Lots of accidents on the roads. I take ferry and train and my commute was probably the best around and it still sucked. Melted pretty quickly and the roads were pretty good by 8:30.
  8. Kids are horrible these days. They certainly get exposed and o a lot of chatter on all subjects by way of the web. I’d say the majority of kids on social media have nothing blocking content. No adult supervision on the web and zero consequences for their actions. Going to the police these days is actually a viable option. When I was a kid you would never do that. Just fight it out and move on but those were boys doing hat comes naturally. Personalities and strength determines theb pecking order and everyone fell in line. Now we worry about kids killing each other or blatantly torturing each other with social media bullying. Girls are the worat. Both of my daughters (18, 12) have gone through so much hate for no reason. It’s certainly toughened them up but young girls are the worst offenders of bullying and downrigh nastiness. God forbid you are pretty and independent. They will tear you down every chance they get. Anyway, feel terrible for this girl. I deal with Muslim people all the time. Beautiful people doing what we are doing. Raising families and trying to survive and be happy in this sick world. God Bless everyone.
  9. Horrible. Fire death is just horrible. The fire in Greece was horrible too. People fleeing to the edge of a cliff. Jump or burn. They burned in a pile together. Unreal. The weather channels showing “myths” about these fires. Basically blaming climate change. Nothing to do with mismanagement. God bless those poor poor people in the line of fire. If I ever lived in a place that had that possibility, I’d be out real quick, permanently.
  10. Kinda different than wading in deep under a new moon sky in complete silence. The only thing you can hear is the silent hum of your reel and the water coming off off the spool with every painfully slow turn of the handle. Then WHAM! fish on and it’s loud for a few minutes of splashin and then finally she’s given up... a slow S turn that you can barely make out in the top of the water. Finally she is on front of you and you make eye contact. Catch your breath, settle your heart rate, unhook her and take it all in. Then bring her back to life and set her free with a thank you. Respect
  11. If you are using it as a connected device to stream content, pay for extra bandwidth. I just upgraded to Fios 1 GB to the house. Wireless Speedtest performs well 200 up 150 down typically but hardwired to the router gives me 400 up 350 down typically. If everyone’s sleeping I get 600/500. NKe sure your TV has an Ethernet Port. Goodluck. I have Samsung’s and LGs and like them both very much.
  12. WOW. That puts it in perspective. Damn
  13. When has NYC ever shut down from snow? Lol. Sandy shut her down for a bit but that’s it. NYC is the best at dealing with Snow on the planet. Let’s go
  14. My buddy owns Roy’s in Coney Island. These bikes are crazy. I haven’t ridden one yet. I assume it’s the easiest gear possible? I hear they are difficult obviously on sugar.