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  1. I guess @Nessmuk is busy flying all over the country. Someone has to do it.
  2. Lmao at least 45 was working for AMERICANS 46 is a traitor and is literally beholden to the Liberal World Order. don’t even bother replying dude. You are wrong and there absolutely no denying it. I don’t care what you say about Trump, he’s in the history books. Now it’s about Biden and him driving us into the ground while people like you and your empty headed friends sit around saying he’s doing a good job.
  3. They are specifically targeting Mets fans. Lol
  4. Trickle down down from what? down from fuel prices down from trying to make money in a world run by Dems who make it almost impossible to do so. keep diluting our dollar and giving away to anyone who asks all part of their plan. what I don’t understand is why so they keep booking the flights to begin with? why not put together your offering based on what you actually provide? This way maybe the industry itself doesn’t get a bad rap. peace
  5. RL, remove that part which is my opinion. Comment on the blatant “I don’t need the data”. it’s as egregious as it gets. finally a reporter asked a legitimate question. And we got the answe that matches up with e Carly what we suspected all along. say what you want about conspiracy, but my God these people just continue to prove everything f people suspected. tell me this, does anyone think any Democrat is cheering or working in the beat interests of the hard working, independent citizens of this country? I believe they cater to the weak. Cater to the people who have no will or ethic to succeed. That cater to them because those are easy people to win over. Give them stuff, win their loyalty it’s a disgrace. This country was always at its best because we gave away opportunity, we never gave away results.
  6. How many people have been having flights cancelled the last 30 days? I see it on the news and it’s apparently due to staffing issues and not enough pilots? Air traffic controller issue in JAX? anyway, last week I was through security in MKE and they cancelled my United flight into EWR. I scrambled with my companies travel agency and they got me to ATL and then Philly via Delta. Two great flights but I didn’t get home until 3 AM Thursday. I left Sun Prairie WI at 1:30 PM central. Lol crazy
  7. Only 315? What a bitch you are. Lol Seriously that’s great and I bet less than 1% of SOL can come close to that in a 1RM Right now I’m focused on just cutting and eating meat and raw egg yolks like a psycho peace
  8. Check out her latest from today… a reporter asks her “do you have the numbers to show that it’s the concealed carry permit holders that are committing crimes? Because the lawful gun owner will say that you’re attacking the wrong person. It’s really people that are getting these guns illegally that are causing the violence, not the people that are going and getting the permit legally and that’s the basis for the whole Supreme Court argument. Do you have the numbers?” Hochul’s response: “I don’t need to have numbers, I don’t have to have a data point to (then she babbles) have sensible gun safety laws” folks, pretty clear. A gun grab. Intention is to disarm American citizens. we cannot let that happen ever. More law enforcement more illegal gun confiscation Tough on small crime. It’s the only way. This one question. Is the first time I’ve seen a real question from a reporter in quite sometime. And when you put someone on the spot with a very appropriate question and they respond by admitting data does t matter, the truth is easy to see. they are doing it regardless of what we think about it.
  9. Hard to believe? They have freedom to do whatever they want. Push people onto tracks... Steal... Crimes all around with no consequences. What did Rudy do? Enforced the law.
  10. Definitely an uptick in mentally ill people screaming and yelling and stinking up the joint. So far I've been unscathed with none of the psychos approaching me or flailing. Worst I've experienced is walking by someone who smells so bad that it becomes a bad memory that won't go away. But I'm downtown two blocks from the ferry. I walk between Broadway and Wall Street everyday along Water and it's mostly OK.
  11. They should pas her around the mens prison for 17 years the same way she passed around the teenage girls to old perverted Pedocrats.
  12. Guys says: ”I take care of my kids” “whatcha want a cookie? You supposed to take care of your kids!!” lmao Chris Rock’ FAMILIA!!
  13. Of course. Why is this a question? Should they? Absolutely will they? Some will, some won’t. Choose your donor wisely These are basics in life. You make a baby, you take care of it. Somewhere in the last however many years people just changed into aliens. Love and Family Family and Love there’s nothing better on earth and more positive than people raising a family together and making it through and producing the next generation of responsible people to continue to duplicate and make better. that’s the goal always i can’t wait to have grandkids.