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  1. This is pretty damning if true... Begashaw also pointed out that “However, it’s very unfortunate that the B737 Max 8 simulator was not configured to simulate the MCAS operation by the aircraft manufacturer.” imagine? All this talk of simulator training the the system in question wasn’t even part of it. Holy God that’s disgusting and egregious if true.
  2. I pointed this out way earlier in this thread. It was countered by some saying there is an electrical option to help move it.
  3. The Dems want racism. They call anyone patriotic or pro-America first, a racist. It’s BS but it certainly advances their agenda. Who invented “white privilege” as a term for successful white people? I mean it’s absurd. This president is nowhere near a racist. And, He is obviously a woman’s advocate. If people paid attention and just judged him on the actual facts of his presidency, they’d see no racism. He is pro America (he’s the f’en President, he better be) and people have now tried to associate patriotism as racism. I can’t even believe these people. I want all races, all sexes, I could care less of you want to be a woman or be a man or be both. I just want you to love this country. The Dems don’t love the country. They are really the lowest of the low.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to answer us and deal with the craziness they we bring. Haha I’m in IT and I see everyday how insane the security requirements are. There are infinite attack’s constantly on every company in the world. It never ends. The genius out in the ether is unknown. I truly believe that any connected car, plane, train etc. can be hacked. Slightly insane I know and most likely not applicable to this particular crash but that’s “why” I asked lol
  5. Nessmuk, have you ever ever faced a barrage such as this? Think you’d be able to get out of it? Anyone ever consider sabotage? Some kind of computer hack? Seem too ridiculous to have all of that stuff happening at the same time. A stall warning AND a sound saying hey we’re going too fast?
  6. Any democrats been around your area lately?
  7. I used to park in that big (church?) lot up the hill a bit. Then walk down the trail to a heavenly beach with peanut bunker shooting out of the top of every cresting wave. Bass and blues, Mullet swimming by our feet in schools in 5” of water. Was just one of the best experiences of my life. Peaceful yet full of life and just sugar under my feet.
  8. Ness did you watch that video with the simulator? Curious what your thoughts are about the pilots who are furious with Boeing. I’m wondering how their expertise differs from yours. Respectfully
  9. Shore house in Ortley for a week cruise camping other than that, swim club all summer.
  10. Man oh man... d-bag
  11. Kraft ultimately has to look into the eyes of the public, friends and family. They all know he was getting hand jobs by younger woman in massage parlors. There are worse crimes I suppose but it does speak to his character. No no one wants to see that video anyway.
  12. Ridenfish, me too. Love me lots of beers. Way too many
  13. Sam 76’ is a solid everyday beer. Tasty