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  1. I like you Brian... I just can’t believe anyone with a brain could possibly be a Democrat. we can agree to disagree. That’s the beauty of SOL. We are all together in a striped bass utopia. peace
  2. EdZachary
  3. I like a big fat slob... shoot me
  4. Junior Seau was a man!! Then he shot himself. Lmao Sounds like the kid needed to go to the hospital to get checked out. Couldn’t hurt. peace
  5. Bill is that direct from Vegas?
  6. No worries, BrianBM will explain it all away. It’s definitely 45’s fault. LMAO
  7. That’s Steven Tyler
  8. I have had post nasal drip for 4 days. I’m 2 weeks away from 2nd Pfizer shot. I probably have throat cancer from eating my wife’s *****. peace
  9. The fact that the vaccine card is a hand written index card is only validation that it’s a gosh darn joke. seriously someone should murder someone for saying stupid ****. and I mean Murder, like end a life
  10. One of the major cities of course. Whatever coordinates they put in for this latest major catastrophic event to kill Americans. Lmao
  11. Tonight I believe. 2300 GMT
  12. Rat or Raccoon? LOL I kinda like it. F the media. Bunch of Jerko ffs anyway... #LFGM
  13. Alright. Can’t wait for the 2nd jab then. ouch
  14. So what do spiked proteins do to a body if they over respond?