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  1. They hit the II button.
  2. Had a great weekend. Walked some good miles, fished a little bit and got my nephew (24) his first Striper. Completed my pushups and got my number of 3100 for May. ate pretty good (except last night when I ate and edible and everything else in sight after that kicked in lol) and this is the first weekend I didn’t drink alcohol in about 6 weeks. So it was successful!!
  3. Jordan Jonas is a really interesting guy. Kinda monotone but man he’s had quite a history. Hearing his fishing story about catching 20 # lake trout using moose meat and a home made rod/reel was pretty cool. this guy is from “Alone”. I must watch that
  4. Cherry pick. The last fight companion I thought he was going to throw Eddie Bravo out of the studio. Sober October and fight Companions are still my favorites. And his interviews with people like Rhonda Patrick are so worth the time it takes to listen. I put in a lot of miles walking and Rogan’s podcast is on 99% of the time. I don’t turn down any of them at this point. All guests bring some interesting stories. Great stuff. oh and it’s always worthwhile listening to him for the mere fact that he is politically indifferent. He’s down the middle and uses common sense as his deciding factor on most issues. peace
  5. All of the information is telling us that we need to Identify those MOST AT RISK Provide suggested ways to build your immunity Allow EVERYONE to quarantine IF THEY WANT TO That's it.
  6. I think there's some truth to that. But my opinion is that we should all share the same love and regard for our country as it should be the one thing that we ALL share in common. Sure the country has its weaknesses and flaws, but it's still worth respecting and loving regardless. This is also coming from me, a middle aged white man who has never experienced any kind of blatant racism in my life. I'd imagine I "might" feel different if I was on the receiving end of some unwarranted brutality based on the color of my skin. Anyway, I still don't like the guy.
  7. Ummm My opinion is that CK is an anti-American POS that's all I'm saying. He's certainly not a murderer. I'd say CK will still be welcome in heaven while the POS Cop who killed that guy has a special place in hell where he'll burn forever. Fair? Racism exists... Bad racist cops exist... I'm not denying that... But it is on a far less scale these days than it has ever been but each instance is much more visible via the superinterwebinet's... (And that's a good thing) the more scumbag cops we can get out of the force the better. E
  8. Curious about the rules for New Yorkers traveling to Florida. Basically, we had a vacation planned for the end of June in a timeshare in Orlando. Flight is still in good shape and timeshare is open with restrictions but we have heard about mandatory quarantines for NY, NJ and LA residents traveling to FL. anyone know if this is actually happening? everyone in my family has had the virus in March. We all have the antibodies. peace
  9. I think it’s as simple as the virus not being as prevalent down there. Lets see what happened when they let us invade their states. peace
  10. CK is a piece of dirt and so is the cop who killed that guy. Two pieces of **** IMO. peace
  11. Kids will be fine. It’s life. It’s an experience. Any “tough time” is better for every kid living through it. peace
  12. Nothing like fighting a hog on a 4M Honey. Glass rods on an open beach for heavy fish. Bends into the fore-grip are fun
  13. My Father used to make outrageous statements like “I invented the chestnut”. Lmao
  14. Feeling good but it took a lot longer than i thought. The Covid went away as far as debilitating day to day symptoms but the breathing took awhile to return to normal. Nightly walks have helped me. All good though with the family. We're all alive and well!