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  1. I hat when people post lies!!
  2. So the guy gets suspended for PED’s... says it was in his approved “supplements”. If that’s the case, he should absolutely release the name of the supp so people can be warned or maybe buy some lol hold these scumbags accountable for their words. Prove it or ****.
  3. Back in the day You simply spoke about Bob D’Amico and mention stripersurf LOL
  4. Ravenar! im on the ship with MattySI. Lots of fish around the swim up bar and all along the beaches. Pipe-fish, stingrays, sharks. My my 13 year old daughter did the para-sailing and loved it. The place is just great if you like to chill out, drink and eat and have a great time with your family and friends. Back to reality soon but for now, cheers! Erik
  5. I’m all about checks and balances. 100 pushups a day is all I do to mentally balance the 20 beers, 10 RBV’s a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Too much cheesecake lol. Been drinking and eating since last Friday. Good times
  6. You know how it is. And clearly I’m at 200 now after this trip lol Ying / Yang
  7. Ok douche. I’m on the return leg of the cruise. Currently trying to work off all the food and drink I had lol. Coco Cay was yesterday.
  8. Really nice experience. They have that island in tip top shape with plenty of room. Well oiled machine. I recommend it. Erik
  9. I need to be medicated because I wanted justice for a scumbag murderer? Or was it the picture I painted for you? I’m fine and thank you for asking. I drink beer and that’s about it. Peace.
  10. This is a small but very clear indication of the media’s bias against the President. Nothing new here except now they freely admit it and they really don’t care. Democrats might just be the worst people on earth. Sick
  11. I cashed out half of a position that I held for many years. Just felt like I wanted to lock in some cash for the impending doom and gloom. Hopefully when the market does come falling down a bit, there will be some artificial lows that I can jump on. Like MSFT and AWS of course but many MSFT trading between 130-140 lately. If they get the Pentagon contract they will eventually hit 200. Cloud compute is a good space. I bout 100 shares at $98 but I want more. Lots more lol
  12. Such awesome looking creatures.
  13. Road these down on the hard sands of North Brigantine this weekend. Was pretty friggen awesome TBH. God awful on Sugar but incredible on the hard stuff which those beaches still have.
  14. Fuzzy Fireline is perfect. That’s when you know it’s broken in and at its best.
  15. Staten Island side of Raritan Bay. Meteor shower was a minor bust but my buddy KDOGG and his daughter witnessed 3 whales in the surf throwing schools of bunker around and feasting. Blowholes were making noise and they were just eating under the dark skies. F the meteors. Lol