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  1. This is about college professors and racism and their hypocritical woke ways…. how the F does this get moved to the Political forum? holy Fuqqqqqq
  2. "Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate your code of conduct or rules regarding bullying and harassment?" UPENN, HARVARD and MIT Presidents all say "it depends"... Can you f'en imagine how outrageous the effing people are? How far down the loony left hole can you go? Sick f'en people...
  3. Honest take… Hadn’t considered this name in many many years… howard stern was a staple in my psyche for so many years.. he epitomized the true American spirit… stomp on those who weren’t on your level, and be charitable to those who couldn’t compete… he was genuine but at the same time demonstrates the competitive nature of someone who was trying to get ahead and separate himself from the competition… Ralph was a big part of that… I always remember him being part of the show… but at some point when Howard turned into a super-****, I stopped listening. (Something I swore I would never do). so rest in peace to someone who had so even my brain for awhile… life is certainly short.. especially when you are a democrat. peace ErikT
  4. It’s all misinformation guys… meat and dairy are a right wing promotion! Lmao
  5. ErikT

    The Golf

    I think I'm playing Sun Eagles this week... Feels like a steal at $75 a round... That place has been $125 all year.. no budge
  6. I’m all in on Gary Brecka super panel bloodwork this Tuesday at Labcorp. genetic methylation test on the way. Probably won’t be in full swing with vitamins, hormones and peptides until January. we’ll see how this goes.
  7. Saw this coming for years… I’ve asked my kids to please give me some grandchildren…. The government has done all they can to disrupt the replication / duplication of traditional Americans. They want people who do not share the same values as the folks who made this country what it was. it’s a shame…. Long gone are the days of 6-10 kids in a family… I’m from 4, my wife is from 4…. I have 3… my siblings have 2 each… guessing my kids will have 1 if any at all and that makes me sad.
  8. I heard something about life insurance. The more vaccinated you are the more you will pay.
  9. I guess they came to consensus out in San Fran… release the new strain!
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