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  1. This is totally fake. “Collision”. Lmao they dont do typos
  2. “The only way we take control is by getting elected into offices where we can run things our way” ”not possible, the voting public would never in their right mind elect any of us” ”understood, so let’s get as many non-Americans into the state and ensure they can vote for us and we’ll be in” queue the sactuary cities queue the NO BORDERS queue the “Americans are racists” queue the “remove all historical momunments” democrats should really be ashamed of themselves for being the worst version of Americans in this history of our great country.
  3. Happy Birthday Tim!
  4. LIBS / DEMS care not about the truth, they care only about degrading Trump. Everyone should know this.
  5. Maybe now we can get on with just letting POTUS be president. Like normal. 2020 or
  6. Wouldn’t unusual occurrences be seen In a simulator?
  7. Every time I see someone swinging kettlebells, my back almost spasms on its own. Lol my my lower back is brittle. It really sucks. Like everything else in my life, it’s a vicious circle. I risk hurting my back by working out anything that puts pressure on my spine or anything that requires me to bend over. I feel like when my core is engaged when pushing heavy weight, that my disc will slip or spasm and I’ll be decommissioned for 5-7 days. I’ve spasmd on leg press, on genie squats, regular squats, standing barbell curls. It happens once a year typically and when it does, it looks like im stuck hunched over as I can’t straighten my back. so mentally I know I need to work out the lower back to strengthen it but if I workout the lower back I risk hurting it. It’s quite the conundrum. Anyway, had a few weekends of subpar eating but I’m back on track now. Carryon
  8. “ Because they failed to anticipate how it could fail,” and that right there there is a huge f’en problem for me. My God. In today’s day of computers and algorithms, they should be able to put together a stress test that includes every possible scenario and identifies every single vulnerability along with every single potential gap in training.
  9. Imagine? Lmao Brother Brian, can you defend anyone if this is true? A new system and nobody knew about it. Sounds like they are really dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to me.
  10. BB, I don’t think that at all. As a matter of fact, I’ve long considered the FAA as one of the most reputable agencies in the world. That being said, I guess I just assumed, based on my personal opinion of them, that this type of issue (software specific issue; lack of pilot training; lack of information regarding the new system) would never be allowed to occur. Maybe im in LaLa land but I kind of thought that a new model airplane would be vetted independently and that every possible scenario would be stress tested before it was deemed airworthy. Seems to me that this “scenario”, however unlikely, would be predictable. I just don’t know it was allowed to fly to begin with the potential for a fatal crash. How did they miss this possibility?
  11. Again, fair enough. Im open to a discussion so you can give me some better info I can learn from. Tell me how the “annual” prepares you for the new airplane that behaves differently than any other aircraft you’ve ever flown.