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  1. This has he makings of a nasty event regardless. If she moves a little more east, we get cooler air and ice/snow. I’m pulling for snow myself.
  2. Crazy. When I think of military, I think of sellorganized individuals follow strict guidelines. This is ridiculous.
  3. Bombgenesis cyclonic nado for sure
  4. I guess Stay tuned for next weeks thread...
  5. Strictly rain. Close the thread. It’s over.
  6. Patrick if I want to kill someone or kill multiple people, the problem is with me the individual. My weapon can be whatever I want it to be. The will to kill another human being is the problem. Guns, knives, bombs, arson, etc... doesn’t matter what it is. Someone decides they want to kill people, they’ll figure out a way to get it done.
  7. T&P’s hope for for a good outcome here. Bunch of **** dirtbags in the world. Peace.
  8. Long weekend coming... football and hopefully a blizzard...
  9. Sorry for your loss Mokes. Sounds like a great woman whose life will be celebrated indefinitely. Rest In Peace.
  10. Mokes, Come here to vent. Ignore that bitch. God bless your MIL and your wife. Peace brother. Erik
  11. You basically hammer a pipe into the ground and then spike a post through the fence sections into the pipe. So each “post” is actually in the pipe in the ground but only requires a hammer. Lol. Heres one installed:
  12. Oh no. You’re back? Damn
  13. So. Looking for an alternative to paying for a fence for my moms yard. She has a nice back year for the dogs to run in but we can’t allow it because they will run away pretty quickly. My buddy recently got one of these and it seems pretty easy to install and sturdy for the most part. Anyone have ave any experiences with these no-digs? Any recommendations or thing to look out for? I basically need 25 feet on both sides of the house extending to the neighbors property which is already fenced. thanks! erikT
  14. Speaking of dumb socks... both feet this morning. Inside out.
  15. Horrible. Absolutely disgraceful. Jets are my team for the NFL and they NEVER disappoint. Lmfao. Unbelievable. I hate them all