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  1. Why are you so predictable and dull?
  2. People like Biden should always have glass between him and children.
  3. No one tells him to run to the rescue of every single post about a lefty kid touching wierdo. He just does it without fail and enjoys the reaction as to how it makes him appear. I dont know how to interpret that, .. to be honest
  4. Red meat for a rube
  5. Threads like this confirm my general view of leftists as the dumbest people on earth.
  6. Wrong only if you assume donation equals pay off. It can also be representation, but I get the cynicism for sure. I agree that the SEC shouldn't be sticking their nose into something they aren't charted to regulate.
  7. I didn't know the SEC had any jurisdiction over crypto exchanges.
  8. Agree 100% This is what they wanted. It's always been a loser issue for Republicans
  9. That's not true. You lie alot I actually held back judgement. You were the partisan hack that jumped to conclusions and you aren't man enough to own it. I bet you pee sitting down
  10. You be you. I thought I was being very nice by giving you so many opportunities to be a man. I can't make you man up
  11. You guys just wait... once Ukraine surrenders to Russia in 10 years and after another trillion in taxes get spent on weapons for someone elses army and a war no one cares about, this country will be on top again. Sit tight
  12. What type of personality is triggered by negative discussions of kid touchers?
  13. Since when does the potus get to decide on funding.