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  1. Lefties are nothing but an angry mob. I dont think they even try anymore. Its all emotion.
  2. The DA of Manhattan is elected. But yeah cool thought
  3. I'm sure Trump can afford to payoff a Democrat DA.
  4. That seems like common sense. Normal Americans would know this
  5. Well cy vance is for sale so you'll have to put up money to get him to prosecute. Typical lib. Did soros fund his campaign as well?
  6. Some countries are enemies of the earth and those countries are not in North America.
  7. Doesn't make sense unless you want it to.
  8. Clearly there is an organized propaganda narrative going on now that trump will refuse to step down if he loses. Same organized propaganda narrative as last time, except it was that he wouldn't accept the results. Knowing what scum the left is, I would have to be a fool not to think they are planning to steal the election somehow and they are planting the narrative in advance. This is what is possible when you dumb down the electorate. Combine that with locking them all in their homes away from normal socialization for months on end so they absorb nonstop media manipulated narratives and they are ripe for conditioning. We see it here. The majority of lefties are regurgitating opinions. The best thing that could happen to this country is a massive EMP from the sun to shut down social media and cable TV. It would need to stay down for a while for some people to ever become normal again.
  9. Its hard to imagine that the scumbag left could come up with more lowlife tactics to win an election but I suppose they have to reach in to their bag of tricks and come up with something. They ARE terrorists now, so I'm guessing a few large bombs killing Americans.
  10. The left is generally humanity's worst filth collected in a pool of ignorance.
  11. Well ... selected areas could add more polling stations. Not my problem that people live on top of each other and demand the world conform to their miserable lives.
  12. Its the blue states that will suffer. Imagine it rains election day and we have socially distanced lines in queens going for 14 blocks to vote. It will be funny to watch. Ill be warm in a school with plenty of space patiently waiting to vote. There will probably be hot coffee and snacks available to us privileged suburban voters.
  13. Easy fix would just make election day an election week. Keep the polls open for longer. Nj can't even operate the DMV right now without lines down the block. They have no chance of pulling off a fair election.
  14. It must be alien to you to see a party not blindly follow marching orders. Imagine a Democrat being honest about peaceful protesting versus rioting. They can't do it. Every damn one pretends a molotov cocktail is a form of free speech. Idiots.