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  1. Who cares if illegal immigrants (some) pay taxes. So does everyone else. Should we really be applauding the absolute least they can do? Pay up and get out
  2. It sounds gay. It's a border... not a dating app.
  3. I dont think this topic had anything to do with lyrics. I think it had to do with freedom of expression. The woke culture tends to silence and cancel people who make them uncomfortable. You know like tipper gore and all the old men shaking their cane like moonbat.
  4. So are you people just rioting, assaulting cops, asians and white people for exercise? That's a new spin
  5. I see.... you are pretending woke = being nice. Thats so stupid.. What are you 7 years old?
  6. What are you talking about? I think you're in the wrong thread.
  7. I think that is being woke. Woke people put race above everything else. Just like Hitler
  8. My son got one. I joked with my son and told him that Biden hand signed a handful and he got one.. kid is so gullible. It worked because.. I have an actual hand written letter signed by Obama and a book signed by Obama with a hand written forward and I put it in the there with them for the joke and told him that it was worth big money. My Obama stuff is worth money. Does it piss you libs off that I will profit from Obama letters? He he
  9. 100% agree He was/is his own worst enemy for sure
  10. I think Trump supporters according to frank. You're either Coke or Pepsi. In reality .... Cheney is learning that she is an unsophisticated politician and she has been feeding democrats red meat talking points which shows that she is a political clod incapable of seeing a bigger picture. I mean she is from wyoming and she is from extreme privilege. She has no idea. She probably has an overblown sense of her own importance and a view of the world from inside her bubble. No one ever told her to shut up. But now she learns Politics is a little more than just having a position. You have to be a little more sophisticated than that to be in a leadership role. She isn't too sophisticated and she is getting replaced for it.
  11. Damn that max is dumb Is his entire perception of the world based on pictures? He even posts pictures of articles. LOL
  12. I primarily attack democrats. You added "...and defend Republicans" because you say anything.... you know because you're dishonest. Granted ... Republicans are right more often than democrats, but that's not a high bar.