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  1. does anyone know Is this two different plug builders or the same builder?
  2. Does this builder also go by SKS ?
  3. No. I believe you to be human. "I have been down this road many many times and like Chewy I am done with this cause it only gets ugly from here on. I wish you no ill will and I hope you have a good season. smile.gif" Just when you thought you were out they drag you back in.
  4. " I'm new to this site, I have a hobie revo all done up for fishing, any time you go out let me know I'd love to find new spots. Of course you feel this way, you were a beneficiary of chewyfest. "
  5. I like the Delaware river fish. I fish different spots too. I hope you thanked the captain for putting you on the other.
  6. Once every two and a half weeks sounds like enough to me. I stand corrected.
  7. I know the sport has exploded and there's many more kayakers than just a few years ago and one person is not to take the blame. He just became the lightning rod by private messaging anyone that asked, where to park and launch. I found it funny and ironic that it was bought up by Chewy to not ruin his launch spot on the river. I'm not really sure you've seen or really felt the impact on the parking situation in that area this spring. Honestly how many times did you fish the bay this spring? 3 times, 4 tops? maybe less?
  8. Correction. There used to be plenty of parking at PM. I had to unload and park across the street this year. It was never an issue prior to Chewypaloza.
  9. that's funny coming from a guy that invited all of SOL to Raritan Bay this spring!
  10. thank you for the quick reply, I was actually looking at your thread in the BST forum that prompted the question.
  11. Is there a difference between a BM junior and a BM spin?
  12. I'm in:)
  13. I don't see your point. They're very comparable. Both are consumed and alter perception people using marijuana or alcohol with the intention of getting high or drunk are more likely to experience the better-known negative consequences of these drugs. Alcohol use may contribute to memory loss; impaired judgment; academic, relationship, or work problems; along with long-term impacts like liver disease, heart disease, peptic ulcers, and physical dependency. Marijuana use may contribute to problems thinking clearly, memory loss, cognitive deficiencies, dependency, and (if smoked) smoking-related health problems, such as throat and lung cancer and respiratory problems. Furthermore, both alcohol and marijuana are thought to contribute to mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. One major difference worth noting is that it isn't possible to ingest a fatal dose of THC (the active compound in marijuana) from smoking or eating marijuana. On the flip side, lots of alcohol in a brief period of time can lead to alcohol poisoning, an emergency medical condition that can be fatal. Aside from direct health effects, getting behind the wheel while drunk or high poses significant risks to you and others. Marijuana and alcohol have both been shown to significantly reduce reaction ability, focus, and motor coordination; skills that are essential to safely operate a motor vehicle. In fact, many activities, such as playing a sport or even riding the subway, become dangerous when drunk or high. In general, being drunk or high compromises sound judgment and may lead to unhealthy or risky decisions that you wouldn't make when sober. Seems like a comparison to me.