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  1. It shouldn’t be a surprise. Flooding tides allow bigger fish access to water that they could not get to at lower stages of the tide. That and there may be their forage in the shallow spots such as sand eels and crabs.
  2. Just saw this now. Donna closed the store and is just an online business.
  3. Lot of different places have different permits. Hit up a tackle shop in the area and see if they know. Otherwise hit up the town offices or website and look around.
  4. Always nice to hear that there are still good people out there.
  5. Only reason I asked is that Southold came down hard this year.
  6. How is Riverhead with out of town people in the off season. I know Southold is tough.
  7. It's been warm this year so you have a good chance of getting a couple of fish.
  8. Actually very reasonable. Pretty much everything in the vicinity of NYC is $18-$20 a 4 pack.
  9. Tibors are solid reels. I have a first generation Riptide that's taken its lumps. Only drawback is that it's drag wasn't designed to be waterproof. Still a stellar piece of equipment.
  10. Was out last week. The 2 days I was able to get out it was terrible from the beach. Day 3 they wouldn't let us onto the beach. Maybe this weekend.
  11. Any regulars going to be around ?
  12. Height always gives you a different perspective. *See all the comments about casting platforms.
  13. Next 2 weeks or so should be a riot.
  14. Nice!
  15. Too dark to be a tommycod?