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  1. I think for something nicer you are going to have to pay. I looked into this over the winter. I use a Insulated cooler bag from BJS I got it for $7-$9 it works, it holds my drinks, keeps my fish cold (I usually fish 4-7 hours) never had an issue, then when I'm done I get a bag of ice if I'm driving a ways. I was looking into nicer bags but couldn't find anything for less than $150 and only found a handful decent looking ones for $70-$80. If you want to go cheaper look on the web/amazon for insulated cooler bags, saw a few nice ones that delivery guys would use to keep the food cold/hot that could work too for the $20-$40 range. I bet even the nicer ones wear, if your in the salt it could be getting splashed all day so if you have to replace it the <$40 ones are a lot friendlier in that sense.
  2. I catch and release
  3. AHHH so you lubed it up and now can't keep it in, probably too sensitive. I think you can use the rubbing alcohol but you will need friction. Id use a cloth or paper towel with some alcohol to get the outside part of the wire connector piece that you insert into the ff. For the port it self you will still need some friction as well, I'd try a Q-Tip or several with some rubbing alcohol, maybe try rubbing it with a few dry Q-Tips first then go in with the alcohol then dry again. Also, not sure if the rubbing alcohol will damage the connectors so I'd hold it upside down unless someone else can confirm they will be no damage.
  4. What channel are the weather alerts on?
  5. anyone know how he got back to his car?
  6. I won a pair of Unsinkable polarized, they have some designs that are within your price range I think. I never wore a pair of sunglasses that fit my head so well, they are made well, I can see everything and they float, perfect because I lost 2 other pair off my kayak haha. On top of that their warranty program is pretty sick too, replacements offered I think there is a minimal fee. Check out their website, but no complaints over here. ***Just checked out their website they have some models on clearance for around $50 and saw a popup if you sign up for the newsletter you get 15% off.
  7. I support catch and release
  8. I had some balance issues too a few years back reaching back there, never tipped but came close. That's why I don't do a create anymore for gear all my gear is stored up front and it makes me travel lighter too. I'll use the back for storing my cooler or if I'm bringing more rods I'll bring it but not for gear anymore.
  9. Me too as I thought I saw a few videos where chest waders with a belt was a decent option.....good thing he is ok
  10. I went to the salt water expo and wanted to check out that rod, I went to the booth and played around with that rod. I was impressed by it, took about 2 minutes and it was better than what I expected once I got it in my hand, I got a good deal on it I thought as well. Problem is threw my back out and haven't been able to get out. Hoping to get my first use with it next week at some point.
  11. You would think the coast guard would be more in tune with the spring/fall runs, all the boats/kayaks and safety although I see powerboats actin a fool all summer, can't get em all I guess, but maybe some extra drive bys in the bay in the spring especially
  12. Not sure of any, but would it void the warranty? If you ever need it will it damage the connectors(don't think so but not an expert when it comes to this type of stuff) if you have to pull it out? Probably have to poke around with some tools to get it out, that could damage it as well.
  13. This is funny, I just purchased a helix 5 and I saw the same thing when I was playing around with it. I called them up and they said that is the extra port they use for troubleshooting among other things. I said what happens when water gets into it, they said it should be find but you can just put a piece of tape on it. That is what Humminbird recommended. I don't really trust that though. I was thinking about some caulk or hot glue and kind of dome it over the hole but didn't do anything yet.
  14. I had my Orvis Breathables for 4 years....maybe use only 10-20 xs a year.....never had an issue. I never kick them off, I give em a rinse after use and every few times I'll soak and gently wash with laundry detergent so nothing crystallizes then rinse and hang dry. I take care of those because they were expensive and in return they are lasting me.
  15. That is cool, I just use something like this. You don't have to worry about anything, always around your neck, never in the way you can tuck it in your life jacket and waterproof and floats, I'd buy one of these and be done with it. wcpc.jfif