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  1. Anyone have experience with both nexus and hmg inshore? I currently have the nexus spinning and it’s a great rod for a lot of what I do but I’m looking for something to put more action on the bucktails with a stiffer tip, was looking at the hmg inshore casting rod, anyone have any insight?
  2. I put a 19 Hobie Outback on my 2015 Rav 4. I upgraded my factory crossbars that are a few inches wider than my car. I use the over hang to get my bow caught then lift the back up and center it. I do the whole thing hull up. Same thing when I unload, back down first then slowly lower the bow. If the bars didn’t overhang it would still work just be more difficult especially when the wind picks up, nothing to catch it but my side mirrors lol. I try to put a blanket or towel down on the rails when moving the kayak so it doesn’t scratch up the rails or my kayak. Been working for years, not as easy as a truck bed or trailer but allows me to travel.
  3. 7 foot is my max, bigger than that it’s tough for me to land fish. I’m not sure of a rod for a kayak that can handle 6oz. You might want to troll your bigger plugs.
  4. I herniated a disc (s1) about 4 years ago and it was the worst I think it was February it happened and the goal was to be able to get out opening day for fluke. I did PT and it helped but I still wasn’t 100%. At the time I was paddling a 50 lb eddyline and I tried loading the kayak to see if I could do it a week before, it was fine so I tried it opening day. I was sitting low it wasn’t a raised seat, however, what I found that helped me out was a brace and for me to sit up as straight as I could. My dr recommended a rolled up towel behind my lower back right above my hip to to help for my posture, I did that on the kayak too. I also paddled to land every 90 minutes or so and stretched. I was able to get that trip in and I thought the next day I’d be so sore, turns out it’s been better since that day. I guess I just had to push myself more than pt was doing. I peddle around now but I am always stretching before a trip and when I have the time. A lot of kayakers I know have back issues. I try different pedal or seat positions till you are comfortable. Maybe a motor might be an option. Back issues are no fun though man best of luck figuring it out as everyone’s situation is different. Good luck.
  5. My neck is extremely tight I cut 3 rings and stretched it again, I’m thinking I have to cut 3 more and stretch, anyone else think the neck is tight? I cut off 2 rings on the wrists and it seems comfortable where it’s not going to cut off my circulation but still keep water out but the neck is crazy tight.
  6. I was actually considering this and looking into it until I got murdered on my taxes this year, maybe in a few years. Not sure how this compares to a torqeedo or other options but I like the spot lock on it and install looks doable. I’m no expert on battery ah but I’d think 2-4 hour trips not running 100% the whole time you would be fine with the 54ah but again I’m no expert.
  7. That’s too bad I actually was considering going if they were on the list. Why did they change their name?
  8. I broke a spinning rod last year, it was a 7ft rod and broke about half way. It was replaced by warranty and I was able to keep the broken rod. I wanted to do something with the top so I used the top piece which had 5 guides on it and hung it on my basement wall with 3 frames hanging one from the 1st guide, one from the 3rd guide and one from the 5th guide. I put my favorite 3 pics for the year in those frames. Looks nice on my fishing wall in the basement. I also used mono to suspend the frames. Pretty cool I think. I didn’t use any components to fish with again but it didn’t go to waste!
  9. I keep checking every site I can think of lol if I see that deal again I’m acting fast
  10. The other night I saw a slammer 3 4500 on sale for $159 at bp / cab and I had it in my cart. Went to put the kids to bed and when I came back they were out of stock. There were other sizes too but they might all be gone now. There was also a $10 off could of had it for $149 +tax.
  11. Good tip I didn’t know stretching was an option. I think I’ll have to trim it though it was really tight, but I’ll stretch it first.
  12. Thanks for the heads up on this deal. I just got it in the mail and tried it on I was pleased with the quality of the zippers and material. Never had a dry suit before but seems to be quality. Have to trim up the neck and wrists but so far so good. Kneepads, zipper and Velcro areas seem to be quality, again never had a dry suit but initial review is all positive. The foot area seems to be the same thickness of the rest of the suit, I thought it would be better reinforced, however, I will wear something over it like my booties. I am 5’6 190 and got the large and seems like the best fit it’s a bit long but there are suspenders built in and the midsection is tight but can still layer.
  13. I just did too let’s see what happens
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