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  1. I just got a new 19 Outback and I have a Rav 4, I upgraded the factory cross bars to Malone AirFlow2 Alum Aero, they have a 50" and 58" I went with the 58 for some overhang on the sides, turned out to be a good move, the 50" I see in the low $150s but overall so far, after unloading and loading 5xs I think the bars are great, they have a rubber strip on the top, I don't even use padding. I do cover the bars when I'm loading and unloading though to minimize scratching the car and kayak. When I'm loading I use the load assist piece that came with the kayak, goes on the back handle. I position the kayak so that I can angle the front of it on the front bar, it is hull up on the ground so that I just have to get the front of the kayak on the front bar, it is held in place by the overhang of the crossbar, then from there just pickup the back and center it, tie it down and I'm good to go. I do have a bow strap I put in place prior to raising the bow up on the car. This way you never lift the entire weight at once.
  2. Eddyline Caribbean 14 loved it, awesome yak, just wanted to fish hands free
  3. I used to use J racks with my old kayak but it was SOT, 14 ft by 29 in wide and 50lbs, I was able to just throw it up there, throw some straps on it and go. I just search the load capacity of those Malone racks and it has a 75 lb weight load, so anything over that you are chancing it. Also I see the length is 17 inches, not sure where that is from but a general rule I think is that your j racks should be at least half the width of the yak, just my 2 cents and for stability, also depends on where you have to drive to take it, back roads, slower you may be fine, highways....different story There is an option for load assistance it is the Telos XL Load assist it was on their page its well over $300, might look at that and make something yourself from that idea or ditch the jracks if your kayak is too big and put it on the cross bars
  4. +1 I have a capital one where I get 1.5% cash back on all purposes, it adds up during the year and I put the the kids preschool on it so for every $1000 you spend its $15 back but I'm paying it anyway so you might as well put it on the card and have your rewards add up.
  5. Why not get a wetsuit top and bottom, not a full suit
  6. I got a Tsunami saphire XT Pro SABCXTP - 691 M 6'9, Line:15-30, Lure: 3/4 - 4 oz When I first picked one up maybe 4-5 years ago there was an issue with the tip, the replaced it and I have no issues with it since. I use it for livelinning bunker from the yak/boat. It also doubles as my heavier duty fluke rod if I have to go over 3 oz in the ocean from boat. Is it the best? No its not but its $70 and decent for the price and its a tsunami so their warranty applies. I put a Lexa on it. I have a 5lb fluke on it and smaller stripers, probably because I don't catch many big ones lol, but handled those as good as I'd imagined it would.
  7. I was into it years ago, and I wanted a power rack but didn't want to spend thousands. I found a company Valor and they had a power rack BD-7 w/ Lat Pull down. I just checked the price and it $426, check it out. I had questions about the strength or the durability and the guy sent me videos of a ton of weight being thrown on it. My buddy and I would use it 5 days a week for about 4 years, never had an issue, you obviously need weights, a bench and bars but it has a lower and upper pulley and a ton of adjustments. For the price and after my extensive research I'd give it a pretty high rating. You might be able to buy this new and get a used set of weights with a free standing adjustable bench. My buddy was squatting over 500lbs and we would go heavy (300+) on bench and never had an issue, plus mine came with some heavy duty steel bars....pretty cool and pretty cheap comparatively. They sent me a replacement wire cable for free as well. Great product. I wound up taking apart an older bench I had as well and bolting the leg extension piece to the side of the rack and never had an issue.
  8. I finished a few days ago. We love the way it came out. Nice project for a time like this. I extended two ducts and put in an electrical/usb unit, has storage underneath. Made our own cushions from plywood, padding, protective padding and the fabric on the outside, then sprayed some protective spray because we have 2 young guys. Thanks to everyone for your input.
  9. For me my budget was around $100 for a spinning reel, I had the Daiwa BG and Shield in my hand, went with the Shield, although I love my larger sized BG. I don't think you can go wrong with either choice. Got the shield for the splash factor.
  10. I picked up the Tsunami Shield 3000 last year for mostly fluking, I love the feel of it, it handled fluke very well and I had some decent sized blues on it as well....I'd buy another, no issues so far. Here is a description from a website explaining the seals it has. Tsunami Shield Spinning Reels combine the most desired features of modern spinning reels. The Shield focuses on keeping water, salt and sand on the outside by employing 10-13 internal seals (depending on the model). The Shield can handle heavy spray, getting hit by a wave or even dunked. Tsunami continues the corrosion resistance and keeps the weight of the reel down by constructing the body, sideplate, rotor and handle arm of aluminum. The strong main shaft is stainless steel. Tsunami has outfitted the shield with a powerful, yet smooth CF3 carbon drag system that puts out 20 lbs of fish stopping power at max! Five sealed stainless steel ball bearings make the reel smooth while promoting corrosion resistance. The EVA handle knob is basically weightless and you will get positive grip even when it is wet or covered in bait. Tsunami is known for making great products at an affordable price and the Shield is no different. At $99.99-$109.99 it is priced significantly lower than any other reel with similar features. Get one for yourself!
  11. Thank you! They are both supplys, I'll post a pic when I'm done, so far so good.
  12. Thanks for everyone's input I wound up getting some custom work done by a local sheet metal guy, $100 later I thought he did great work and I was happy with the easy install. Almost done with the bench as well, nice to be home lol.
  13. For anyone interested I saw that there is a package they were offering at the salt water expo that they are still honoring till 3/15.
  14. That sucks....was looking forward to it.
  15. I went to a sheet metal shop yesterday, the one guy suggested they make a flat piece of sheet metal with an opening or attachment that I can attach a flexible duct to then attach that to the grate. He was going to talk it over with his manager and call me back, the flexible duct would allow me to place the vent where I want, but he wasn't 100% on the fitting to the wall, hopefully I hear back from them today at some point.