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  1. Greg i have a copy of Reading The Water the book on the Vineyard awesome book if your interested
  2. if i ever get doubles ill let you know Matt.or if i find something i am not interested in ill give you a heads up
  3. ill give you 20.00 pp fees included for the one with the ronz tail
  4. his work is the best, the only plugs i wouldnt sell for any amount are cape sams
  5. a woolner folding lip, ebblure and gibbs copycat
  6. not for sale but a couple of my favorites
  7. ill take the salmon fly book if its still available
  8. bump
  9. ttt
  10. stick shad is the big one
  11. 2 used bernzy howdys , great condition barely fished , awesome color 50.00 shipped 1 real sebile magic swimmer 228, knock-off stick shadd, and a cordell sea hag darter 55.00 shipped
  12. new bucktails,1/2 oz. to 1 oz. **************s, joe baggs (wine color) , and spro. will throw in the original red gill 30.00 shipped
  13. this is what i have left
  14. sorry i dont have no. 4 the bunker, but i do have the other 3, if you buy 2, 50.00 shipped, whatever you choose 25.00 each includes shipping first class