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  1. Sold thanks SOL
  2. How about 400 pick up and i’ll Include a vs200 handle
  3. How about 400 pick up and i’ll Include a vs200 handle or i’ll Do the 380 pick up
  4. I’m in coram
  5. No issues. Sorry I can’t do 350 shipped
  6. I am Original owner bought 2010, maybe 2011. Fish regularly 3-5nights until few yrs ago I got a vs275. It’s been sitting since. Service in 2017 and fish maybe couple times after. Has a vs275 handle n 50pp looking for 425, Suffolk county.
  7. I have a vs200 black that i’m Asking 425 It has the vs275 handle, IMO is better than power knob.
  8. Hey, is there a way to get back my old account, been a member since 2014, lost my email password.
  9. Worth every penny. I only service them when somethig isnt right. U could go 2-3 season without service.
  10. Trade for a 11ft or 6 tube bag.
  11. Great deal, if i didnt just got a custom vs275. 250 imo is the best size vs.
  12. Set of 4 fuel anza 17x8.5 4.5bs -6offset, these came off my fj cruiser, sold the truck. Text 6464229687 comes with guerilla spline lug nuts n socket. The rim does have some scratches n rashes.
  13. Bump 200 pick up long island.