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  1. NH
  2. not in NJ ,no $150
  3. Price reduction now $175 OBO
  4. Looking to trade the airflo cold saltwater sink WF10 for Scientific Angler Sonar sink 25 350gr. or sell for $50 shipping included Conus . The line has just been thrown a few times in the front yard.
  5. I will take the aiflo 11wt. if still available , pm me paypal info
  6. make an offer
  7. For sale is a lightly used 3 piece Sage 14 wt RPLXI 8’9” fly rod ,includes original tube and sock $275 plus actual shipping, PayPal
  8. I am going to trailer my boat down to Point Judith this weekend , any info on funny fish , blues or schoolies would be appreciated . I have a fairly capable boat so I can travel a distance . thanks!
  9. I will take #6 the Rio 300gr
  10. thanks I ended up going with RIO intouch
  11. It has been awhile since I bought a sinking line and I am unsure what is out there , I am looking for a 425 gr line for fishing cold weather from a boat.What would everyone recommend? thanks
  12. Thanks
  13. Does anyone have a good guide recommendation for Nantucket in mid October ,Thanks
  14. Hey Capt. we talked earlier in the season .thanks for the info .I am going to be heading to Pt. Judith next weekend and I was wondering what kind of action was going on albies , bluefish etc . Thanks Donald


    1. Capt.Castafly


      School stripers, some three lbs. bluefish at times. If you find bonito, you'll catch.

      Finding them is the problem. Never in the same place twice.

  15. check out Biscayne Rods I have a 1pc 8'6' 15 -18 wt from them , it casts reasonably well and has the same lifting power as my heavy weight tuna spinning rod.