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  1. Hmm I have a 1506. not as sweet as a 1505 ,still I use it almost every day. Because of that and the fact that I am very hard on my gear It's pretty thrashed, needs a complete redo. still, it is one great all around surf rod. that being said I would trade it for cts S8 3to6 in a heartbeat. Maybe there is a 3 way deal here.
  2. I was a wood flooring installer/finisher for 40 years. Did a few of those. Pita to work with but beautiful when done right. Bet the rest of your home is just as stunning.
  3. really nice reclaimed pine floors. would like to see more of the house.
  4. careful with that. I ordered a reel from Europe a month ago, seems to be lost in another dimension. make sure they don't use USPS.
  5. I fish nwfl and have seen a lot of new surf fisherman,way more than in past years. lot of out of state plates. but I have not seen a full parking lot a 430 am. also saw this post on pensacola fishing forum. I think you are a little wacked out.
  6. I have a few reels spooled with tritanium 14 lb test. I am very impressed. I have hooked up a few large cow nose rays lately and the line does great. tied to a sakuma 50lb shock leader with an albright knot I can lock the drag and pull as hard as can. But you should take into consideration the rod and reel combo. I have this on a 13' cts s7 2.5 to 5oz rod and an abu 5000 reel. I tested this combo a few years ago with a scale and the most I could pull was 7 lbs. So put this setup on a 10' rod rated for 4to8oz and penn fathom that can pull 15 to20lbs it's going to need a heavier test. all that taken into consideration I like the tritanium because the memory is low, it's soft and easy to tie nice knots. down side is that it seems to have a lot of stretch.
  7. that's fair
  8. hey yogi boy

    how much are you asking for that s8? I used to own one, but had a stupid accident and broke it .RH told  me he could get another tip section but that never happened. I really liked that rod. this guy is a fool if he doesn't buy it from you. If he doesn't I might be able to find the money

    1. yogiiiboy


      Hey J.....

      Well I paid close to $500 for it and like I said it’s in mint condition only used 4, 5 times.  Had a shoulder injury so I really can’t use the rod the way it’s supposed to be used.

       I would most probably sell it for 425 with shipping/handling included.


      Let me see how it goes with him and we can go from there.


      Im really hesitant on letting it go cause it really is a rocket launcher but I just keep seeing it on the rack being   neglected.

  9. I pay attention to all this stuff, a good shock leader material along with a good knot is necessary. For myself I take into consideration my age,73 ,my strength, pretty damn weak , athletic ability , not bad for my age and equipment. I don't see the need to go bonkers over a shock leader. 13ft cts s7 abu 5000 14lb mono 50lb sakuma shock leader connected with a nice albright works fine. I avoid crowds, there is never another fisherman within 200yards of me.I do have to be aware of beach walkers. lucky for me I surffish a region where if you can walk a 1/4 to 1/2mile you can have the beach to yourself.
  10. I surf fish the floribama gulf with 2 lexa 300. I really enjoy using them,and they will stand up to any fish I can hook around here. One of them is starting to get a little grindy. makes me worry about the effects of constant casting and winding of 3 to 5oz weights. I also use old abu garcia 5000 size reels. They seem to be a little more durable.
  11. these are running around $200 new .I would like to pick up a used one for around half that. shipped to 32506. doesn't have to be mint,I can service and put new line on it.
  12. I used to field cast with my fishing reels with braid. Bad idea,lost a few fish before I figured it out. now I have one old abu with a couple of spools. 12lb mono 50lb mono shock leader. used only for the field
  13. the exercise is good for me. Most days I can only cast 400 to 500 ft. Do 15 casts, walk and wind that's some pretty good exercise.
  14. where would one find a master builder?
  15. I got the idea of using a salt water brine from you tube. add salt to boiling water till water won't absorb any more salt. I have put shrimp in there ,whiting heads and chunks . leave it in the freezer, they don't freeze and seem to stay good as fresh. also worked pretty good with sand fleas