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  1. that seems like a really good deal. my wife saw me looking at that pic and threatened me with a cast iron frying pan. Eric I would take that off your hands but I just dropped 300 on a couple of blanks that I really don't need, I just want them. that reel would really make a nice combo with either one.
  2. yesterday I came across a rainshadow 1418F. New blank in original package, long story about how it has been on the shelf for 10 years but I think I want it. Currently, that blank is listed at 11'9". I didn't measure it but it seemed to be closer to 13',rated at 2 to 6 oz.RX7 graphite just wondering if 10 years ago it was different than current models. Hoping some of you have had some experience with this blank
  3. I have been seeing some improvment , letting go sooner and getting more height. I have been using an abu 4500, one brake block,no mags. 11ft okuma rated at 2to 5. have to make sure the cast is super smooth,a snap cast equals disaster. 18 gram is going 75 yards, using as close to a full pendulum cast as I can do. 1/2 oz lures off the beach with reasonable fishing rods and overhand thump don't go anywhere near that far. still getting some height seems to be a good thing. Also a shorter handle is a good thing, especially in a fishing cast versus distance cast. I have a triple crossTCX 1062 surf, rated10to 45 gram , pretty darn good low buck rod.
  4. the royal express is tempting. probably an older drive train, don't need the clicker, but the price is right. Hmmmm
  5. I need 11.5 W. nothing in lowa. These wide feet can be a pita
  6. let us know how it turns out, I have done 2 of them. edible, but was hoping for better. if done right I think chuck roast would be outstanding.
  7. you aren't missing anything. IMO avoid mags.brake blocks will serve you well. I did have one of these a while back and had problems with rust in the level wind bearings. might have been my fault, but at the time I thought it was a design flaw. Been thinking about trying it again. there is a pretty nice one over on the buy/sell/trade page.
  8. thanks workboy. going to pass. schematics are not working right now
  9. please post the number on the reel foot, thanks in advance Jim
  10. definitely no big hitter here. I like the idea of a stiffer tip, seems like it would be more forgiving. The snap back of a faster tip is what causes some day-ending backlashes, at least in my experience.I too don't understand why it would be better for a spinning reel. I see people get away with really bad habits when it comes to spinners.
  11. my 75th birthday will be here soon. My birthday gift will be a new rod. I am still physically active, good shoulders,knees, a little overweight, but I move around pretty good. I love the game of distance casting, I realize that at my age I won't be hitting any long distances, but still want to do the best I can. Recently I moved out my 14' 4to6oz rods they were just more than I wanted to deal with, went shorter,11'6", 11" ,longest is 12'6" . Also went down on weights, 100 grams is my favorite,still going to have 5oz for those rough days fishing, can't see the need for anything heavier. Also into some lighter stuff. In deciding what to get I was thinking parabolic, I was thinking CTS vapor trail ,13' couple of different weight options. then there are some fast action rods that are turning my head. I would like some thoughts from the members here on the difference between fast action and parablic. by the way I own 8 reels, a couple of diawa lexas, 3 or 4 abus and 2 omotos. I have 1 long spool spinner but almost never use it.I am terrible with spinners,just can't get the timing right. thanks for any advise you can give me.
  12. hmmm, how far is significantly farther? since you don't have the surf machine yet how can you know how far it will cast? with the best rod you now have what is your best average distance? would you consider 50 ' more significant? You're question just opens a can of worms. no way can I afford a new surf machine. But a second hand ttul might be doable. lately using fishable gear I can aveage 350 ' best cast is 400'. I use a lot of different rod/ reel combos. The distances don't go up or down much. if one of the rods you mentioned could get me to 450, 500' average that would be significant. on the lighter side , on the field this morning my first cast was a crack off. I found my weight at 510 ' If only lol
  13. i think the box i sent you will put a big smile on your face.
  14. sent you a pm bridgerat. i can get this in the mail this afternoon.
  15. a couple of good ideas here ,lot of different ways to do this. But it is getting kind of complicated. I would suggest stay with spinner and tough line, and learn either the fg knot or better yet the pr knot, very strong low diameter knots, no problem going through the guides. They will serve you well for all types of fishing . meanwhile over on buy ,sell trade section there is a very nice grand wave 40 at a reasonable price . the seller is eric L. sells good stuff. keep fishing with the spinner till you can get used to a big conventional