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  1. my latest purchase is an AR_C 4000. it was a tough choice between that and the stradic. The stradic is probably a better reel. But the ,AR-C design is almost exactly the same as the Ultegra 5500 XTD with a line recovery of 39" per. So I have a 3000,4000 and 5500 size reels that are the same internally ,simple design easy maintence, they cast really well. For the kind of fish I am after they are plenty strong. For me ,the stradic will be around if I want one down the road.
  2. 400' with one of those setups is pretty darn good. we always want more.
  3. I would take that offer Richie , that's what it's worth,but with shipping I need that 10 bucks.
  4. close up of the freams
  5. sent you a pm Danger. the 3000 is yours.
  6. these reels have been used for surf fishing the gulf coast for about 1 year. they are in great condition. The JDM freams is mag sealed and a little older. It has some nasty scuffs from being in an accident, still works like new,very smooth. asking 60.00 each for the BG's and 45.00 for the freams. prices include shipping
  7. could i interest you in trade for a diawa 2500 and 3000 BG.
  8. 2 spools ,line spacers?
  9. assuming you are right handed place right thumb othe spool,reach over with your left and push the button.
  10. go on ebay. search for abu garcia 5600 size reels. all you need is the frame with thumb bar. probably get a good one for around 50 bucks. nothing better to do so I found one for you. ********* .com HPSS5600C part #811673 $41
  11. I suggest you go to waveinn .com and get into the surf rod section. there are 50 or more 4.25 m (14FT) surf rods in there 3 to 8oz weight range. prices range from $50.00 to a few at $1000.00. Start out cheap say between $100 and $200. all of them have specs, look at how much the rod weighs and stay below 500gr. So far I have purchased a diawa shore cast and an okuma . they are really fun to cast . So far waveinn is a good company to buy from, no problems. Remmember they ship from Europe, you will have to wait awhile to recieve your purchase. good luck and long casts.
  12. It's even worse when there is a guy just down the beach with an antique reel,garage sale rod , and 10 year old monofilament outfishing you 5 to 1. he's got his wife and kids digging sand fleas and because there are 5 of them he can get 5 limits.
  13. the reels in queastion are Cast'izm 25QD15PE and procargo SS 4500.. the parts are interchangeable between both reels. I need the drag knob , spool and everything behind the spool. as i have said these parts can be found on daiwa australia but they will not ship to USA. Need to somehow get them shipped to Florida
  14. talk to Ryan at hatteras jacks in Rodanth. I have heard he is very talkative and willing to point you to the right rod
  15. I am out