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  1. Ha! Just a knee jerk reaction I guess. I said the word afro yesterday at work and immediately tensed up with an irrational feeling I was going to be severely scolded. Half of the country is absolutely insane and the rest of us are suffering because of it. Head hanging emoji.
  2. Already have a reservation at waffle house!
  3. I'm sure he's been violated enough to be desensitized by now!
  4. This is the first of heard of this. I only wish I had lived near one while they were still open!!
  5. Hard to believe anything could freeze in that river. I swam in that thing off a friends boat up near harlem when I was younger. Can't believe I didn't get hepatitis.
  6. Excellent point! Who did the rebuttal if I may ask?
  7. Build the wall around them. Put them on the Mexican side.
  8. There's no crickets emoji
  9. Well, I guess we know who the woman is.
  10. Isn't this just another extension of all the liberal lunacy we see playing out today!? They want equality as long as it means they are treated special.