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  1. Warren must look like her papaw...
  2. It's clear now what they have been doing since the confirmation...
  3. Keep it simple. I personally tie a length of paracord between my mid-ship handle and the bow or stern handle. Then I clip my anchor line to that line and let it slide forward or backwards when you drop anchor. I have one of those 3lb claw anchors and I use a 100' line I got at West Marine. Nothing fancy. To lock the line at the desired length, I have another carabiner I got at walmart or home depot that has a slot with teeth on one end. It acts like a quick release when you wedge the line in the teeth. If you are going to anchor in rocks, use a wire tie like the boat guys do. Tie the line to the claw end of the anchor and then run the line near the other end and wire tie it there. Then you can pull against the wire tie until it breaks if you get the claw stuck in the rocks. It may allow you to free the anchor.
  4. Good advice. Thanks! I'm already booked so I'll make the best of it. For what it's worth. I was in Key Largo a couple weekends ago to scuba a bit and I didn't see anything alarming. The water looked good.
  5. Is this a keys issue too. I am going last week of October either way. I hope to fish and swim while I'm there. Thanks.
  6. Fox Business covered the GOP press conference moments ago. CNBC covered Chinese cyber attacks, and illegal rentals in Miami beach. Talk about bias.
  7. Man my typing is bad today. Not sure what you are saying here but to be clear, I think it is very very bad to have protesters funded by an outside source with it's own social agenda in our country. Staged protests, that is, insincere protests, are bad in my mind as well.
  8. Interest how serious a crime it is to try to manipulate an election yet it is now crime at all to try to manipulate a society by funding some other social agenda from outside.
  9. Since when has the FBI asked any difficult question of a lib!?, they'll probably leak the questions to her before the debate...
  10. We had protests outside my office in ny last night. What a travesty. It's shameful. ...sorry. I mixed topics there.
  11. What color was it? Spotted Drum??
  12. Incidentally, there were charter signs all over the road as you get near the marina. I'm sure you won't have a problem picking one out. And if you just drive into the marina, you can ask around there too. It's a pretty centralized area. Everything seems to be located near the marina. You can't miss it. I think there was only one road all the way down there...certainly as you get close anyway.