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  1. Everyone loves "At Last" but "I'd Rather Go Blind" in my opinion is a much better song and has more feeling from her.
  2. I don't think the earth will last that long !
  3. May God Bless every one of them. Thank you to all our Vets especially those who served in Combat.
  4. As long as they are investigating Republicans and Conservatives the Libs and Media are all for it ! Rat, you're right they are just pissing away our money, if they had to finance it themselves coming from the DNC coffers it would have been over and done with before it got started !
  5. Worked on 53rd between Broadway and 8th on Thursday lots of Sailors, male and female, in their summer whites plus a few of my fellow Marines in modified Dress Blues "Charlies". Hope they all have a great time and stay safe.
  6. I can't disagree with any of the choices, so many Great female vocalists. I would like to add Etta James to the list, I didn't see her yet.
  7. Looks like you left a stain on the seat, you never know where that can shoot to !
  8. Red you can't have one, the company's name is "AA REFRIGERATION" everyone knows that's Alcoholics Anonymous ! Be strong Red and send all your Bud Lights to the Daughters of the Confederacy, they would appreciate it and wouldn't have to buy any beer for a year !
  9. No problem. You can tell us about him when you are up to it. As Quack said Cancer Sucks ! Sorry for your loss.
  10. Good thoughts to and for your friend. I had no idea Quakers didn't believe in prayer.
  11. Could it be because we NEED agriculture and we didn't NEED the Auto makers. Let them go the way of the Studebaker and Pontiac. I don't want to see anyone lose their job but sometimes it is inevitable.
  12. This POS shouldn't be allowed to step foot on American soil ! First of all he should have been left out on the sun baked ground of whatever Crapistan he was caught in for the vultures to deal with after putting a round into his skull, he shouldn't be allowed to take another breath !
  13. Caught him on one of the morning shows earlier in the week, highly respected throughout the military and seems like a great guy. I will be picking up his latest book this weekend, he has lived a very exciting and action filled life, can't wait to read about it.
  14. Congratulations, may your daughter have a long and safe career. Best of luck to all of you !