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  1. Here's some Smokin Hot Red Peppers for you !!!
  2. I know his father and worked with him in the past. He is retired and spends most of his time down south now. My opinion on what I see in the video is based on my experience. I have been in similar situations and have had to take down guys as big as Garner. Believe me it isn't easy,especially when they are fighting against you.
  3. Yes, that was the first time it happened, since then there has been at least 3 other incidents involving people throwing some liquid at the police.
  4. That is part of the problem, who knows what it is that is being thrown at them. If it's acid or some other chemical it could be harmful to them or even kill them. About 20 years ago we responded to a Sanitation worker who was splashed by something that someone threw into their garbage. Turns out it was acid and the Sanitation man died, not a pretty site. I wouldn't want anyone to have to experience that.
  5. Because the perp is black !
  6. So according to this he didn't die from the choke hold . Googled it like you said.
  7. I happen to know the Pantaleo family and know what a good and decent man this kid is.
  8. Ok hairypalms, you are the all knowing ! The series of events started when Garner resisted arrest, the city of NY and especially the Mayor caved to Sharpton and the rest of the leeches. Yes the facts as the city's Medical Examiner stated, it's not like the Mayor could influence their decisions. Just like the DA from Baltimore when she claimed the cops were to blame.
  9. Double post !!!
  10. Double
  11. So now your saying he passed out from lack of blood going to his brain. Garner never loses consciousness while the officers are trying to restrain him so there goes your cutting off his blood supply theory.
  12. He is that stupid and he knows those who vote for him are even dumber !
  13. They were fighting to restrain Garner, how long was his arm there for ? Only a few seconds, have you ever been in a choke hold, it takes more then a few seconds to choke someone to death. Especially on someone the size of Garner.
  14. That's why it takes them so long to come down I believe. The FDNY is not allowed to send anyone up a tree to rescue a cat any more, too many risks for the fireman and for what ?
  15. Hop, I believe it is more for the guy who flies up from way in the back to squeeze into the front because he is too important to wait. I think people outside of the NYC area are much better at this , merging down out of a closed or closing lane. At least what I have seen driving the streets, Parkways and Expressways of the NY area.