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  1. I wish we had a national Voter ID card !
  2. I agree DoorGunner, my favorite holiday also. Your turkey, trimings and pies look great. We always get together with my family for Thanksgiving, we would take turns hosting every year. Since Sandy all the holidays have been at my house, the only one not directly affected by Sandy. Always a great time plenty of food, drinks and especially ball busting. Can't wait !
  3. A little to much rice and beans, those booties are HUGE !
  4. Donald Trump lies as much as we all do. Has he lied, of course he has but who hasn't ! Until he comes out with ones that will impact our way of life the way, Obama, Hillary and Slick Willie's lies have I can keep an open mind with regard to his antics. Do I believe everything the man says ? Of course not and do I care if he is an egotistical maniac, no I don't as long as he is capable of getting things done to improve our Great Country. He has shown he is more then capable and has in fact gotten more done in less then 2 years then Obama did in 8.
  5. Tucker gave this guy more respect then he deserves, any is too much in my opinion. Tucker does get snarky with people who refuse to answer the questions he asks. He has every right to, they know what they are getting themselves into going on his show.
  6. I agree, nothing along the lines of what Obama and Hillary have done and continue to do.
  7. My brother won many a bet downing a beer while doing a headstand, Rugby party's especially ! Doesn't have legs like her though !!!
  8. From the safety of Houston Texas ! Self preservation I guess !
  9. He was a real Southern Kernal, with gorgeous flowing hair ! We'll over look those feet ! Hope you and the family get through this unscathed Red, be safe !
  10. Not all Republicans, some are fighting Trump just as hard as the Dems.
  11. Neither party wants it to stop, the D's want it for the votes and the R's are afraid of being labeled racists. Social Security benefits by getting money in that will never be paid out. They don't care if the Government pays out billions in benefits to illegals for Welfare, Medicaid or WIC it's not coming out of the SS coffers. They are losing enough giving benefits to legal immigrants that never paid a dime into SS. This could be solved by the Government only paying out benefits to legal US citizens only.
  12. Agree 100% JoeyZac ! There are too many people that feel that way though, it's pathetic.
  13. He got a taste of Mika and now can't think or care of anything else. It's the one power women have over some men.
  14. Joe will do whatever Mika tells him to do, he can't think for himself any more.
  15. Not racist, just a caricature of a whiny entitled tennis player.