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  1. The only problem is, that's Lowes ! Homies has Orange shelves and normally isn't as bright as Lowes !
  2. And got the jab ! Your body your choice !
  3. I heard those are really spy cameras, someone is spying on you ! Better go and smash it !
  4. Now that is something I'm going to have to try. I have used cubed up chuck/London broil for my chili forever, now I'm going to have to smoke it first !
  5. This will be blamed on the people who were shot. They were bullying this poor young innocent child ! He didn't kill any of them, he just wanted to wound them so they would feel pain like he was ! Plus he's black so it doesn't fit the liberal narrative.
  6. Well it can be used against you if you don't hire certain people.
  7. Believe me they could strangle this city if they wanted, and much faster then the PD & FD.
  8. If the Police, Sanitation and Fire got together and said No to the shot he wouldn't be able to fire us all.
  9. Our Union has done nothing as far as advising us on what we should do as a Union to show the city we can't be pushed around.
  10. That's what we've heard but it is costing too much for all the tests. If nothing changes with this virus we believe December 1st he will mandate it for all uniform services.
  11. My employer is the FDNY, we haven't been mandated yet but we believe it is coming on December 1st. Right now we are being tested weekly if you are not fully vaccinated. They do not accept having previously had the WuFlu or the antibodies.
  12. I had the WuFlu in April 2020, had antibody tests in June and December of 2020, and again in July of 2021. All 3 times was told I have very high levels of Antibodies, my family physician said don't bother getting the shot, my antibodies gave me more and better protection.
  13. This is where it gets complicated. We have so many "protected" groups it is ridiculous. If it wasn't a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate I would agree but this shot does next to nothing to protect you from getting the WuFlu. Our natural immunity is far better then any shot that is rushed through to make people FEEL protected. Keep wearing your masks !!!
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