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  1. The best of both worlds !
  2. Most middle aged white guys are to busy worrying about their family, mortgage and their job , we don't have time to give a sh*t about what others are doing or are into. We are the most tolerant group there is, don't mess with us and we won't mess with you.
  3. That's what you got out of Shipwrecks post ?
  4. I know how it is, I was fooled by the Justin Volpe - Abner Louimer rape case, I couldn't believe someone would do something like that.
  5. Brilliant ! We need more libs to do this !
  6. You'd hook me good with that bacon !
  7. I just read this on the Google ! He might not have served but he tried to do as much as possible to help the War effort.
  8. Your Aunt and her partner sure are UGLY !
  9. Mako, that wasn't meant to disagree with you just expanding on what you said about her husbands. Sorry for the confusion !
  10. Sorry, as far as I'm concerned she has renounced her citizenship by joining up with our enemy. As Maine Guide said "Choices have Consequences " she made some very stupid ones, now she can stay in her Muslim hell hole and suffer her consequences. If she comes back here who is to say she won't do something to get back at America for killing her 3 ISIS fighter husbands ? I don't want to give her a chance !
  11. I thought he meant a Oldsmobile 442.
  12. I bet there are well over 1 million illegal aliens in NYC alone. If you go into the surrounding counties you can double that !
  13. She's a Boston University graduate, not Boston College.
  14. Yup ! And still be civil to each other, that's what makes this country so great.