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  1. Would you like synthetic oil or regular on your salad?
  2. We took the Capt Carlson, Rio Grande Ave., Wildwood for an eight hour fluke trip. Very nice guy and works hard for you and you can't beat the price $600. It's an older slower boat but it was fine for us, he also cleaned the fish. He will also do a shorter late afternoon trip for blues or whatever.
  3. I have 8k I bought a couple years ago and it stayed in the box till the last outage. Really didn't want to use it unless I had to, fear of the unknown. The gen is large enough to run everything except the ac. Also had the electrician install an outside receptacle to the panel and a panel cover lock out so it can only run on the gen or the service. The gen runs on either propane or gasoline, so I have been accumulating tanks. With the 75' cable the whole thing ran about $1500. My neighbor has a home standby maybe 4 years old and I believe paid $8000 and it's sweet. Only issue they had was the first time it was needed the power went out. The power came right back shutting down the gen and went right out again. The gen never restarted but since than the same circumstances have recurred without that issue.
  4. Hard set, Weak hook connection could pull the hook totally. If the bite turns out to be a snag hard set will lock it in. If the fish has a solid bite on the tail end it could rip the bait off. A swing and a miss could damage the rod on a hard top . Weak set, Hook may not penetrate the mouth parts but the fluke may make a second attempt. Hook may not penetrate, the head shake will either lose the fish or set the hook. Just doesn't feel as good as a hard set. Personally I like to feel the bite, drop back for a few seconds and do solid lift. With the no stretch braid it shouldn't take much to set a sharp hook. MHO.
  5. Appreciate the pics Dan, did you hear back from him how well they worked. It would make a cool video.
  6. Do you have a pic of the rotated offset. Ty
  7. Where I used to live there was a power line trail and they supplied waste bags and poop receptacles. People would pick up and then toss it on the grass, power company would use commercial mowers which shredded the bags and waste making a double mess. I'll pick up trash from trails but not dog crap.
  8. Exactly, just wait till nobody is looking. You got to love people, lazy asses.
  9. Glad I didn't invest to much in to my total bs explanation.
  10. They are for transporting individual ice cream serving. Fill them, refreeze them and put in cooler with ice. Flat bottom to keep from tipping and carry by the ring hole in lid to keep warm hands from container.
  11. Very nice Fizzy.
  12. Might not have to hit it, just get in it's comfort zone. We had a wild turkey this spring tearing up our garden, chased him on foot a few times and he/she laughed. When I threw my crocs and just missed it was a different game it would see me and take off after that.
  13. Only if you get caught, not like you"re hunting with it, and you're on private property.
  14. Powerful sling shot and 3/4 stone, quiet and quite painful. Camphor in a vented plastic jar.
  15. Thanks for the response Jason decided to go with the Timex.