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  1. I know of two people who own and run a big money tourist business and play themselves off as workers and take tips. When it comes to spending they throw nickles around like they were manhole covers. Another large business in my area has a take out counter big tip jar right next to the register so his customers can supplement his employees salaries while he's cruising in his 60' Viking. When I feel a tip is in order I generally over tip especially if extra effort was put forth.
  2. Not sure what this fishery is where the crew catches their limit before the paying charter and that captain wouldn't have to worry about me chartering again. As for the fishing guide most identify themselves as professional fishing guide and as a professional tipping shouldn't be accepted any more than tipping your doctor and lawyer. Those who should be tipped are the people whose salary is customarily supplemented with tips for good service. IMHO
  3. Cloud-to-ground lightning comes from the sky down, but the part you see comes from the ground up. A typical cloud-to-ground flash lowers a path of negative electricity (that we cannot see) towards the ground in a series of spurts. Objects on the ground generally have a positive charge. Now you how a lightning rod feels, should have played the lottery that day. I fished waist deep in a channel with another guy.we were counting the seconds between the lightning and thunder, what morons we were. I got nervous and we left.
  4. I checked out their store, one person said Hello as I entered and the other five people went thru other aisles to avoid me. Their online store apparently is sectioned off from the main store and I had to ask someone in there to assist me. I actually sent an email to TD about my shopping experience never received any response. I signed up with Dick's Sporting goods and received numerous 20% off your entire order which I have taken advantage of which beats 10% on your first purchase from TD. It's a shame they have a cool store but I won't make the drive again.
  5. This ^^^^ I expand the screen large enough for Helen Keller to read it, which helps.
  6. The new SEAL, I'm starting "he'll be gone by" , I'm taking 7-17 2:30P.
  7. I had that conversation with a friend today. I have had a very poor season zero keepers and less than ten shorts. Last year by this time I had over ten keepers and I'm not alone many are having the same issue. So I have been researching the Nantucket Shoals after a friend just returned from a great trip. These fluking boats are pretty much booked for the season which is a lot of fishing pressure. I had ask myself if I'm part of the problem wanting to take these large breeding females. I had posted earlier this year taking a slot fish 16 to 18 two fish daily limit, maybe that is a partial answer to a complicated issue. Really torn there is nothing like watching a big fluke coming to the surface.
  8. Thanks Tom, Backwater Baits failed me, everything sold out. Should be restocked by Santa time. Did have a little trouble finding them.
  9. Sounds like a great trip, never heard of poison tail teaser but I'll be familiar before the night is over. If you wouldn't mind pm the name of the charter and where they sail from. Thanks for responding.
  10. Congratulations, cool looking bird must be a reason for those feet.
  11. How did you do?? Any information and tips would be appreciated.
  12. Everything I read said to turn off IS while on a tripod, believe it causes the system to fight itself. I would think it would still be helpful if breezy enough to cause shake. Interesting you didn't notice any difference,it will be enlightening to hear other opinions.
  13. If fished this weekend on a boat with the new Furuno searchlight sonar ($150,000 installed). Not only shows fluke but gives size to within a 1/2", worth every cent.
  14. Never gets easier, nor should it. But it's the kind thing as well.
  15. Double Post