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  1. Jennings $3,270,700, with 73 wins he has a million already definitely will be fun to watch.
  2. Cabela's 44 Highland Commons W, Hudson, MA 01749 looks like it is close to Portland.
  3. Permethrin if it's the same one I read up on a while back is supposed to be toxic to cats. As I recall they said to bag your treated clothing and leave outside the residence.
  4. I actually just picked up a new fish gripper as the handle on my old one has a piece broken off. I'll keep the old one in my surf bag, What was cool on the packing of the new one it stated, please don't lift the fish by the mouth as it dislodges organs please support the belly area or words to that effect.
  5. Last week the fellow next to me landed a 25 plus pound drum. He was wearing boots and I wore waders so I helped him. Long story short I had fish grippers with me which really helped in releasing the fish and would be really helpful with toothy fish.
  6. Didn't realize when we scheduled it would be Easter weekend. I'm scheduled first thing Monday morning, prep starts tomorrow, could have rescheduled but want to get it behind me so to speak. This will be my fourth one, still plays with your head.
  7. One of the regulars at my friends B&T came by to hangout and he brought a small bag from a wedding. The bag was white nylon mesh material maybe 3x4" and asked if anybody wanted it for fishing with clam and I took it. Fished the beach and was able to fit a half of a surf clam, cutting the clam splitting the stomach. I weaved the bag onto a baitholder hook and ended up with a nice drum fish. The bag contains the stomach material longer including the scent but changing the bait destroyed the bag. I'll check Michael's and see if I can get more definitely better than bait thread.
  8. We haven't had adult blue fish in SJ in many years. there used to be head boats night fishing for them, long gone. Still some snappers around during the summer around docks and what have you. Really underrated fish and wasted resource both commercially and recreational , personally I would like a moratorium on them for few years till their range is extended.
  9. I use to do the high/low and decided to go with just the high because with the angle of the line to the beach the lower was on the ocean floor. With the high hook 18 or so inches off the weight it's still barely off the bottom with the angle. This set up just helps with skates till the current slows and then even the skates become a problem. I haven't use the float in many years but fished last week next to a guy using a float and he hooked a good sized drum so they work as well,so I guess it's a matter of preference.
  10. This set up works as long as feeder is four feet off the ground and six feet from above ground launching location. We also have two feeders with a central tube and heavy gauge wire frame small enough to keep squirrels and larger birds like black birds and grackles out. Every once inawhile the squirrels will try again without success.
  11. Amazon definitely not always the cheapest, I have found cheaper at Walmart, Homies and Lowes. And as you now paying sales tax either way and the other store will ship, often free, it pays to do the research. Some smaller brick and mortar stores ship free without charging sale tax.
  12. I see a little karma in this the large mall stores came in to put the little guy out of business. Now they are victim of their own success of buying in bulk to sell cheaper and put the little guy out. Same thing is happening to them and I feel there is slow resurgence of the smaller stores who carry more unique items. I like hands on shopping to look and feel the quality or lack there of.
  13. Done DoNotReply@nj.gov 5:50 PM (6 minutes ago) to me As Governor, I welcome input from those throughout the Garden State and beyond who are eager to share with me their thoughts, concerns, questions, and ideas. My staff and I will endeavor to be as responsive as possible to the many people using this electronic means of communication, as well as to those who, through letters and phone calls, contact my office. Again, I appreciate your taking the time to write to me. My very best, Philip D. Murphy Sounds sincere.
  14. Did not know that heard all these warning about the poison, thanks for the information.
  15. Saw a show about poison frogs, so this huge frog eats the poisonous frog, shortly there after dies and the small frog hops out of it's gaping mouth. Doesn't show if the grouper survived digestion.