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  1. You resemble Marion Robert Morrison is this pic.
  2. Mick quite a variety of birds thanks for sharing.
  3. Wasn't there a thread on SOL of who to contact when NJ went of compliance for 2018 or maybe it was 2017.
  4. From the Asbury Park Press If the partial federal government shutdown drags on the 2018 summer flounder benchmark assessment may not be available, a fishery spokesperson said. The assessment is needed to move forward with setting the fisheries 2019 regulations. And it's not just summer flounder assessments, it's scup, sea bass, and striped bass, to name some other key recreational fisheries. "Basically, we're all waiting on the benchmark assessments and stock reviews," said Tina Berger, spokesperson for the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, or ASMFC. "If all things were normal the council would move forward with making decisions for 2019 seasons," Berger said. "Our federal partners are part of every part of the process."
  5. You earned that award, CONGRATULATIONS.
  6. In they R.
  7. I remember my Dad getting old, funny the first thing I noticed losing the elasticity in his skin. I see it happening in my skin now, makes you think. He was ninety three, his time in the service and work had taken there toll. When the time was close he said " what am I hanging around here for" . Loss of independence and daily pain (cancer) he quit. Getting a little choked up now.
  8. I read it twice and enjoyed it the second time as well. Don't go by the movie it was a farce.
  9. I read it twice and enjoyed it the second time as well. Don't go by the movie it was a farce.
  10. I always looked at the Manley's as the pliers to have fishing alone in case of self hooking. As stated they need to be looked after and I think that true of most pliers. They used to have a plastic holder with an open bottom and the air circulation would be good. I would suggest wrapping in an oily rag over the winter. Main thing is they can cut a decent sized hook. Older DW40 used to be made with bunker oil allegedly.
  11. Long after the flowers are gone and the candy is a barely remembered that note will be pulled out and reread when no one is looking.
  12. Depending on what your tying and how much effort you want to invest this may serve you needs. I purchased it for bucktail tying up to 7/0 hooks and as small as 1/0. Due to formatting it won't let me copy picture, it's a Cabela's fly tying kit $49.