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  1. I don't know if it's just a local thing but the all the super markets and home centers are hiring. Seems like you have some management skills and business skills and now would be a good time to put yourself out there.
  2. After I pour jigs I store them in a plastic jar. They keep their shine until I coat them with clear nail polish. I like the look.
  3. 6:30P Tonight Channel 4 and 789 on Comcast South Jersey.
  4. Great trip Fred, it was hard keeping the faith on occasion but you know they are there. You wonder how many times they saw your offering but decided this one time to attack. Fred worked hard behind the wheel back trolling and dodging boats and crab pots. The motor for that boat was a light but perfect for back trolling keeping the lines vertical. Rewarding trip when you put all your eggs in one basket and come out successful. Thanks Fred.
  5. What I miss with this series which is unlike the PBS series was the reading of letters from the soldiers. Eloquent, thought provoking and somber adding so much realism to the broadcast. ,
  6. Yes I did oh well.
  7. Really enjoyed the show as well, very commercial heavy. Really don't understand the logic of blocks of commercials when they start I know they will last long enough to muting the sound worthwhile. I can't remember one commercial from the show and that's not what they paid for.
  8. Heart breaking situation, thoughts and prays what more could be said.
  9. I have the wax issue periodically I remove it with peroxide. Towel on the pillow fill the peroxide bottle cap and pour in my ear canal. It gets warm and snap crackle and pop takes five to ten minutes.
  10. Last year Tuesday & Thursday 6:30P.
  11. That is a nice soft sound your son plays it pretty well. Good work.
  12. Very nice, maybe you could do a little video with sound, after a little practice of course .
  13. Thank you to all who served, listening to the news on Saturday the reported said fifty percent of the population don't understand the meaning of Memorial Day. Across the board we don't see recognition of those who sacrifice for the good of all. This starts in the schools and we need to change the mindset of those who take without giving. End of rant. Rest In Peace Hero's.
  14. The show starts this coming week, not sure if it's Tuesday and Thursday or just Thursday.