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  1. If you were getting stomped by 1 or 10, do say no difference? If you were protecting your home or business from 1 or 10, do you say no difference? Familiarize yourself with mob mentality before you use it to attack Tim, it made you look stupid.
  2. Wouldn't have this problem if they kept their word, Target said if Trump wins (2016) they're leaving the US. Now they're leaving because of slow joe, how poetic.
  3. The scene in the godfather where they whack paulie for setting up the don to be assassinated. Why would they a) lose the use of the car b) wouldn't there be a more painful demise for setting up the family head.
  4. I had the same experience as Tinman with the jig rusting over a number of days. This was back in the early days of Gulp maybe the formula changed the material Gulp was made from did. At that time I only used Spro bt's and Kalin jig heads.
  5. What a coincidence that the republicans are calling out the doj and fbi for not investigating slo joe as corrupt. And low and behold the fbi snags melendez and says look we are doing our job. Only not obvious here is whether melendez is the smoke or the mirror, one more under the steam roller to save the king.
  6. Good point . I watch kayak fisher Elias on yt and noticed his vest has a large portion of flotation above the shoulder blades. I imagine it's done this way for comfort .
  7. Still have regular activity at our feeders, don't know if they are migrators or resident. Southern tip of NJ.
  8. Sounds like someone took one in the eye at the glory hole and is irritable this morning!!! Agam
  9. Gellfex stirred my interest in the failure rate, apparently there aren't reliable numbers available. Nonetheless here's some information that was worth reading. Also be thoughtful where you sore it I left mine in a damp location which set if off. https://www.practical-sailor.com/blog/inflatable-pfd-care-and-use
  10. They all must be coast guard approved, west marine has frequent sales.
  11. I suspect there will be some negative fallout for those involved. Was this done to gain national attention? Was the school board, principle and administration aware? Will the girls surrounding the queen obviously supporting this face social repercussions? Doubt if we will find out but I would be curious to find out.
  12. Remember when I was a kid doctors "couldn't be questioned" same deal with priest. Doctor was basically useless, remember going to him for an ingrown toenail. He wanted me to go to a specialist took care of it myself. Most doc's are good but they lost a lot of ground with covid.
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