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  1. I remember as a kid hearing "poor soul died in his sleep". Now I think of it as a gift, going to bed as normal and not waking up.
  2. You're on thin ice and the sun is coming over the horizion. She's a two bagger, one for your head in case the one on her head breaks.
  3. I have to agree NJ is an embarrassment so are we the problem in not demanding representation. People making money from the resource they are supposed to be protecting is not the way to go. With elections coming up it may be time to make some noise.
  4. Pretty interesting set up, I'm guessing for an owl as well. Being that it appears to have a perch bar in front of the entrance and vents cut in the side. The deer stand so close is confusing, I just read of a gentleman who studies owl losing an eye in an attack being to close.
  5. Not by much.
  6. Worst than photo shop that's photo slop.
  7. Good flick and great song, even Cuff and Link were nominated for Academy Awards. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0?ui=2&ik=a50292a36a&attid=0.1.1&permmsgid=msg-f:1698645281848603950&th=1792cce24ffab52e&view=att&disp=safe
  8. We have a Greek restaurant close buy, when the shutdown happened they went takeout. BOGO and they did a great business and the food was good. Even after they were allow to open at 25% being they had a small place with no outside seating capability they continued bogo. Of course you paid the more costly meal and a tip was included (totally fair). You have to be Greek to know these things.
  9. This is very true about the stairs you are better off with muscle memory than looking down. Also you have that tendency to lock your neck when you find the sweet spot. Always had the progressives and can't comment of the lined bifocals.
  10. *
  11. I get seven hours or more but not sound sleep and wake up not feeling rested. Current events and the direction this country is headed is definitely on my small mind. I wonder if booze wakes you craving more like cigarettes? I used to work rotating shifts 8x4, 12x8 and then 4x12, on the 12x8 I was lucky to get 3 hours a day it was killing me, literally.
  12. Ever get surveyed when returning from a trip? If not it would be interesting to find out how they found you, credit card fishing purchase, magazine subscriptions who knows.
  13. Dammit...
  14. Oh no I'm not looking again.
  15. I guess politicians are so used to accepting money for being asked to do something it comes natural. The amount just reflects what they think of us. Source of information I'm guessing is salt water registry.