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  1. Actually know two people who enjoy clearing the room with their bodily functions. I was looking for a word that described someone who took pride in farting and stumbled onto fronking.
  2. Do this include fronking?
  3. I wonder how many dads being cool guys get fireworks for a little neighborhood show. His kids see the other people thank him for doing the show and thinks wow that's neat. His kid and his buds decide to play with some of dads stash hidden on a shelf in the garage. You can guess the rest. Third degree burns, lost digits and hearing loss, damage to property, hell even the professionals get burned and killed. You have to wonder how a dad feels seeing his kid with missing fingers after following his example. MHO
  4. Just got forty one years in June, every time I see this thread reminds me of how fortunate I am.
  5. They have an agreement with surrounding states and your state of residence will withhold your registration renewal. I guy I worked with got a ticket for open container in Ocean City, NJ while on vacation. It took two years but Penna with held his registration till he paid. Works the same with violations with "points" I believe.
  6. I was going to ask Rocky his preferred tide but I guess he's busy with autographs. Someone above asked what show, Jersey Cape Fishing.
  7. You'll need a permit to carry to protect yourself from the random wacko. These are people without upbringing and are left to bring themselves up. His mom was driving the car, can you picture yourself stopping the car so your child can shoot someone. Would a denial of a permit to carry stop this idiot from carrying? I have my beliefs way beyond this but I'll spare everyone reading.
  8. Unbelievable mom and son are these people insane. All because they felt like they were driving too slow. News report said they have extensive video prior and during incident. Obtaining the license plate number they used a scofflaw enforcement vehicle to read the tags in the area. I would love to hear the conversation when he got back in the car.
  9. I had a pair of boat shoes that were just to tight to wear for any length of time. They were in great shape and I asked around in work and I guy wanted them. On the day I brought them into work this same guy wore two different shoes to work. Found out later he was using drugs. Saved him a lot embarrassing explaining.
  10. Are you going "HOLLYWOOD" on us?
  11. Well Rocky you are a crabbing machine, nice job. PS Hollywood won't be calling
  12. Just makes me think their product is as phony as their commercial. Remember when car commercials actually spoke to the qualities of that car. Now it's some rapster with a car suspended in the air behind him. Their selling an image that has nothing to do with the quality or attributes of the product. Another page in the dumb ing down of America. MHO
  13. I had the Iphone 6s which had gotten to not lasting 24hrs with light use. I make an appointment at Best Buy to change the battery so the tech goes online. He then informs me Apple won't approve the battery replacement. I said do it anyway I'm paying, he said they'll stop the phone from functioning. The phone was in an otter box and looked brand new, shortly after I gave up and purchased an Iphone SE.
  14. The states that will allow abortion should also be allowed to offer sterilization during the same procedure. Realistically what kind of parent would an abort-er be also offer cash incentives for men to get vasectomy. Less of this who's my baby daddy and bragging about how many parent less children they create.