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  1. Happy Independence Day - play safe and have fun!
  2. with the 4500 your good to go....
  3. done....
  4. Golf gloves batting gloves(leather) - cheap enough.....
  5. Sufix 832 advanced....here
  6. At least they didn't pull a gun on ya. Try driving in Philly!....lol
  7. American dog tick....
  8. The little guy really has it all going on - good on him....
  9. A muffler - exhausted....thats a good one - welcome to the site and enjoy.
  10. Happy Birthday Tim, have a good one fella....
  11. # 8 bird shot - works great and adds a rattle to the plug....
  12. Just bought one of these, good reviews and a fraction of the price of a Boga. They come in 30 & 60lb scale models. Lucid Fishing Lucid Fishing Grips-30lb Built in Scale
  13. Looks good - what size is it?
  14. Great catch nice fish. Good on you for the release.....