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  1. Matthew, When the spool reaches the highest/lowest point, the Osc. slider (part # 43 on the schematic) rocks slightly giving off a click. However if it is happening during the entire retrieve something else might be wrong. Can you confirm? Thanks. tony
  2. Any shims under the rotor or in the pinion stack? tony
  3. A light film of standard PENN grease or if you have any Cal's drag grease laying around. tony
  4. If you are comfortable taking the spool assembly apart you may just need a light coating of grease on the drag, You can also send it in and we can take a look at it for you. tony
  5. Jim, Coming in a 8.1oz I would say yes to both of your questions. However if you would want to go even lighter check out the Conflict II 1000 which comes in at 6.3oz. tony
  6. Who said anything about a new Fathom LC ? tony
  7. Do you have any spool shaft shims remaining on the shaft? If so remove and re-spool, if not PM me your address I will mail you out rotor shims. thanks tony
  8. Just to note, The picture in question is a 1st gen Fathom SD with an aftermarket or custom knobby. tony
  9. Kingtutt, Just to confirm your line lay is bottom heavy ? tony
  10. Hi Mumichog. I can’t tell from the photo but it’s possible half the pin is still inside the main gear which means the pin is broke in half. I do not recommend attempting to press in half a pin. I think the screw you are referring to on the schematic is the crosswind screw (part 44). The crosswind screw holds the crosswind arm to the shaft. Jim/tony
  11. Hello Mumichog. It looks like the pin that is pressed in your main gear came loose. The crosswind roller is also broken. I suggest replacing both. The parts you need are 8-704 main gear and 14-710 crosswind roller. Its possible the parts were damaged from turning the handle without the side cover closed all the way. If the crosswind arm was on an angle when the handle was turned it would damage both parts. If you are not comfortable doing the repair you can always send the reel in to us or take to your local repair shop. Jim/tony
  12. Aaron, Very easy to do, you are removing part # 1E body slope AKA trip ramp. You can remove the rotor only to gain access to it and not even touch the gear box area. tony
  13. Thread type is #5-40 UN-2A tony
  14. Moved this from PENN forum to Main forum. We will post new product info on the PENN forum in a couple weeks. tony