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  1. I just realized there is no part # listed on the schematic for shims. Let me try and find a measurement for you or one of the existing shims that will fit. tony
  2. Could just be a shimming issue. With the reel fully assembled, pull the "collar" of the handle in and out, if you see/feel play you need shimming. tony
  3. This would be a start - Email: tony
  4. Riggler, The round EVA knob for the smaller reels are currently Australia specific, you could attempt to order direct from them, I am just not sure about pricing and shipping. The knob is round but not larger than the Slammer III 4500 metal knob. The entire assembly will not fit, you need to purchase the EVA knob and any other parts not the same as the Slammer III listed here: CLA3000 tony Monday thru Friday 8:00 A.M. - 4:00P.M. EST Phone: 1800 106 389 Fax: 02 4353 1744 Email:
  5. Yes, you would have a trickle down affect to the point you are spending twice the amount on parts then the reel is worth, assuming you would need one of the parts that were changed. tony
  6. The 965 went through a major design change after approx. 1-2 years into production (right side plate, gears, etc.). The majority of reels out in the field will have the newer design. We did make some cosmetic changes over the year as well such as gold aluminum handle blank went to chrome plated brass. tony
  7. I would be cautious of "factory refurb" unless they have proof the reel was in here (PENN invoice). tony
  8. Actual weight: 24.4 w/ rubber 27.7 w/ metal tony
  9. Worm, Yes 100% normal for this reel. You will need to open the spool assembly up and add grease to the spool bearings to slow the spool down, or use your thumb to slow the spool. Guys on the West Coast cast these reels, and they need to have that super fast free spool. tony
  10. Trainman, Only a few of the Ally Rods have the roller tops. The below model numbers have no roller. We have them in 5’6” and 6’6”. Ally Rods with no Rollers ALLBW2050C56 ALLBW2050C66 ALLBW3080C56 ALLBW3080C66 ALLBW50100C56 ALLBW50100C66 We do have an International VI rod that is 6’0” and all line guide, INTVI305060TU tony
  11. Bandman, keep in mind as you attempt to increase the recommended max drag, the frame and side plates are graphite. I don't want your "killing machine" to have the foot ripped off the reel. tony
  12. DK, Thanks for stopping by the booth last week, remind me did you purchase the reel new or used? Thanks tony
  13. Yes that is fine. Ben
  14. You are correct, the high speed versions have a slightly altered spool to hold more line. Reason for it is, on this size reel we did not want to get the IPT gain by simply making a higher gear ratio. Every increase in gear ratio results in a decrease in torque for that gear set. We were able to get the IPT increase we needed by a combination of a gear ratio increase, as well as making the spool bigger to pick up more line with each rotation of the rotor. Ben
  15. Jim, Assuming the broken Z series you send in isn't a 704 or 706z then yes. Because we "re-launched" the 704 and 706Z we are now fully stocked in parts for those 2 reels. tony