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  1. Is there any difference between Penn Prevail Casting and the Spinning models?

  2. 5000 - 32mm 6000 - 35mm tony
  3. Thanks for the kind words Guys! I will be sure to pass it on to my Team as well. tony
  4. The spool shaft may be slightly bent causing that spool pause. All the info on sending your reel in for repair can be found here: tony
  5. Cod, Technically it is however you would need to change the right side plate, both gears, gear stud and a few other parts which will end up costing more than the reels worth. tony
  6. Fish, Do you want the measurements for the below yellow line or do you want the diameter of the spool arbor which would basically be measuring over the red label? tony
  7. You need 5 new parts, III 4500 1403983 On this schematic Part # 24, 35A, 35, 35C, 132. Total cost approx. $25 tony
  8. 5000 and 6000
  9. Just checked and it will not fit, the threads are very different. tony
  10. Which size are you asking about? I just checked the SLAIII4500 handle assembly and it does not fit the SSV4500. tony
  11. When a new product launches we need to wait a few months to allow all the backorder fulfillments to happen first before we can add them in the exchange program. If you can wait until after the new year give me a shout then, or If you would be interested in one of the other spinning reels in our lineup let me know. More info on this program can be found here - tony
  12. Thanks! Here was my last slide referencing how to clean your equipment after fishing in saltwater : Tighten the drag and rinse the reel off using a soft flow of fresh water. Use a small amount of mild dish soap mixed with warm water to clean the reel/rod whenever possible. Do not use a forced hose spray, as this could force salt water and sand into the reel. Do not leave or rinse in a bucket of water unless absolutely necessary. Fresh water becomes salty and sandy water quickly! Once cleaning is complete back the drag off and allow the reel to dry. Try and keep the reel out of direct sunlight for an extended period of time, and store the reel in a cool, dry place. We do not recommend WD-40 internally unless the reel will be completely disassembled, it can have adverse reactions with some greases and diminish their lubricating properties. Externally WD-40 = OK, however we recommend PENN oil or rod and reel cleaner. Spray some on a rag, wipe the reel down. Do not put reels in a neoprene or any other cover/bag while wet, do not zip lock your reel in a bag even if the reel is dry. For rods, WD-40 OK but we recommend PENN oil or rod and reel cleaner, spray some on a rag, wipe the rod down. Use a Q-tip and wipe down the inside of each guide to clean and check for crack. If you see the cotton pull at all, your guide may have a crack. We recommend removing your fishing line from the spool once a season to give the spool a thorough cleaning, salt builds up under the line! tony
  13. Scooby, As Ben said, you would need to purchase the complete Slammer III handle assembly and also purchase the EVA knob, cap and seal. For example Your SSVI4500 reel would need : 015 SLA3500 handle assembly (with alum knob) - $45.85 015ECLA3000 EVA knob - $3.35 015LCLA2000 handle seal - $0.60 024CCLA3000 handle knob cap - $1.25 + tax and shipping. tony
  14. Yes, remove the trip ramp. Ben