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  1. Dura-Drag uses a Petroleum jelly mineral grease, we do not offer this product for sale, however all new reels that contain Dura-Drag washers will already have a coating of this grease applied. Since we do not sell this grease and it is time to service your reel, the next best available on the market is Cal’s drag grease. tony
  2. Cal's will work or PENN blue grease. A very thin coating of grease, wipe off the excess with a lint free towel or rag. tony
  3. Zarpa, If you can take a few pictures or snap shots of the reel that is listed I will take a look. tony
  4. Frank, The Slammer III handle assembly will fit the VI in the same model. tony
  5. Strictly cosmetic, both are discontinued by the way. tony
  6. The whole gear is aluminum, with the center shaft being stainless. The black coating is just black anodizing on the aluminum. Ben
  7. At this time it will stay the same price. tony
  8. PM me your Name and address. Our Turn-around is currently under 5 business days. tony
  9. Chuck, The LC and standard spools are not interchangeable. tony
  10. Check your pm on how to order tony
  11. 033 525 is the same part without the extra hole. tony
  12. Aaron, Do you have a Fathom I or Fathom II ? tony
  13. Neither the Slammer III 3500 or 5500 handle assembly will fit the Slammer 560. tony
  14. Scarlyt, The Slammer IIII does have a high minimum drag because of the sealing, you will find that the min drag is 1/2 lb. or higher on the 4500. tony
  15. I do not have an old Slammer reel to confirm but I can use just the main gear. Which size are you inquiring about? I am pretty certain the answer is no but I will still confirm for you. tony