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  1. Hello C.Crisp, You may find some old stock if you call around to your local tackle shops. I will send you a message with some options. Jim
  2. Yes it was wrapped up about 9 months ago. Both reels are now officially discontinued. There may be some lingering stock if you were interested in one. tony
  3. Hello Ged. Thanks for contacting us. I will send you an email. Jim
  4. Hello Capefox, The Dura-Drag washers are not available for the SSVI8500 and the rest of the SSVI series. Jim
  5. Hello Puff Tentacle, The Fathom II 12 SD has a few improvements over the first generation. The Fathom II now has an adjustable magnetic cast brake. It features a fast access gear side plate for easier service of the drag and internals. The anti reverse bearing is backed up by 3 dogs to prevent handle back play. Also has an extra drag washer giving it 30lbs of max drag. Slight increase in line capacity with the Fathom II as well. Jim
  6. Hello Youngsalt, The 70VIS is about a half inch taller than a 50VISW. The widths are almost the same. The build on the 50 and 70 are similar but the 70 has a larger main gear and pinion. The 80 is a completely different build internally and is closer in design and size to a 130. Jim
  7. DSem215 - Send me a PM with your address. I'll make sure we get you squared away. Ben
  8. Wake up? Not sure what I did for you to come after me in a post like that.. Simply telling the forum the reality of the line highlighted in the post. It is AU only. Meaning not available for dealers to purchase anywhere except Australia/New Zealand. Not that it's impossible to import or export products to people around the world. You knew what I was referring to. JDM is exactly the same, designed and sold in Japan only. By the way, they have some nicely made Slammer rods down under also.. Ben
  9. Hello Brian, Yes the handle from the Battle II 4000 will fit the Spinfisher VI 4500BLS. Jim
  10. Guys - What's pictured here is an Australian only product which was developed by their team. No thoughts or plans to bring this stateside. Ben
  11. Hello Vintage_LA_Surfkaster, The Pursuit IV does not come in a bail-less version and conversion kits are not available. The Spinfisher VI 4500 and 6500 are both offered in bail-less as is the Slammer IV 5500. Jim
  12. Hello Old Hunter, The side plate seal and roller bearing usually need to be changed on a yearly service. If the handle develops any back play or there is a raspy sound when turning the handle the clutch and upper pinion bearing can be changed as well. Jim
  13. Hello Jefffahfffah, Parts for the Torque II 9500 are available. I will send you instructions on how to order parts. Jim
  14. Hello Dennis, Yes the Conflict II has been discontinued. Jim
  15. Hello Tagman, The left handed Squall II SD reels in 12 and 15 sizes have been discontinued. They may still be available at some retailers. Jim