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  1. Beret, The picture below should be helpful. It is from a SSVI. Similar bail trip parts as the Battle. The round end of the pivot arm goes in the round hole on the bail arm. Next slide the bail arm on to the post on the rotor. Then fasten the bail arm screw. Jim
  2. Beret, You can install the bail arm in the up right position. The pivot arm goes in the single hole on the underside of the bail arm. Jim
  3. Jimbass, The 710Z is slightly larger than the 712Z however both share the same housing. They have different rotors, bail parts, spools, main gear and pinions. They share the same bearing, handle, dog and HT-100 drag washers. Jim
  4. Beret, Is there any tension on the bail wire when you open it? If not the bail spring and pivot arm may be out of place. The bail spring sits in a track in the rotor. The pointy end of the pivot arm sits inside the spring. The round end of the pivot arm sits in a hole under the bail arm. Jim
  5. Sagg, I would first make sure the bail arm screw is tight and the spool is properly seated on the shaft. Make sure part 39D, spool bushing seal ring, is seated inside 39F, spool bushing. If the bushing is sitting on top of the seal the line lay will be off. You can take out the existing washer if you have to. Just be sure to put a coating of grease there. Jim
  6. Italiasurf, The Spinfisher V 10500 has a ZAS main gear, brass pinion. More about ZA alloys can be found here. The Spinfisher VI 7500LC has a CNC brass main gear, brass pinion The Conflict II 7000LC has a CNC aluminum main gear, brass pinion Jim
  7. Italiasurf, As previously stated by Livefreeordie, a loose rotor nut (part 38) can cause some back play in the rotor. Make sure the rotor nut is secure. Your reel has two anti-reverse mechanisms. The first is the anti-reverse clutch. The second is a dog with a ratchet built in to the rotor. If there is 1cm of back play in the rotor then it sounds like only the dog is catching the rotor and the anti-reverse clutch is not working. There is a sleeve inside the clutch. Make sure the sleeve is present. Without the sleeve the clutch is not in contact with the pinion. If the sleeve does not contact the pinion the anti-reverse clutch will not function. Jim
  8. Rck312, The drag knobs for the 4200SS, 4300SS and the hexagonal shaft handle for the 550SS are no longer available. The SS reels are on our list of reels no longer serviced. They are eligible for exchange through our repair department. You can learn more about our exchange program on our repair/service page. Jim
  9. Spig - we started shipping them a few weeks ago so you should see them soon in local shops. Belmo is correct - no Clash LP, just Squall and Fathom families. Ben
  10. Italiasurf, Is the handle spinning backwards? If the handle spins backwards it is a sign of a failed clutch bearing. Jim
  11. Domjolly, Hard to diagnose without feeling the reel. I recommend sending it in and having us take a look. If you PM me your email address I can send you a copy of the repair form. Jim
  12. Domjolly, If you feel something is wrong with your reel send it in and we can take a look. Include a description of what is wrong, your return address and a copy of the receipt if it's still under warranty. Jim
  13. Pack and send your reel to: PENN FISHING TACKLE ATTN SERVICE DEPT 3028 WEST HUNTING PARK AVE PHILA PA 19132 Include a copy of this message and your return address/phone number. 25 flat fee (labor charge) plus shipping and tax for a complete service of the reel, including any parts that are needed? tony
  14. Chris, When you removed the trip lever did you take out parts 28B and 28H as well? If those parts are still present there will be some resistance when turning. Jim
  15. Mercer, We will be happy to service this reel for you, but this would not be considered a warranty. How about a $25 flat fee (labor charge) plus shipping and tax for a complete service of the reel, including any parts that are needed? tony