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  1. Pull the 3 parts out, they are not needed without the lever, should correct the issue. tony
  2. And the reel is still tight? tony
  3. Brian, The Conflict II doesn't use a traditional rotor brake, part # 28B, C, D on the schematic may have popped out when you took the trip lever out? tony
  4. When we receive our next batch of bearing caps I will send one out to you at no charge. Send me a PM with your mailing address so I have it handy when they come in. Should be soon, thanks tony
  5. Thanks, part # 1419071 15-SLA5500 Handle Assembly will fit your 4500. Keep in mind the extra weight of the handle assembly could affect the rotor rotating during a cast. tony
  6. Part # 1339570 handle cap is currently out of stock, however the first shop on our approved Parts Vendor does have it in stock. tony
  7. SSV4500 BLS or SSVI4500 BLS ? tony
  8. You can call us directly to order, or order online at one of our Vendors linked below: tony
  9. From our Canadian team: For spinning any 4000/4500 or 5000/5500 in Pursuit, Fierce, battle 2, Conflict, Spinfisher, clash or slammer. 4000/4500 for braid especially may want to go to the 5000 series for mono/fluorocarbon. Squadron or allegiance 7’ MH for spinning reels. Casting is a different story. The best suggestion would be a Abu Garcia Beast or Beast Rocket. That's what these reels are built for! With a veritas 7’ or longer mh to h. Depending on the fish size you will be going after. If Penn the 209 would work. The Penn gear is more of a trolling set up which is a great way to catch Pike. The warfare, squall or Fathom 15 size would be better. Again that casting model of squadron or allegiance in 7’MH. tony
  10. Thanks for sharing ! tony
  11. Lue, We did not re-design the reel, we began offering upgraded gear sets for sale. Sounds like your reel has one or more of the ball bearings that needs to be cleaned and re-oiled, or replaced all together. tony
  12. Sorry for your loss Tim. The PENN team
  13. Lurch, Something like this I need to rely on our Canadian Sales Team, are you looking for conventional or spinning? tony
  14. If you have a mechanical background or experience you can pick up on it pretty easy. Reels have gears, bearings, springs washers, shims, etc. just like many other mechanical things. Or as others said, buy a few broken reels on eBay or the local flea market and diagnose the problem, take it apart, order parts and repair. It's the only way you can learn. tony