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  1. Payment received, Thanks to Tim and SOL
  2. Sure sending pm
  3. Great shape small Aquaskinz belt bag but does come with an upgraded flatlander shoulder strap. 7” tall tubes. No Holes or tears. 45 shipped
  4. I’m in the same boat... Haven’t surf fished since Oct 2018..)physical work for years. Heating and AC installer and landscaping. Every joint hurts but the main problem is two torn tendons in right elbow over 50% torn. Had cortisone but stay away from it unless your really going to rest it or you’ll make it worse. Also had prp injection which helped a little but took a long time. Rest is the best medicine.
  5. Have a couple of each of those but appreciate you posting pics
  6. I’m all set on loaded but thanks Sounds good
  7. Looking to buy tougher color 16a 6” screwtail bombers. Could also open a trade thread if someone wants to go that route
  8. That’s fine ..sending pm
  9. How much for both?
  10. I would take top two on the left under the wonderbread if your splitting up the lot
  11. Anyone have luck with this color?
  12. Looking for a pair of Oakley monster dog sunglasses. Lenses can be shot as I’m going to replace anyway
  13. 4 point Jude wobble head tube eels 15” long.. black is 1.5 ounce and the others are 3 ounce.. 14.00 each shipped
  14. That’s fine, sending pm
  15. Pm coming