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  1. Money sent
  2. PP  albie1guy@aol.com. Thanks

  3. That’s fine.. send me your payment info,Thanks
  4. I already have a couple each of the others. You have any other colors or I can add two more bucks for shipping
  5. 13.00 shipped for these two?
  6. Thanks anyway
  7. Thanks let me know
  8. Yes, anything else?
  9. Top are screwtails bottom are newer
  10. Hey XBMX, Unfortunately I have all those colors. Do you have any others?
  11. Sorry should of said only straight, thanks anyway
  12. Older 6” bomber screwtails in boxes or at least new condition. Thanks
  13. Payment received, Thanks to Tim and SOL
  14. Great shape small Aquaskinz belt bag but does come with an upgraded flatlander shoulder strap. 7” tall tubes. No Holes or tears. 45 shipped