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  1. Those look awesome man. Nicely done brother.
  2. I feel you there. I wanted to mess around with the resin for swimbaits for a while now. Making them in wood starts to become a PIA after a couple, resin is just so much easier and faster. Plus at the time I was struggling to find drive and desire to be in the shop so having the resin and making the molds and developing new baits brought the fun and drive back into building. Resparked that fire.
  3. I did screw eyes or twisted wire eyelets as well for my testers and my 1st few runs but for the same reason I thru wire plugs I decided to give a 1 piece harness with the swivel on the wire for that added bit of security. I actually keep a head piece with the screw eyes glued in at the depth I like for my reference as I make all the bends on the harnesses.
  4. And because elephants eat peanuts and you never know what you might hook into, they're made a bit on the overkill side.
  5. Apparently we are both on the same page. I was considering doing these.
  6. Hmmmm maybe. ShouId I? I mean I could change it up and do something completely different this time.
  7. I make and fish darters as well.
  8. Damn man. Hate hearing that, happy you had success with it prior to that but damn. I'm pretty sure I can see what I can do about getting a replacement out to you. What size was it?
  9. This will be fun. Been tinkering with a few new things in a completely different realm lately. I've got a few fun ideas planned for this
  10. Screw it. It's been how long since I've jumped in one of these? I've got a few new tricks up my sleeves for this swap. Been tinkering in a whole different realm regaining that drive and fire to build again since life went a bit haywire the past 18 months. I'm in.
  11. I'll take em. PM me your PayPal
  12. So there is a good reason for this type of layout. Synit started this copious years ago. They dubbed it the antacid wrap. The reasoning that they had for it was when speed jigging or for SPJ in this instance was exactly like @Billy 40 explained. It was to keep the line centered as it came onto the reel. With out that guide offset the line tends to favor one side of the reel. By offsetting that 2nd guide it helps recenter the line as it comes through the stripper guide and back onto the reel. Guys should probably should do a bit more research before jumping to conclusions about it being a sales gimmick or other kind of BS. Thumbing the line back on the reel with a blank that's a thin as a pencil while holding the rod at the reel seat isnt going to work so well but you guys know what you're talking about without searching anything.
  13. Thank you man. I appreciate it. Unfortunately due to covid this yr the only show I was able to do was the virtual plug show that ran on Facebook. My name is Andrew Errickson, 420 Lures. I build pretty much throughout the year, feel free to reach out man. I'd love to get one in your hands.
  14. Mini darters like these? I make these. They're 4" and about an oz. Shallower models are ayc and deeper ones are maple. These have the traditional darter thump and sway action that a larger darter has.
  15. I rewrapped the guides in neon yellow ncp and the metallic ice blue is done over the mesh for the dragon scales in between the split butt grips. Only thing I didn't do was the decorative wrap or the decal. Guides and butt grip wrap just needs epoxy and it's ready to go. Figure $270 and I'll get the epoxy done on it and cover shipping cost.