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  1. Thank you man. I appreciate it. Unfortunately due to covid this yr the only show I was able to do was the virtual plug show that ran on Facebook. My name is Andrew Errickson, 420 Lures. I build pretty much throughout the year, feel free to reach out man. I'd love to get one in your hands.
  2. Mini darters like these? I make these. They're 4" and about an oz. Shallower models are ayc and deeper ones are maple. These have the traditional darter thump and sway action that a larger darter has.
  3. I rewrapped the guides in neon yellow ncp and the metallic ice blue is done over the mesh for the dragon scales in between the split butt grips. Only thing I didn't do was the decorative wrap or the decal. Guides and butt grip wrap just needs epoxy and it's ready to go. Figure $270 and I'll get the epoxy done on it and cover shipping cost.
  4. Give me a couple hrs to get home from work and I'll post some pictures
  5. Which model? I have an old model legend, with the lowrider guides, that I rewrapped. Just needs epoxy. It's the 10' 1-4oz model.
  6. No problem. Good luck with the sale.
  7. Nah I'm in south Jersey
  8. Offer $30 shipped
  9. I'm in. Thanks for the chance and merry Christmas man
  10. I'm in. Thanks for the chance and merry Christmas
  11. The weight and hook embedded paddletail sluggos are absolutely killer for me in alot of the fall spots I fish.
  12. Thank you Ed. Much appreciated man. The soft plastics can definitely be addictive, they just outright hammer fish at times over the plugs. I dont want to dive too deep into it and get into the whole injection process and all that craziness. I just do the easy open top pour style. I still have one of your sandeels you did yrs ago, might need to make a trade for a couple more if you end up pouring more. Yes man, been a long time coming and honestly it's about time. We can benefit too much from the financial gains that it'll bring. Our state's in desperate need of something to help boost the economy and start making things better. I never thought I'd see it happen this soon but covid kind of forced some hands to vote to legalize it because the state needs the money.
  13. Need to get my hands on some tin to be honest. These are lead small sandeels I made a plaster mold for and pour with lead and a full wire harness instead of just 2 eyelets. 3.5" and 2.5oz. Absolute rockets. They've hammered fish around sandeel schools. I want to get some tin so I can maybe make em more albie weight, they're a little heavy to skip across the surface like an epoxy jig lol. The larger one in the picture I dont really pour bc it ended up being too damn heavy at 5.5oz and 5" lol. When I pour some more I'll shoot one your way.
  14. Thank you brother. Much appreciated man. Been a busy bee lately.
  15. But wait, theres more.