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  1. Yea man it definitely sucks but 12-14hr days working and spending time with the kids has taken control right now. Now that they're back in school hopefully I should get more turning time. I'll post up the plugs I had planned when they're done. Might make a bunch up as trade bait since I wasn't able to make the swap.
  2. I, unfortunately, am going to have to back out of this. The day job and back to school time has taken over. I haven't had a chance to touch the lathe yet. I know what I want to do but that haven't had the time to get them turned. Cant wait to see how everyones turns out.
  3. I have a 710Z that I added the MPU kit from ebay and slotted the spool myself. Also has a 704Z handle with a customized knob. What did you have in mind for trades?
  4. That sounds awesome man. Thanks dude
  5. Some extra time would be greatly appreciated. I'm right there in the same boat as chunkah. Day job has been crazy lately with a lot of 12-14hr days and then still squeezing in family time with the kids has kept me from the lathe for a bit. So I haven't even had a chance to turn anything for this challenge yet. Thanks in advance guys.
  6. Nope. No foul ups or issues. The bends of the hook stop just shy of the edge of the lip and it doesn't have enough play to catch up on the slope. The blank body is the darter on top. The bottom is its 8.5" big brother. The fish in the pictures hit the 7.5". Taped out at 31".
  7. Thank you LB. I appreciate that. That's a 7.5" one I made for a good buddy. Thank you lonell It is hard maple. Mine are my shape but with a pichney inspired curved dive slope vs the straight angle dive slope. That ones a 7.5" darter that is rigged with a 4/0 on the belly and 4/0 on the tail. The belly hole is drilled 1 5/8" from the edge of the lip. Yes it is brother. That one should look familiar.
  8. Badass man. Thank you dude
  9. Is it too late for 1 more? If not I'll jump in. I have a fun idea for this.
  10. Absolutely ed. I love getting pictures of my plugs with fish on them from other guys. Truthfully even better than me catching on my own.
  11. That's awesome fishy. Great job man. Really glad you're liking that darter. Keep on catching man.
  12. Way to go Chris. Some great catches on some sweet plugs. Very nice dude.
  13. Sounds great. Let me get together a bit of what I have when I get home from work and I'll post it up. Thanks man.
  14. Yes I do. I make various different plugs. What were you interested in?
  15. Definitely can't help with that. Ideally that's what I need to grab. Looking for something a touch bigger than my lexa 300 for plugging. Let me see what I have to offer when I get home. I'd be more interested in the Toro.