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  1. I'll gladly help you out man. Darters are primarily the only plug I make so I can definitely help you out. Shoot me a PM and we'll work everything out.
  2. I'll take this for $28 shipped
  3. Killer work bud. Them darters and that sandeel, deadly man.
  4. Oh I know bud. But shoot me a PM I'll see what I can do getting a plug out your way.
  5. Yea man. That's some frigid turning weather. Only perk of building the rods, it's all inside the house work lol. Hahahaha with everything on the bench now and what's waiting in the wings I have enough work to keep me busy til the fish come back in April. Might be able to squeak a plug out your way though instead. Shoot me a PM and we'll work everything out.
  6. This really hurts me to have to do this but I have to back out of this swap. I'm currently swamped with rods to build. Haven't honestly touched my lathe in weeks with how many rods I'm working on. I look forward to seeing everyone's finished product.
  7. That's awesome. I may have to take a trip up north and join you guys for a tide or 2. Nice man. Good to hear bud.
  8. Hell yea he does man. You had me message him a while back. We swapped a couple of my darters for a couple of his. They're awesome darters. I remember the darter I sent you was done in the black scales over the purple. Such a badass pattern.
  9. They turned out great man. Fish wont mind the epoxy issues bud. Great work wire. Digging the blurple scale one. Looks familiar lol. Keep it up man. They'll get easier and easier each time you do them.
  10. Same to you Ed. Merry Christmas to you and your family man.
  11. Damn nice winch. Love them.
  12. That is awesome man. Great work. I agree with kima, I'm definitely going to be giving that a shot on one of mine. I really like the look.
  13. Anytime man. Thank you bud. Play around with the different fin setups. Your soft plastic idea has me wanting to rethink my squid needle and play around with the soft fins. Tight lines man. Keep us posted with it.
  14. That's badass man. Absolutely love it. Great idea with the thin sluggo tails for tentacles. Probably has some awesome movement in the water. I did something along these lines last yr. A slow level sinking needle but looked like a squid. The fins actually were a killer touch. Actually helped the plug "glide" more when adding in twitches to the retrieve. For mine the fins were actually just thin paint sticks I drew the shape of the fins put on. Cut them out and carved out a groove on either side of the head for the fins to fit into. I only did the groove about 1/8" deep. Then used epoxy putty to attach the fins to the body of the plug. Used epoxy putty so I was able to shape the transition from fin to body smoothly and make it look more natural. Then sand the outer edges of the fins to taper them out and make them more natural looking. I think your idea of a soft curly tail kind of fins would look awesome in the water. For the tail of mine I just went with a siwash tied with some hackles to give it the tentacles look. Good luck with it. You're definitely heading down the right track. I look forward to seeing it when you finish it.
  15. I'll jump in. I've got plenty of time to get a few together.