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  1. Hey bill it's not as minty fresh as yours but I have a 1.5-1.7oz 2 belly hook blurple one if you're interested bud.
  2. Payment received. Thread closed. Thanks SOL.
  3. Sounds good man. Banana sold. Thanks man. PM coming.
  4. Still no response from lureman. Yours for $40 shipped if you still want it
  5. Make it $40 to help cover shipping and you have a deal.
  6. That's interesting sudsy. Thank you for that. I've never honestly gone to a field and measured my casts, only going based off casting off the beach. I didn't notice any loss of distance using a 3oz darter in my casts with either rod. Not saying that there wasn't a difference, just that I didn't notice any. I'll have to do a search for it. Thank you.
  7. Yea I'll do that. PM your PayPal and I'll get it sent over
  8. Yea I'll do that. PM incoming. Ls69 sold
  9. That's an FJR handcarve I believe. Looks like his same body style and hook hanger setup. Just never seen them with a lexan lip.
  10. I'm going to have to pass at the moment. Really only interested in the choppy. I already have the LIFishVT darter in my bag. How much for the choopy?
  11. Casts just as well as a traditional guides on top conventional. Braid to leader knot passes with no issues and doesn't get hung up making the transition. All my conventional surf rods, bait and plugging, are spiral wrapped.
  12. I used to use an akios 656csm for my conventional plugging. The past couple years I've been using a daiwa lexa 300 with an aftermarket power handle. I have it paired to a 10' spiral wrapped 2-6oz graphite plugging rod at the moment and I love it. I'm in the process of finishing up a 10' 1-4oz spiral wrapped rod for it. The lexa casts great with 30lb braid and a 50lb mono leader. Some casts I feel I'd like a bit more line capacity and that's why I'm looking into a 400 for this coming spring. Personally though I love the way the low profile lexa feels in the hand plugging all night vs. the round akios. I'd rather plug with the lexa over the akios anyday of the week.
  13. I personally rig mine with either a teaser or with a small 4" sandeel soft plastic I pour.
  14. Looking to sell these 2. Just a bit too big to throw and carry in my bag. Both are new never carried. Large 8" LS69 glider weighs 6oz FJR banana plug 8" weighs 3.3oz unrigged. $50 each shipped or $90 for the pair shipped
  15. Closing this down. Moving to the WTS forum.