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  1. Rack is still available.
  2. I have it mounted to my Thule Aero bars and they have a groove down the center of them that you can slide a bolt in for mounting stuff. So I have them bolted right to my rack I have seen guys use a different style clamp for mounting also. Let me know if you want them and I'll either ship them or meet up with you.
  3. Hunter 3 rod, rod vault. $175 plus shipping or local pick up near canal.
  4. Respectfully offer $750
  5. Cool thanks I'll give it a try there. I mainly got a kayak for my daughter but plan on using it to chase the albies when they show up.
  6. Fluke from my kayak is on my hit list this season.
  7. Respectfully offer $350
  8. Going to hold off for now please close.
  9. Would you consider $350 and some plugs?
  10. Not really interested in the Mojo. I've been seeing the VS 150 selling on some FB sites for $350-$375 so I'm going to respectfully pass on $450. Thanks
  11. So what are you looking to get for it now? Thanks
  12. Taunton, Ma. What condition is it in and how much are you looking to get for it? Bailless.?
  13. Looking for a VS 150