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  1. to quote Frank Zappa: "Total Criminalization: Based on the theory that if we were all crooks, e would at last be uniform to some degree in the eyes of the law"
  2. Something you didn't want to brag about in the late 90's after they put the Purple Triangle above the marquis. My band used to play there and Birch Hill.
  3. Purchased a Classic Lee Re-loader kit in .45-70Govt All you need is a nylon faced hammer and flat steady surface. I have been doing weekly range trips shooting a variety of .45-70 ammo. The Marlin GBL likes Hornady Leverevolution 325gr Flextips. The groups with iron sights have been great 75-yards and in. I couldn't hit the 100-yd target because I could barely see it (vision ain't what it used to be...) Surprising the 405 Gr Ultramax cowboy stuff is grouping well with the Hornady off the bench - very light recoil compared to the Hornady. The HSM 405 gr. Cowboy loads are just above the min velocity threshold I want for hunting pigs (Some say 900 fps at impact). While the HSM loads are rated hotter than the Ultramax, the HSMs have a more severe drop. Where the heck am I going with this? I have a plastic ammo can rapidly filling up with once-fired brass. .45-70 ammo ain't cheap. If I start reloading for range sessions it should save me some dough. As I improve I will experiment with hunting loads but that will require additional precision instruments such as a digital scale, calipers and a case trimmer. The classic Lee kit ranges in price from $25 to $40 and i is probably a good stocking stuffer for Christmas. I will pick one up for the FIL and some other shooting friends. With all these wacky fun control laws hitting the states - Cali passed an Ammo registration law - it's time to learn what it takes to restock. Just think of it, Florida almost elected a Proud democratic Socialist. Ladies and Gents, we are one generation away from the US turning into California. Not a question of "if" but "when".
  4. Phil Murphy is a Flaming Douche... and I mean that with all due respect.
  5. Hollow Point ammo (handgun) can be purchased otc in NJ. it's a catch-22 You can use it on the range. You can transport it in a box. If HP bullets are used in a commission of a crime or even a self-defense situation it would be considered an aggravating factor.
  6. so did the Lone Ranger
  7. she's pushing for a leftist revolt... They are already revolting.
  8. what if the mother converted to Judaism?
  9. Q: should people lose their 2a rights for (fill in the blank)? A: not without due process
  10. Snow in Jersey: 8 inches in Wayne 6 inches in Elizabeth
  11. masalong chicken karambit
  12. Most gun shops will not take in used or pre-owned ammo for several reasons.