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  1. Why would he say voter fraud?
  2. Biden was getting heckled bigly
  3. Here's a taste:
  4. The text messages...oh, boy!
  5. 1. Speculation based on the "fossil fuel" moniker. Its like saying the $100,000 candy bar was worth 100k. 2. True - you want to see the world develop but hamstringing the US economy to set an example is pretty dumb. **** government. Let the private sector lead.
  6. Without a good butane torch what are all those tweekers gonna do?
  7. Birds chirpin that Manafort was in deep in Biden Ukraine Corruption. They put him in solitary for tax evasion.
  8. Steve Bannon: Hero of the Republic
  9. The establishment clause was crafted in opposition to the Church if England. The framers saw that if a legislature could create a national mandated religion it woul lead to inequality and worse totalitarian state. The establishment clause coupled with the entire first amendment embraces people like pence or rashida tlaib to bring their religion with them to government. 1a and estabishment clause is not a restriction on people of faith. The perversion of 1a by the left has come to a head thanks to reetarded lib pols in blue states.
  10. Show the poryshenko email! Lol Biden is a ****tard that tried to derail the incoming admin's foreign policy. But the legal blind guy! Lol What a bunch of votards! You can't trust the evidence because the repair guy wore coke bottle lenses. You votards accepted old joe as some sort if solution but turns out Biden is the mist corrupt and compromised pol in over 50 years!
  11. Lol these bozos are arguing legally blind after the ****in horse left the barn!
  12. There's a votard in this thread arguing for religious freedom by impugning the character of a politician for having courage of faith. You can't make **** like this up!
  13. Booger eater biden votards twisted in a knot: "So what?" If Hunter was black abd nobody he'd be doin hard time because of pop's crime bill. "So what?" Your candidate is compromised. There's a video of him mething up with a hookervwatching a Hoe Biden speech! Lol maybe the Votards can rally behind that.