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  1. She is less than 0.01% Native American but more than 99.99% lying politician.
  2. 6 to 10 generations back? that's testing the MoE and certainly contradicts her elopement story because of cherokee or some other nonsense. If I swab a dog's ass I can probably find a matching bloodline to lie-awatha's.
  3. there is no such thing as the "Mob"
  4. and she's the hottest first lady in history (well I'm told Dolly Madison may have been a close second...)
  5. I find it amusing that 500 years later people seem to believe that the Western Hemisphere was a homogeneous, yet static population of tribes that were somehow destined to remain cut-off from the rest of the world or better yet were devoid of war, slavery and brutality. whether it was right that America was conquered by invaders crossing the Bering or central american tribes raiding plains, or vikings, or welsh, or as Columbus was told by the Taino "dark people" had visited their land many years before, there was an inevitability of human progress that cultures clash, civilizations rise and fall. It wasn't "wrong" but it was inevitable. Ascribing slavery and war as a purely European export is nonsensical and contrary to fact. Disease - yes but war and slavery, no. Every culture, every civilization from Sumeria to present shares these attributes. What s most amazing is how advanced western European and east Asian civilizations were to the rest of the world at that time. Wakanda Forever!
  6. or... Etienne Brulee. Rumor has it he was thumped by the Iroquois and traded as stew-meat. Even the "peaceful agrarian" Lenni Lenape traded in "long-pig" during harsh winters.
  7. Enhanced Interrogation
  8. Funny - anything to the right of Che Guevara is considered Fascist Dictator in Brazil.
  9. She's getting a better gig in the administration.
  10. amen
  11. nicely done. I have a kydex sheath for my Karambit but I don't particularly like the plastic belt clamp that it came with. I like the combination with the nylon you chose. Probably a lot more comfortable than a plastic block on your hip.
  12. After yesterday's range session I have put 450 rds of 240 gr ball ammo and 24 rds of assorted JHPs through my new Taurus PT-1911 Fail to Feed: the magazine capacity is 8 rds (8+1) single stack. When loading 8 rounds of ball ammo, for some reason the eighth round does not feed properly. Not a stove-pipe, but a partial feed. Tap and rack and back in business. This only happens when loading a full 8 rounds of Ball ammo. The gun did not fail on 8 rounds of the JHP. The gun did not fail to feed on magazine loads of 7 rounds or less. Other quirk: the adjustable rear sight tends to loosen after about fifty rounds. Reacquiring the true sight is not a problem but better performed in a ransom rest. Instinctive shooting inside of 15-yards the gun shoots where you point it. I am impressed with the overall performance and accuracy of the firearm although I had expected some hiccups with the $500 price tag. It is well constructed with the exception of the rear sight (operator must be diligent about checking sight) and the 8th round FTF. have at it
  13. Kagan will retire before Ginsburg.
  14. Zinn's thesis was debunked before it hit print. Read: "War Before Civilization" Read: "Mohammad and Charlemagne"