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  1. thanks! I assume this reports to the Azores.
  2. If you can't fit the PVC or bazooka tube in your car, you may want to invest in a three-piece travel rod. I fly with my albright travel surf 10'. Daiwa makes ardito rod. I don't fly with my 2-piece Loomis . Albright rod has gone to Hawaii and Costa Rica. I'm sure you will get a lot of ideas.
  3. May head to Portugal for a vacation. Was told Faro is good but would love to see the Azores. Comments welcome. Tuna and Marlin as well as in-shore. Obrigado!
  4. Show traffic has me trapped on my Island. If you go to KB to eat, go to Boaters Grill in Bill Baggs park. If you need a quick bite - go to Doggi's on KB and take down a few chicharone arrepas.
  5. She was unlike-able with people looking for excuses not to vote for her.
  6. Hillary failed to campaign in midwest. She blew it.
  7. synopsis - after viewers find out Oak Island was a Marketing Ploy for a now defunct Canadian Donut shop, "Top Pocket Finds" has Gary visiting several nudie bars demanding to examine the bobby-dazzlers of the entertainment. Hilarity ensues when Gary can not produce enough Top Pocket for a Lappy in the back room!
  8. I'd pay to see that.
  9. soon to be outlawed as an assault weapon ... coming to a hysterical state near you...
  10. I am a Mises guy as a reformed leftist. MMT hasn't drawn much of my attention. I am going back to basics with value of a contract or mutual agreement. Interesting point about creating money on the heels of JP Morgan announcing a static value crypto currency. What they really did was roll out a a very good bit of block-chain technology into their intranet.
  11. tastes better than manatee
  12. I lay out a spread of question marks when trolling for porgies
  13. no vitals