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  1. Still for sale if anyone is interested.
  2. Payment received, thread closed.
  3. Pm sent!
  4. Selling a used canon powershot sd450 digital camera. Has 3 small white areas in the viewing screen as shown in third pic. Most likely an internal crack in the screen. Otherwise camera appears to work fine. Comes with battery, battery charger, and usb cable. Box is not the original box, it's from a similar camera. You will need to supply your own sd card. Asking $20 shipped. Paypal only please.
  5. Ultrasteel bullet weights. Bags have been opened but remaining weights are unused. 68 pieces total. 29 - 1oz 39 - 3/4oz Asking $18 shipped. Paypal only please.
  6. Who ever thought of this plan should be shot and discarded offshore.
  7. When I looked at their description online, it mentions that they are a bronze finish hook. I've seen these mentioned a couple times and had a question for those of you that have been using them. How does the finish hold up in the salt? I saw one fly in the albie thread in which this hook was used so just thought I'd ask as I never did have much luck using bronze hooks for saltwater applications.
  8. Owner sells just the twist locks by themselves. I would probably just make my own though, as stated in the previous post.
  9. Check out this thread. There's some other links within the thread you can check out as well.
  10. Pretty sure BPS carries them. Check on their website.
  11. Very nice score! Wouldn't use a saw to cut that though. Seems like there would be alot of lead dust/shavings to deal with. Maybe a chisel and hammer to break it up into more manageable chunks? Just a thought.
  12. I'm in! Thanks!!
  13. Carry a surge protector on your surf belt. That oughta do it.