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  1. Offer 45 shipped via PayPal . Thanks,
  2. Fwiw I am a big fan of the tfo axiom 2 series, bought the 8 wt last year and love it. For under 350 it’s a great rod
  3. All the best wishes
  4. Looks like I’m going to be limited to a few nights after work- have to fly in and out w other work folks from philly. is this a wading game or do I need to bring them? Figure on bringing a 7 wt and a floating and a fast sink line- box or two of streamers and... what else?
  5. No longer available.
  6. Renzetti traveler. Had mine forever and still going strong.
  7. Thanks for the info. I noticed the trout season closes the day after I leave so that’s out. Not a skeet/trap shooter so not sure there. April in de likely is pretty dang cold regardless
  8. I’m going to be in Newark the first week of April, hoping to get into some kind of fishing for a day. Any tips would be great. thanks,
  9. Back up for sale or trade, sardean if the offer still stands I will accept that. Thanks,
  10. No longer available.
  11. Got this back from a warranty replacement- the case I stored it in pushed a guide against the blank and scratched it pretty bad,- sent it in for repair and got a full rod returned. Haven't put a reel or even cast it, all I did was put a little wax on the ferrules, but it never left the bag aside from that. 240, via paypal, buyer pays shipping. Also willing to consider a trade for a 9'6" or 10" 6 wt 4 pc.
  12. I’ll take this for 20 shipped.
  13. I just saw this- If you are willing to honor the original terms I will take these for 25 shipped.