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  1. Looking for a combo for west coast surf fishing. Main use will be throwing plugs. Details: ranges shown, not looking for exact matches. Rod, 9.5-11 ft rated 2-6 oz range. Reel: 4000-5000 series, spinning. Figure to use 30-50# braid Price range: figure 300-400, willing to move a bit either way depending on condition and models.
  2. Yeah I saw that. What’s the length on the top portion? I’m west coast so need to figure if shipping is viable.
  3. Offer 195 shipped to 95825. Your call who want to give first shot to.
  4. offer 45 shipped. Thanks,
  5. Im interested if you will entertain shipping?
  6. Love those low rider gunnels. 19?
  7. so after a number of years away from the surf, I'm gonna be around the area, want to get back into it. I know the numbers aren't there anymore, but I suck and can't catch regardless, so... there's that. Read all the previous stuff, looks like in the 2 ish ounce plug range range a mojo or airwave is a good choice- still the case? For perch, I dunno, open to suggestions, figure to be using a c-rig 90% of the time. since its been 2+ years since anyone posted on this thread, any ideas on newer versions?
  8. Thread closed, no longer available.
  9. Up for today and then off to another site for sale.
  10. Prices and terms are firm.
  11. You got a lot of nerve here- I’ll give you that .
  12. Same here- fished two days and at the end of that didnt want squat to do with one again for years. man they can pull in big current!
  13. TFO TiCr 600-1000 8’6” been sitting for years took it on a tuna trip strung it up and never cast it. 150 plus shipping. also have a SA wf15s billfish line- 20 for that if you want need it.
  14. fyi offer for sale to OP withdrawn due to delays. Rod and line will be reposted on BST for open sale. .