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  1. Ive got a pair of clearwater rods, a single hand 6 wt for trout and a two hand 7 wt for who knows what yet. Both are very good IMO, esp when finding them on a deal. Todays' rods are pretty solid across the board. Not at all like the days where you had better cast it before buying it.
  2. Rye we share the same river there. Same style flies, used pink last week to good effect.
  3. Awesome. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the update and hope things are working in the right direction for you. just got done with a dozen shad flies after a great Friday session locally. Hot color? You get one guess !
  5. Too cool. Haven’t seen post fishing meal pics. Is that because of covid?
  6. Yep. It’s the bees knees
  7. $100, you pay shipping. Backing but no fly line.
  8. Got a battenkill large arbor V in excellent shape. Interested?
  9. Offer 70 shipped for the slammer.
  10. I use an airflo super dri floater for my snook/red/trout fishing in the Tampa area. GREAT line
  11. Pole dancer. It was made for just that reason.