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  1. X2
  2. That's crazy big! Please tell me they let it go.
  3. Strong Mack presence in Beverly yesterday. All sizes.
  4. Geez jgooge! That fish could have swallowed the one I got yesterday, whole! 40"?
  5. Nice fish unskunk! Congrats.
  6. Oh...the Cape! That's not the North Shore at all! As an aside, anybody know if there are any squid to be had around PI? Any advice, from experience, about squidding that area is appreciated.
  7. Beauties! Anywhere near the North Shore?
  8. That definitely looks very Kernie. Congrats JGooge! Nice fish bro!
  9. Nice one. Waiting for my first. I suppose I have to actually get out there. Congrats!
  10. Yeah man, go get 'em!
  11. That looks a bit tender Cheeks! Better heal up soon man, Stripers on their way in force!
  12. Nice to hear about the giant Mack presence! This has to be a good sign.
  13. Fished The Parker River this morning, for a bit, before losing an engine and getting towed in. Didn't see anything or get a bite. We pulled the boat and are getting it looked at. I would feel worse if there were actually Bass gorging on Sand Eels as we got towed past, but it still seems barren though.
  14. We put the boat in yesterday and a couple buddies and I cruised out of the Parker and out up past PI and the Merrimack. Lots of birds working, but no obviously signs of Bass feeding. Chummed up a bit, at one of my favorite Mack spots, hoping to get on some bait. Nothing yet. The weather this week should help the cause. I hope to head out again on the weekend, although its forecasting to be gusty.
  15. That does look really good! I would whip a little caper, lemon zest and chive into that cream cheese Bob. Ever smoke Striper?