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  1. I doubt it. He isn’t the petulant child Trump is.
  2. Something like the Pickens Plan but for EV and not Natural Gas....
  3. You guys are arguing with a 9/11 truther. Put him on ignore....
  4. Pretty much, MAGA sheep. Goaded into it but that one loon who has three dozen threads about him. Don’t worry the shaman guy is banking on a pardon....
  5. I don’t doubt these groups injected themselves into this situation. What was the percentage? Is the story going to become that the MAGA crowd were sheep egged on by Antifa? Or that it was was Antifa in MAGA clothing???
  6. And you think that means what? He’s going to win?
  7. Thank you for being the rational conservative on this board. I agree on you post 100%. Your posts shows the contrast between what was and the present Trump nutter butters.......
  8. Any justification for that day possible. Sad.
  9. Yup. Pretty much my take.
  10. Ok. We don’t agree on much but that was a hell of a reference to pull out....
  11. The elite strike force wasn’t working out so he is auditioning for crank yankers....
  12. My only justification (and I don't support doing either at this point) is to limit him from running in 2024.
  13. On this we agree that that is a possibility....
  14. I noticed that too... So was that his big objection? Or is he standing down?
  15. He is also a 9/11 ‘Truther’. Put him on ignore it is better for your sanity!