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  1. Brian, save the keystrokes. Clearly embalming fluid is a hallucinagenic....
  2. What party does he vote for again? You guys own this guy....
  3. MAGA

    And if he dares disagree with Barr he will be denounced as deep state by the GOP fringe on this board...
  4. Republicans will never close the border either, too much pressure from the industries that rely on the cheap labor....
  5. Stop. Let him keep going. It just adds another poster to the list that you can immediately skip reading on here....
  6. Yes, but it is more reputable than the Onion....
  7. Just quoting for posterity.
  8. Most are fed grain, not allowed to graze grass.
  9. I think you are confusing “**** you I’m not stupid” with “Can’t tell the truth and keep his lies straight”
  10. Graze in Westerly. Very casual dining but good burger.
  11. ?? Lost on this one. Burger place just opened up in my town; co-owners are chef/farmer. All beef from local grass fed cows. Great burgers
  12. Yeah, who would have thought 1,000 year old wood would burn fast in a stone oven....
  13. Quick, quick, let's all rush to judgement!
  14. Trump is Muslim?