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  1. So you named one Senator, without any real evidence. Could Mitchel have ****ed a girl at Epstien's? I suppose, but there doesn't seem to be any proof on that one. That doesn't make the connection to 'Jews controlling congress'. You clearly live in some kind of antisemitic fantasy land. Off to the ignore list
  2. Option C. Responding to a Washington Post Article about general preparedness of the US for a Pandemic.
  3. I read it, it started with a conspiracy about Epstein, which led to FISA and you threw in some nonsense about Mossad. Give us some specifics. Name a few senators and how the Jews are controlling them.
  4. Wow... You really have a thing for the Jews. Tell us, how does Israel control congress? Don't tell us to figure it out, explain it.
  5. Stop being logical Tim, it doesn't work in this forum
  6. I put it on my google calendar for election day 2024 'collect plug from Nalu22'
  7. OK. Cash if you want, but I like keeping bets on here to fishing gear I can toss you some tins for Spanish macks and stuff against a bomber or redfin.
  8. I will bet a plug of your choosing (or whatever lure you use in Florida) that by 2024 Neither Obama or Comey faces a military tribunal.
  9. Great. Stand by your conviction, make a prediction. By the end of this term or by the end of Trump's (assuming he wins) second term?
  10. You remain delusional. Give us the prediction then. When should we expect to see Obama before a military tribunal. File this in the never going to happen column....
  11. No ****. Brit Hume got roasted on Twitter for that one ...
  12. What do I need to refute? You just claimed that all of Shapiro's writing and speaking is a lie, and that he is a 'gate keeper' and 'left-wing nut' based on his assumed lineage because has family may be Russian Jews.... The burden of proof is on you man, I can point to his writings as a conservative, who I don't usually agree with, as evidence, but you just dismiss it as lies. Keep going though, the entertainment value of your posts is pretty high....
  13. Keep talking man, you are just exposing yourself further to be a wackadoodle.
  14. So, basically you are an antisemite. Got it. Or you want to negate his writings and career because of of his ancestors?