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  1. Several states have automatic mail in ballots for all registered voters….
  2. Nice dodge. as far as your ‘picture’ it’s a ****ing screen capture of tv coverage of the news. if the morning news accidentally posted it was 40 instead of 4 degrees this morning the National Weather Service doesn’t go back and adjust the data. This was easily debunked in Nov 2020. The election commission had the correct numbers and the tv station admitted it was a typo. Of course if you bothered to look it up rather than post a meme you’d know that.
  3. What about the states doing it for decades? Do you support federal laws restricting their right to run elections as they see fit?
  4. But but but your a moron because you think 81 million voted for Biden :-)
  5. Thanks. I needed a chuckle…. Beta….commie….study…. Sorrow…. Hillary, I think you nailed todays buzzwords. Do you talk like this in real life or do you think it offers something that makes your post stand out? I can’t imagine if you actually write/type or talk like this you can actually be a functioning member of the workforce let alone society….
  6. Two sets of ballots or two sets of applications for a ballot? Do you think there was a system in place in NJ to catch if two ballots from the same voter were sent in?
  7. Now you see the light!!! Preach brother!
  8. Really? My voting at town hall early (with ID) because I work out of state inspires less confidence? I disagree, (but thanks for answering my earlier post. That question is dodged by many here…)
  9. W has to be in the mix based on Iraq.
  10. So, you support the feds overruling the states that have used automatic mail in voting since well before 2020?
  11. So… You hang your hat on a TV typo? Nice case. Do you support federal election rules limiting the rights for western states that use automatic mail-in ballot voting (and have since well before 2020?)
  12. If the shoe was on the other foot right now, and this was a liberal holding rallies and stop the steal type rhetoric, Tim’s servers would be on fire from the traffic via outrage posts in this forum. Note to others in the thread, it is possible to discuss this topic outside the context of the numerous screwups the Biden administration has had so far. One does not preclude the other!
  13. It’s sad what happened to RFK jr. he did a lot of good with his Hudson River environmental work before he went off the rails, largely based originally on the made up study that linked autism and vaccines….
  14. I guess if you can show actual ‘Anomalies’ we can discuss that, but so far the courts, audits, SoS’s have all said the results are legit).