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  1. Quantify what? Is there a number scale for idiotic OP’s?
  2. Missed on this one. $150 million domestic and >450 million worldwide opening weekend....
  3. Or that supposedly she was selling access via mar a lago to trump family members.
  4. So... she wasn’t there? are all 8 other justices in on the conspiracy with Fox News now to?
  5. I would start with criminal charges to employers knowingly hiring them in the first place.
  6. But... but.. Laura Loomer.....
  7. One red flag, is that wiki lists a different birthday and year than the marriage lic.... not that wiki isn’t far from infallible.
  8. Didn't you miss it when Trump, a Republican congress and his previous AG's prosecuted Hillary?
  9. Meh. Not 'hooked'. I have posted here before, I doubt any conspiracy charge for DJT is likely. DJT Jr and others on the campaign... maybe.... It doesn't change that it is interesting that they used the phrase 'direct evidence' which does have a legal definition to it....
  10. Yes, yes it does. I would suspect the wording was chosen because there is circumstantial, otherwise why would the qualify this?
  11. Doesn't it say wedding in 2009 and born in 1982? That would have made her 27...
  12. I wonder if there are points assigned for obvious fake news?
  13. Bet he has a closet full of MAGA hats to boot....
  14. Sounded like no, they didn't have long rap sheets.
  15. Yes, both white, late 50’s. Drug dealers. She was a trumpet, he was a disabled vet. imagine how many posts this thread would have had if they had turned out to be a shade of brown?