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  1. Exactly like the birth certificate. Exactly. Just as real as the pizza tunnels.....
  2. God, you are gullible. From Snopes (bold added) the quote to attributed “Valerie Jarrett, Stanford University, 1977” about her “seek[ing] to help change America to be a more Islamic country” is an unfounded one that has no source other than recent repetition (primarily on right-wing web sites and blogs). It’s also an anachronism, as “Valerie Jarrett” didn’t exist in 1977: she was born Valerie Bowman and didn’t take the latter surname until she married William Jarrett in 1983.
  3. Wait... What? I thought walls worked?
  4. Never saw this thread. Would have helped Just got back (12/30-1/5), fishing was not the top priority (family vacation visiting the folks in Tequesta with my kids) but still got out a bit Report: First visit. Enjoyed it immensely. Brought a rod to the beach most days the first half of the week; weedy and didn't see much going on. Made some casts with tins and jigs for naught. Talked to a neighbor who fishes most days and he said it had been a slow week. Brought my son to the inlet with bait one morning while everyone else was at the beach; caught some pomano, snapper and blackspot pinfish. He got bored after an hour, but still was fun. I fished most mornings on the upper NW Lox via a SUP, with artificials (mostly Zoom fluke, mirror lures and 5" bomber in chrome, tossed small 4" popper as well). Tried both upriver near the bends and down south a ways for the same results. Plenty of smaller jacks around near dawn. Slow on snook. A few bumps on the zoom fluke worked weightless along the mangroves but no hookups. Spooked what looked like a tarpon based on size and behavior (rolling) and then hooked up 5 min later in the same spot on a paddletail senko on a jighead. 20second scream of drag then wrapped a piling; either a tarpon or nice sized snook. Much more action on the outgoing, as I kind of expected. Jigged the bridge nearby on slack tide and caught mangroves, catfish and pompano on small jigs tipped with shrimp chunks. Rented a boat to take the kids for a ride and went up the ICW a ways, they caught jacks, catfish, croaker, small mangroves and puffers. Lost something 2ft and silver on a shrimp just out of leader range as well when the 20lb leader chaffed. Snook? Tarpon? Spanish Mack? Who knows. Either way they had a blast. We'll be back next year. Headed to Tampa for a conference in late May, will be pinging the SOL braintrust for advice when that gets closer.
  5. ^^^^ this....
  6. Or... Just saying, I know that the simple explanation doesn't work on the tin foil hat crowd... Maybe, just maybe, he operates independently, ruling as he sees correct and doesn't toe the conservative line just because....
  7. And why is this political?
  8. And trumpets who think this gofundme will result in one extra brick or sheetpile being installed...
  9. A fool(s) and his money are easily parted....
  10. Did you read the letter he wrote? Or just keep believing you think you know why he is leaving....
  11. Clearly this was the work of the dark one....
  12. So... What will be revealed? God's wrath? The rapture? What?
  13. So... I was googling the judge this morning... he really is Reagan appointed, followed by GHWB, before being appointed to this post by Clinton... the bottom line is, Flynn’s lawyers tried to use this trapped approach. The judge, rightly so,didn’t buy it. Flynn is now on the record saying that he was not trapped and admitted guilt again. To see it any other way is lunacy nd is beyond grasping for straws.
  14. I think 'free' is kind of like 'imminent'... I don't think you know what it means. This delayed sentencing, this did not release him as 'free' and he remains under a plea of guilty...