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    Im a volunteer firefighter and I love fishing.
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    Surf Fishing and firefighting
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    Firefighter/Surf Fishing

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  1. payment received ty sol this is now sold
  2. awaiting a response if nothing they are yours
  3. I have 7 sp minnows 4 are brand new with elastic oj them one is joe Baggs and 5he other is a mullet top water I also have a epoxy lot up for sale 11 epoxys asking 80 obo. thanks for looking
  4. what year is it
  5. is this still available
  6. seconds if this doesn't go thru
  7. if lot 2 doesn't go thru I'm interested
  8. would you take 55 shipped
  9. this is done thanks sol
  10. plugs sold thank you
  11. looking to see if anyone has any interest in these plugs. 3 od the super strike darters have been used. the 2 north vars are new 135 obo
  12. Bottom one has been spoken for 20 for 4he lot
  13. Ok well I'm trying to sell them
  14. Tsunami talking poppers 2.50 weight 35 obo