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  1. If I had to choose only one line to fish offshore Florida it would be a fast sinking line. However I would not feel comfortable going there without a intermediate line either. When they get more surface active it's so much nicer to fish with the intermediate. Btw, it's such a shame that the line manufacturers don't produce full sinking lines in the higher line classes (10-12 etc) . The only one around is the SA 3/5/7 sink Titan and the running line on that line lasted two trips... Not very nice when you pay 99bucks for that line. Rio Leviathans with a sink3 running line would be magical.
  2. I wish they would make that line in a 11 and 12wt to. It's kinda amazing that with all the different fly lines on the market right now that there's a lack of intermediate lines with a longer taper on them that don't require 100degrees of heat to make them work.
  3. I guess the industry just figured out a place where they can charge more now that fly rods and reels are cheaper than they used to be.
  4. Here's a quick clip from the trip. Nothing serious, just compiled some footage from the trip in to one.
  5. SA, Rio, Airflo etc etc. Some were new lines and some old ones.
  6. It should be changeable. I also know of quite a few people that have modified the original handle on their Dani's by adding shrink tubing on it. The type of tubing that has some adhesive inside.
  7. Here's one great shot of @sms flexing with one of he's hybrid rods. This version has a more uniform bend on it. Can of albie whip ass.
  8. Nothing serious with that reel. The insert in the handle just cracked. That was a funny 5 minutes as my rod broke from the butt section just a minute earlier.
  9. Yep, even though they are a bit lighter than the same size albies at Harkers they pull a lot harder in that warm water and in their more lean state.
  10. Top water flies didn't work all that well this time. A top water plug is a whole other thing though as you can move it so much more faster than a fly and it makes more commotion on the surface.
  11. Lots and lots of fun. We might have to re-group a bit, but I got a funny feeling you will see us in a few years. Thanks again for everything.
  12. That rod actually did break. The only hybrid I've seen broken. They can withstand at least 20 times more abuse than a full carbon rod. Pretty much perfect tools for fishing like this where the main focus is in fish fighting. The bend on these homemade hybrids can be a bit funny looking, but it ain't easy getting the exact perfect components. @sms can elaborate more on that subject. A factory made hybrid would be awesome as they could match the taper and ferrule diameters much better. Unfortunately no one has gotten hint yet. I got a few (like 8 butt sections) of these rods back home to, but as I don't build rods and they need a bit more tweaking and more big game suitable components I haven't used them much.
  13. You can shoot me a PM about that. I've had some bad experiences about stuff like that on this forum so better safe than sorry:)
  14. 3-5" Clousers and Deceivers are all you need. Olive/white, pink/white and gray/white work every time. Just be sure to bring lots of them. I waas personally very badly prepared for this trip and did not have the energy to tie after a day out on the water.
  15. By the way, contrary to my previous trip there we had to work for the fish a bit more. At times they were a bit picky about flies and the speed of the strip. The last time I was there you could throw a wet sock out there and catch an albie