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  1. Short rods certainly have their time and place. I personally love them especially with sinking lines and heavy/big flies. For my casting style/skill they are more work with a longer taper though and don't use them if I'm going for a longer line. A factory made short 8-8'6" glass/CF hybrid would sure make the fly fishing world a better place. If I had to choose a allrounder that would impact the least fatigue on me on long day of casting, it would surely be a light 9footer though rigged up with a light reel
  2. I've been in touch with Rio about the same problem with their Leviathan lines. The way they mark some of their lines is misleading. The weight on their website is for the first 26feet and not the whole 33ish feet head. And there's usually a lot of weight at that last 7feet or so.
  3. Exactly. So called overlining is in many cases just common sense. There are very few reasons to use a line that's too light for the rod. Especially when fishing and not just casting. Sure it sucks that in many cases the rod and line ratings are all over the place, but from my point of view it's not an impossible thing to overcome. MEthod's really are one of the stiffest rods around. I personally actually like to cast them, especially if I'm using big stuff, but they do take their toll on the long run on your body. They are pretty much the only modern rod that have made my arm hurt a bit after fishing one for several days in a row.
  4. I would take Julian Foxes word on the shore fishing part. We had such rotten luck on this trip that it was no wonder the beaches and flats were empty when we were there. We really only had three good days out of 13fishing days so it really did not surprise us to find the flats empty. Personally i did not find the National park beaches to be as attractive as many other flats around the world. From a shore fishing point a view that is. This doesn't however mean that other people wouldn't like them. But like I said, that type of structure and landscape would be ok if the beaches were full of fish! . Really hope I can go back there if not next year then the year after. I got a score to settle with the fish + I need my fix of Aussie beer...
  5. I loved the place and the people. Ben was spectacular. I would recommend him any day to anyone that want's to go that way. Temperature was quite a shock to us on the first four days. on the first day we fished it was 47celsius ( 117 Fahrenheit) in the shade... It was -20 back home when we left:) . But the first day was one of three good days we had and we had like 35 fish on that day. The last hour of our fishing day, I was so tired I could not stand and cast anymore. My body just shut down. Fortunately I got used to the heat very quickly and actually like it a lot more then the chit we have back home:) . The hottest day we had was 51 celsius in the shade. Fortunately the humidity was just 4percent so that to was doable.
  6. He did. They sound spectacular. Wind wasn't really a issue for us. We had one off day because of it and were limited to the gulf on two or three other days. Clouds and just the lack of fish or active fish was the problem. I guess it was the low pressure that did that to the fishing.? But like I said, when we found fish and they were active it happened.
  7. We did some shore fishing too and explored around the national park. The only fish we saw were wise enough to stay in the sanctuary zones. All and all the national park side at least did not seem to be a classic flats fishing destination. The flats there are really deep and you can't really wade in most places. Fishing from the rocks and beach is doable though, but you need fish to make it happen. A SUP, kayak or belly boat would be cool to use there as you could get a bit more if the fish aren't tight to the shore.
  8. Some of the Mac Tunas(long lost brothers of the albies) had sea lice on them yes.
  9. Even though our Captain Ben said "this has surely been the lousiest 2weeks of fishing I've seen in years", the glimpses we got of the potential the place has to offer really merits it's reputation. Have to go back at some point and see if we just had bad luck or what on this trip.
  10. Howdy folks, Here's a few shots from our recent Australian trip. Exmouth only gave us glimpses of it's potential, but all and all it was a fun trip. We got skunked on most of our days, but when it happened it happened. Very bizarre trip for me as I've never seen fish that act so passive and on the days the bite was on, I've never seen or experienced so many lost fish to sharks and reefs. Especially the reefs just demolished our spirits. The variety of fish that can be caught around the cape is just mind blowing. We caught many different trevallies, cods(groupers), snappers, mac tuna, mackerels, had some monster size cobia on, queenfish and of course sharks... At some point when I get more money saved, I just have to go back. The two week stretch that we were there was just so bad compared to normal weeks that we will have do better next time. The low pressure that was sitting there for two weeks just did not do us any favors.
  11. I think that when it comes to fly fishing for sharks you have to be very picky on where, when and what sharks to target. Very good sport when done right. Use barbless hooks that are preferably of a circle hook type so you get a smooth hook up right on the corner of the mouth. That way you can easily get the hook out with long long pliers and you don't have to leave any hardware in. Circle type hooks work very well on fish like sharks as they almost everytime turn after the bite. Here's a pic of a very aggressive bronzie caught on my latest trip. That's about as big as I want to catch when it comes to sharks. Big sharks are just no fun. There's really zero point in targeting sharks over 100lb. The perfect size IMHO is 40-70lb fish with the occasional 80-90lb fish in the mix. Fish that size will give you a much more exiting fight, cooler takes and can be handled quickly enough to make sense.
  12. Interesting topic. There's no denying that the caster is the one making the accurate or not so accurate cast and not the rod. However there are rod/line combos that make it a bit easier to do so. On the field or with ample time to do the cast while fishing there's very little differences for me between rods, but in fast action fishing situations I find that some rod/line combos make things easier then others. I see nothing wrong with this concept even if I'm totally wrong with it
  13. Aki's are the best hooks. If they were a bit cheaper and would not rust so fast they would be my primary choice for 80% of the patterns I tie. The weight strength ratio, the shape and the point of the hook is just phenomenal on the Aki's. Big SL12's are prone to bend on super heavy pressure. The smaller sizes(1/0 to 4/0) are much stronger in my opinion when it comes to bend resistance. The proportions of the hook are so much better in the smaller sizes compared to the 6/0 and 8/0 sizes which are good hooks to, but not as strong in that sense then the smaller ones..
  14. I do not. The other fly has a tube extension and the other a tube+shank extension. The one that has only the tube as an extension is rigged by threading some mono through the tube, tying up a suitable knot at the end of the line and then pulling it inside the tube nice and tight. The other I rig by threading some mono through the tube and then using a loop knot to attach the shank to the tube. In both the extensions are attached to the hook by flattening(and braking the surface) the mono with pliers and then whipping it on to the hook with a generous amount of super glue. You only need a very short whip up for a very solid connection. Just be sure to have a good thread base on your hook when doing it. I've used that same rig for six years now. Since I started tying Bob Pop's Beast flies with a tube extension and not exclusively on mono. It has never failed. If you want a stringer hook back there then I would opt for a longer connecting whip up just in case. There is a reasonably detailed SBS on my blog if anyone wanders that way. I will try to find a photo or two about it if I can and post it up here to.
  15. I personally need more routine tying squids as I don't tie them very often. Takes me about 45min to make one as I'm in constant doubt about what i'm actually doing