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  1. But isn't it funny that there are situations out there where even if you are casting the whole fly line you end up 10meters short 77% of the time:) . Sure some pick up a spinning rod when it's like that but some stick to it and don't quit and that is where real Life progress is made. Of course the most productive fishing is usually done with shorter casts. Sometimes the fish just don't co-operative with this idea. Btw, line management and the role of the "beer boy" is crucial when fishing those mega long, full fly line casts in real life fishing situations. This of course only applies to boat fishing.
  2. The 10wt Iconoglass is amazing. Really top notch rod! Throws a large variety of lines and is very enjoyable and effective to cast. The 12wt is ok, but not super good. I was especially disappointed with the 12wt's ability to throw heavier sinking lines and heavy flies. Works much better with more..ehh.. normal lines. So definitely not bad, but not amazing either. The 8wt has been tough so far and I need to try more lines on it.
  3. Perfecto ! Wish I was there.
  4. It's a real shame that the new Farbank website is a big step back from the previous Rio and Sage websites. Especially now that Rio finally had pretty much all the necessary info up there that we have been waiting for years... Hopefully they get enough feedback to make things right.
  5. The 12wt 3/5/7 goes down really well.
  6. That line casts well and sinks super fast. I have however had some problems with the durability of the running line. It started to kink in several places after only a week of fishing. It is still fishable, but a bit prone to tangle on the spots that have been damaged. The noise is also a bit annoying, but the textured surface has not been hard on my hands. All and all even with it's few drawbacks that's one fishy line. The taper is also awesome and is one of the best casting sinking lines ever. The triple density is also a concept that I would love to see in other sinking lines.
  7. Nothing better. Pure Cape Lookout magic. No place like it. Thanks Brian for brightening up a dark winter day via your awesome pics
  8. The UK version (airfloflyfishing dot com) has better info on their lines now a days than the US version. Used to be the other way around, but after Rajeff sports stopped doing handling Airflo business in the US the USA version is no bueno. The Big Game is a good sinking line. It sinks faster than it's competitors (Mainly the Rio Leviathan and SA Big Game sinking lines). The running line on the new versions is actually pretty good, but by no means tropical. I guess you could still use it as a dredging line in the tropics when your not really casting, but by no means optimal for high temps. The UK website listed it as a standard temp line. so 40-80 F would be it's optimal temps. I've personally used Airflo for about 13years or so. They used to have a lot more quality problems than they have on their new lines. The newer gen lines are durable, weigh pretty much exactly as much as they claim they weigh and have been great companions on the water for me.
  9. Even though this is a bit off topic already I'll chime in on the subject of rod testing etc... I agree that pairing up rods with good lines can be a bit challenging. Especially tough to pair a rod and line on "paper" as the number on the side of the rod can mean so many things... Easy thing after you've had the chance to physically test out the rod though and hopefully have multiple lines to test a rod out. Some rods are way stiffer than their AFTM number says and actually for a while you could pretty much assume that would be the case especially on rods that are labeled SW rods. However some companies have made rods recently that are more true to their AFTM number. For example Sage SaltHD, Vision Merisuola and the Loop SW series rods. Even though that basically a good thing, it can complicate things even more. I also agree 100% that those big rod reviews like the ones Trident and Yellowstone makes should use multiple lines on them rods. That's what real people always do when they rate/review a rod so it makes zero sense that the commercial testers don't do that.
  10. I have fished the 8+ and 10+ Payloads a lot. Pike, perch and zander fishing mostly soo a lot of blind casting with big flies and also with flies with a lot of weight on them. The two rods are a bit different. The 8+ has more tip flex and a bit more relative stiffness in the butt section. It's very accurate and responsive to use and feels light in hand. Lines with a 260-310gr AFTM weight work best for me on it. I don't like to push it too far when it comes to line weight. This rod is awesome to fight a fish with too. I've caught pike up to 36lb with it and it's freaking awesome. The 10+ is a beast. Stiffest tip section on the market and a very progressive bend from tip to butt section. It has a distinct slingshot type of feel to it. It is simply awesome when it comes to casting big bulky stuff or flies with a lot of weight. 350-450gr AFTM weight is the best window when it comes to casting. I like to keep things most of the time from 350-400gr, but if need be it can handle lines up to 500gr. It is a rod that I use when I use the heaviest, bulkiest stuff in my box and it's an especially long casting rod in my hand. Not very light to handle and certainly would not be my number one choice if I was casting short and accurate. Great action/taper for pumping up big stuff from deep.
  11. Well done Brian! You guys got an awesome fishery down there. I wish I have a chance to come back again soon.
  12. Sat at home and ate Cheetos
  13. Yeah, let's hope it's not all beer and food related
  14. Thank you my friend. Two weeks to go for trip number two!
  15. It really is something else, but for some reason it has never "ruined" me.I still enjoy fishing for pike and small perch here locally or chasing buffalo sized albies etc in the salt.