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  1. They will shoot at them and we will only hear about it if they hit them. The good news is that LMT is getting new orders. They will be installing these all over.
  2. More Resignations because of stupidity running rampant in NJ: I would feel the same; they worked hard to get UN sanctions, and then....!
  3. He also said that our nuclear capability has been improved over his 6 month term! This type of a program is usually a multi year, sometimes a decade duration.
  4. Video too for the ones who may think it's fake news:
  5. This has to be one of the Most Ridiculous Statements from Trump (and here havebeen too many): The State Dept. the generals, must be Steaming (again). He should be thanking Congress and himself for the sanctions bill, which caused the expulsion.
  6. I have actually visited such rooms during travel. And they do have ladies with wet towels going around all surfaces and collect dust, etc.
  7. Only god knows the answer to that. But one can observe the action of the market and make a qualified guess as to tit's direction. The Dow may not go down as much but the rest of the market is due for more correction. Usually when the market ends at the low ,there are more sell orders coming. The marker may try to stabilize early, but the Big Boys will dictate the direction after 2:30 PM. I think the market is peaked in the short term.
  8. And Putin would have repealed Obamacare during the first week! How? He would have written A REAL DICTATOR DIRECTIVE to Abolish the law. Someone in NJ must be thinking so hard, how can I become like Putin? or Erdogan? They get things Done!
  9. There we Go! Now we are talking!
  10. Of course it's Hillary's Fault.
  11. Where is the Congressional outcry? Who's to blame here? Secretary of State ?
  12. LOL Let's start an Inquiry into Trump's inability to protect our diplomats!!!
  13. As I mentioned earlier, NVDA had great earnings, but the stock is down. Current Last Y/Y Change Gaming $1,186.00 $781.00 51% Prof Viz $235.00 $214.00 10% Datacenter $416.00 $151.00 175% Auto $142.00 $119.00 19% OEM & IP $251.00 $163.00 54% The reason stock is down, is because the market is topped out. As soon as the market turns around, watch this go back to $170's and beyond.
  14. Not too many "Thank You Fishinkid" for giving us a heads up about the markets!
  15. I am saying that they will not hire a Joe the Plumber to maintain the robots. Yes there will be a small number of menial work available, like sweeping the floors, keeping the clean rooms dust free, and with some training calibrating the ESD equipment, jobs like that. But they will be hiring software engineers, quality/reliability people, accounting....but I bet you they will be hiring many immigrants using H-1B visas for those. They chose this type of factory not to be labor intensive, like the ones they have in China. In those factories, the workers are the robots, they work long shifts in iphone final assembly, which requires that you work with anti esd clothes, hats, masks, some work looking in microscopes, and it is one of the most tedious type of repetitive work. If you thought Lucy had it tough on the meatball line, think again. They will never bring such factory here. Just Imagine if workers demand 30 min lunch break and 2 15 min breaks in a day!