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  1. Hard water will clog up the membranes faster than soft water will. You would probably need to replace the membranes more often than when the water is softer. There are new softners on the market that do not use salts. I would go with a good sediment filter, then a carbon filter and the new non salt softner.
  2. I had the same issue with a refrigerator that is my garage. Did it winter and summer. . I did the wire trick, which failed. I finally decided to change the defrost circuit board and the defrost temp sensor. That was two months ago and so far it looks like it is working.
  3. Get the Gaff In case you have not realized it, Red keeps on telling everyone that he is an HVAC guy.
  4. Red Throw a net over it to keep the birds off. You don't know what you are missing. When they are ripe it is like eating candy.
  5. Hopefully Bill Barr will start to put pressure on the State AG and this in turn will make them all back off. Barr has said that he told his department to make sure the States are not in violation of the peoples Constitutional rites.
  6. Joey I believe in the State of NJ, the State Constitution does not give the Governor the power to make up laws even when using an Executive Order. The laws have to be made and passed in the legislature and then signed by the Governor. So he can not actually close down any business or quarantine us, or make us wear masks by executive order. I would assume the Gym owner and others will loose in State Court and have to take this way up the ladder and some how get this case in the Federal Courts.
  7. Red Look at where the leaf joint is. You will see the start of a growth, I believe you have a couple starting. You have plenty of time to still get figs.
  8. My nephew has been complaining about having to put up with this since they sent him over there last year. He was actually on one of the Cutters in the video. His tour over there just got extended due to the Corona virus, he was supposed to be on his way back to the States for a new assignment.
  9. I have the same issue with a Kenmore which is made by Whirlpool. I have tried everything short of replacing the defrost timer. Still does it. The timer is my next stop.
  10. You need one big enough to spin the engines over. I use a NOCO. They make several sizes, including big enough to spin a diesel. Luckily have not needed it for the boat, but have used it on the car. Hard to believe these little lithium batteries will start anything.
  11. Rocky I see the FBI has not learned math. Teterboro only has 68 Residents. The rest are all business's and the airport.
  12. I missed it, but my neighbor watched a Bald Eagle attack a Merganser that was on the creek our houses sit on. The Eagle was trying to kill the Merganser, probably wanted to eat it. He said the Merganser was a goner until a bunch of Sea Gulls swooped in and attacked the Eagle and drove it off. He had never seen anything like that before.
  13. It actually help save the hood. You will get a few chips further up the hood, but the nose of the car and about mid way up the hood stayed clean. Pick up a few further up. That is just unavoidable, since the car sits low on the road. On my truck, I have the bug shield, truck is now 5 years old and their is only one chip on the hood and believe it or not one on the dam roof. So yes they both work to some degree. Nothing is perfect, unless you wrap the whole car. I actually saw a Corvette that was covered with the invisible bra. Must have cost him a pretty penny. That is about the only way of protecting it completely, but if you try and take it off and it damages the paint, then you are painting the whole car.
  14. Be careful using an invisible bra. Yes.that is what they are called. Had one on my wifes BMW. It started to craze and when the body shop removed it paint came with it. Had to repaint the dam hood. He told us it is common and actually they should not be left on too long. So you would need to change them if you keep the car more than 5 years.
  15. This sounds like you have a private manager and it is no longer an active 401(k). Probably more along the lines of an individual IRA that is privately managed. I have been away from this for a while but it used to be that depending on how much you have in it 1.25% may be the going rate. Normally if it is $1,000.000 or under the fees will usually be between 1 to 1.5% depending on who you are signed up with and what type of services they provide. The fees will then drop at around the $5,000,000 point to get you down closer to 1%. Since I have not been around this in a while, I would think the fee structures have changed over the years. If you have a private manager, there should be no brokerage fees for trades. If there are, change managers. If you are in mutual funds, it may be time to re-think the management of your money. Fees should be a lot lower if he has you invested in mutual funds. What you really want from him is a fee schedule. You want to know the percentages they charge as the account grows. It should adjust accordingly. If he says there is none or is reluctant to give it to you it is time to leave.