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  1. Guly I believe the bay water is still in the upper 50's. With these colder nights coming up in the next week it will be a while before it warms up;
  2. Mike I was at Lacey Marine this morning. The Blue Claws are just starting. If the water warms up a little more it should open up in a week or two.
  3. I find that this works well.
  4. You can usually pick up traps all summer. Lacey Marine across from the State Marina usually has them.
  5. Haven't heard of any yet, but everyone is focusing on the stripers in the bay. If you are looking for some fun from your daughters property, you should be able to pick up stripers off the bulkhead. The schools are all over the bay right now.
  6. Mike's Reel Repair. Give them a try.
  7. You can try DeBond. Not sure how it will re-act with the canvas. Might take some of the color or water proofing out of it. Plus it might just smear as it softens and make it worse. I would be careful with what ever you use since anything that will soften 5200 will probably react with the canvas. If it is a small spot I would leave it.
  8. Rocky Get your Blood Pressure checked. I find that if I am running high, the sound in my ears increases. Sometimes it is related to Blood Pressure.
  9. This raises the question of which is better Hiram's or Callahan's. They used to be right next to each other. Callahan's franchised, the franchise never worked out and now the sole store is in Northvale. Then we have Ruts Hut.
  10. B & M Bakery Main Street Hackensack, right behind the Target and near the Train Tracks. Still a good crumb cake. I think the new owners are skimping. Not the same as the original. The new Owners bought the recipe when they purchased the business, but for some reason it does not seem the same. If any of you ever watch Americas Test Kitchen, or get their magazine, they did an article about it and published a recipe that copied the B&M Cake.
  11. One other thing. To find out what is happening in the Bay, log into the Barnegat Fishin' Hole.
  12. Depends on the water temps. Since the stripers have started up in Toms River already I would say by sometime in May they should be around in enough numbers to make it worth while. The floating dock is still going to need State approval and probably rent paid. The Bulkheaders can tell you what you will be up against.
  13. Try Reynolds Construction. The owner is Ken Reynolds.
  14. Sounds good. Enjoy.
  15. From what I know, I figure a lift for boats like ours would run between 10 and 15 thousand. Once she gets settled in, if you decide to look into it, the 3 guys to check with are Borel Docks, Albert Marine and Butterick Bulkheading. Those are about the only 3 guys I would let do a bulkhead/Dock for me. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. By the way, if you have grandkids, you are in a great spot for crabbing and fishing from the back yard. To have some fun, get a green submersible light and set it up so it is on at night. You will draw in all kinds of fish. Early spring, and in the fall, you will see some nice size stripers showing up. Good Luck with what ever you decide to do.