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  1. Since you are in NJ and are running it to the street and if you are going through the curb, you will probably need a permit from the town. When I wanted to do it, my town told me they have to check to see if it will possibly cause an icing condition. If they say you can not do it then run it to the curb and put a pop up in right at the curb. I have new neighbors who just redid the whole house and made the house bigger. They had to put in a 1000 gallon cement dry well and tie all of their drains to them. Town says that in NJ if you add more than 200 sq ft of roof to the house you need to add this so you do not add water to the town sewers and you recharge the water table.
  2. You are talking about a Real Estate Mogul that needed favors to get buildings built. He gave money to a bunch of them including Schumer and Pelosi. At one point I believe he even said he needed a variance for a building in California and he made a large donation to Pelosi and he got the variance. I don't think people like Schumer and Pelosi want things like that out there. For Trump it was the only way to get things done. Pay off people a lot of people. The Unions, the Mob, Politicians. What else are you going to do when the Mob says the cement trucks will not be there unless. Oh and that goes for Politicians too. You want something it will cost you. So know he hangs that over their heads.
  3. Trust me he is not alone. There are others. Use big glue traps, they usually have trouble escaping from them. Just put the bait in the middle of the glue trap.
  4. So when he declares a National Emergency on the border and wins the battle as it makes it way to the Supreme Court, Nancy will realize she was just had.
  5. I float charge multiple batteries over the winter. I pull mine out of the boat since my boat is in a Marina and the winter contract does not allow the batteries to be left on charged or hooked up. You can use one Battery Tender to charge multiple batteries. Go to the auto parts store and buy ready made battery cables. For two batteries hook them up Positive to Positive and Negative to Negative. Then hook up the charger. Here is the important part, when hooking up the Battery Tender hook the positive clamp to the positive terminal of one battery and the negative clamp to the negative terminal of the other battery. Do not hook the charger to the two terminals on the same battery. Reason for hooking them up like this is if one battery goes bad over the winter, the tender will automatically shut down and not overcharge the good battery. I had a battery go bad two years ago. I saw that the Float charger was not kicking on and charging, and then checked the batteries and saw that I had one dead battery. Even though they are on a float charger that turns on and off, I would recommend checking on them at least once a month. More often if you can. You never know what can happen when you leave something plugged in like that.
  6. If you are near Waretown, go over to Battery Square on Route 9. Same shopping mall as the Post Office. I picked up Dekka's Group 31's from him last year at a pretty competitive price. He can get AGM's also.
  7. Battery Tender or NOCO are good smart chargers that will float charge batteries.
  8. Fred Try taking Alcar with A LA. Alcar is supposed yo help with the pain due to shingles. You should be able to find it in a health food store.
  9. Sometimes I think I should have been a tatoo artist.
  10. Fate works in strange ways. My wife's Godfather was the Co Pilot on the flight. That was not his normal run. Normally he would have been the Pilot on a flight to Rio. That was his normal run but that meant he was never home for Christmas. So he switched off with the Co Pilot so he could be home that year for Christmas. I guess when your time is up it is up.
  11. The shut down is a joke. First of all it is only non essential services. So maybe we need to have more shut downs so we can find out just who is non essential and we can eliminate them. Then we have the timing of the shut down. The date it would start will be December 21. Guess what its Christmas vacation for the Gov. workers who are non essential, so no one will even realize we had a shut down. Then all these Gov workers get paid anyway when the shut down is over. In reality a shut down pretty much does not have a lot of impact on day to day operations. FBI, CIA, Military etc are still on the job. Chaos does not start just because the Gov. shuts down.
  12. I am sure he did not know. I used to deal with this type of situation all the time in my former life. The illegal immigrants purchase papers and social security numbers from off the street. They are actually stealing someone's identity. If the person's who's identity they stole is still alive, they can usually get away with it for about 3 years before they get caught. Usually in that case the IRS starts looking for additional tax's from the person who owns that social security number. In the situations that I used to deal with, we would usually get a call from some poor person saying hey I never worked for your company but the IRS is telling me I have earned income from you I failed to report. The other situation is if the person who's social security number they stole, is dead, then it could go on for a number of years before social security finally comes a calling saying we can not match up the money you are sending us for this person. So did Trump know, I doubt it. Did they hire her knowing she was illegal I doubt it. This goes on all the time in big business. Usually when it happens and the person is normally told they have 30 days to go to Social Security and get their number straightened out. Unfortunatly in most situations they just disappear off into the sunset to never be heard from again.
  13. Grew up with them. My father was a mechanic and we used to use them all the time when working on cars trying to start screws in tough areas. I have used the same one to start both Philips head and straight blade screws, but I believe they may make one special for Philips head. Great tool for cheap money.
  14. Joey all you needed was a screw starter. You can usually find them at Auto Parts stores. Tape it to a wooden dowl you would have been all set.
  15. I tip the guys $20 a piece when the boat is pulled and launched. If they work on the boat for me, depending on the job, I will up the anti to $50 for the guy who did the work. I have never had an issue with any of the guys at the marina and they have done me favors when I was in a bind. One hand wash's the other. Tipping works. Back in the day, some of the old time yard customers used to give the guys a case a beer. Those days are gone. I bet a lot of guys don't tip.