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  1. Clambellies, yep that question was for you. I hate paying for 4 and getting 3 as well. My other big issue is, if I'm using an 8 and holding bottom then have a break off I'm going to grab another 8. But if that second 8 is really a 6.4, then I'm not holding bottom and wasting time. I figured if I start making my own I could control the weight a little.
  2. If you don't mind me asking. What brand of sinker molds do you use? I haven't weighed my buck tails I'm sure they are off as well. -Tom
  3. Thank you, I'll keep them in mind. Won't have a chance to stop in there till after labor day. -Tom
  4. Where are they located?
  5. I was going to start a new thread but then I found this one. I found a 3oz pyramid which was smaller in size from the others I had. Sure enough it came in at 2.4oz. So I weighed all my bank sinkers at that point. 16=14, 12=11.2, 10=9.4, 8=7.4 The few that were marked correctly were noticeably larger or longer than their lighter counterparts. Is there a place or mailorder that has accurate bank sinkers? -Tom
  6. I went down to J&H yesterday. Great bunch of guys. I didn't buy a rod but walked out with a new tackle box. I talked with the Shimano rep. It turns out that the rod I'm looking for isn't available yet. Possibly early October. After I get a chance to put my hands on the Teramar I will either get that or maybe the Tsunami elite they had there. Then there's was also a Star Stellar that looked nice as well. Thanks for the help Flyvice. I'll post back in a month on what my decision was. -Tom
  7. Both places are Shimano dealers but neither show this series in their inventory. I'm going to take a ride out to j&h anyway just to browse the store. I think this rod line is just too new for the brick and mortars to be stocking it.
  8. I need a new spinning rod for when I'm fishing off my buddy's boat. The one I had snapped after many years of use. I was happy with the performance of the rod and was looking for a new one with similar specs. I came across the new Teramar in a web search TMSE70MH I hate buying anything without being able to hold it in my hand first. Do any of you guys know who may have this in stock. Has anyone here used this series yet. I can't find it. I'm also open to other suggested rods with similar specs which may be easier to locate. Thank you. -Tom
  9. I was on a pb a few years back when a mate comes out of the galley holding a plate of sauteed fish and a dozen forks. He gave a sample to anyone who wished to try a bite. I've been eating sea robin ever since. The only thing is that they need to have a fat tail to make it worth it. That's where all the meat is. I prefer mine tossed in Italian dressing then pan seared with olive oil.
  10. And there it is, unregulated artificial reefs pose a hazard to trawler and dragger nets. My 2ยข on why they don't build more or allow private ones
  11. If you only fish field 10, and don't park a car. ie. You get dropped off by a buddy....Then no, you do not need the permit. the permit allows for your vehicle to be parked afterhours.
  12. "Chumm Sinker" didn't someone on here reinvent that with a 35mm film container?
  13. I'm In Thank you.
  14. True. He seamed to be hung up on gear ratios. I thought I would throw in an option that he wasn't aware of. I have the s229-5 and sometimes will switch out the gears to the 3.6 depending on what I'm fishing for. No need to buy another reel. I love my newell.but hey thats another thread altogether
  15. [quote name="BjcTogger So which should I go for? Newell with 5:1 ra tio or penn fathom 4.3:1? It's gonna kill ya to know that Newell has a 3.6:1 ratio. And yes parts may be harder to find but not impossible. And the reels rarely need replacement parts if maintained properly