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  1. We used to drag Rag Mops and Hopkins around in the bay back in the ‘60s for blues... great lure, and expensive at the time.
  2. Third on the Hatteras Jacks... Ryan knows where to fish, he'll have fresh bait, and anything else you'll need. Bob
  3. I make a few lures that work great on blues & spanish - the jointed lures are fantastic on blues. I know the bunkers and the skinnys work great on stripers in the bay, but I really don't have the occasion to "striper fish". The Skinnys also work great on albies... That Big Bunker will cast a long distance - but then it's easy to wind it up on top and watch it skip along - the bites are exciting! The smaller lures all have VMCs 9626PS - The Big Bunker uses a 3/0 Mustad. Bob
  4. Yep, that’s the back of the bar - you’re facing the front. Best if you can get your bait on the end of the bar... We’ve yakked out tuna heads out past the bar and almost always the line goes slack on a bite. They feed along the back of the bar and will grab the tuna head and swim back to the bar with it. There’s been times when the bar comes off the point - on the bite and hookset the shark or drum will take line then give line then take line, etc until you realize they are still feeding! A couple sharp pumps of the rod will wake them up.
  5. There was a time you didn't see so many cop cars. A State Trooper was an "oh wow"... but now? THey are going to burn you up. They are out there early in the morning and you best be going 25. 25 is hard to do when all you've got on your mind is that Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich form the Orange Blossom and hittin' the point.
  6. Yep, save the head - it makes great shark bait in the evening. A big chunk of bluefish is great bait for blues.
  7. Can you imagine if Omega was shut down for just one year? The amount of bait fish... and predators... it would be a population explosion. Omega - a fishery - is controlled by politicians... what a joke. An excess of baitfish?? What would happen?
  8. Nice Fish!!!
  9. The crabbers have been complaining about the stripers in the bay for years... Stripers love young crabs! Thanks for the tip Maniac.
  10. Sounds like someone’s good idea for catching blues while chumming... and they probably work great. We always used a tandem hook wire rig - two 6/0 wired about 6” apart - one hook in head the other as far back as you can. Throw the whole bunker in the chum line and we’d catch two at a time more often than not.
  11. Along the Eastern Shore of Va.
  12. Nice fish!
  13. Oh yeah... feeding the gulls. Next time you drive thru Nags Head with a friend going to Hatteras, stop a "Mickey Ds" - there will be gulls in the parking lot. Go inside... Then just do what it takes to get your buddy to walk out with an order of fries in each hand. Don't forget to video.
  14. Nice video... nice fish!
  15. ^^^ Take a deep breath and learn to relax. Leave everything up know about Pennsylvania up there. Tips: Fresh bait. Oregon inlet bridge has stripers under it all summer long... Learn to read the surf... Fresh bait. The ocean is like a farm pond - morning & evening fishing w/evening the better... And NEVER consider the ride to Buxton too long. Fresh bait. (fire starter:?) Ramp to sound south of 34 - big drum in evening all summer. Get to know: Ryan White at Hatteras Jacks, Ginger at Frank & Frans, Dan and Dede at Red Drum Tackle, and JAM at Teach's Lair... they fish. Enjoy the lifestyle...