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  1. Oh ya, ware a mask while painting, you don't want to breath the mist and fumes in.
  2. No the fish won't smell it, once the etex hardens there' a no Oder. But if you are worried about it get some of scents you put on your plugs like bunker oil etc.
  3. Fanatic - I think you have created to ultimate Shop/man cave, WOW
  4. Now that up you pointed that out, the game is on!
  5. I make Tanks out of PVC pipe, that way you can make them almost any size you like.
  6. Fanatic, you picked the right screen name! The stripers should shaking in their boots(fins?) awesome work!
  7. Very Cool, I like how it throws water!
  8. Great looking pencils and I like the Fancy Dancy Housy presentation, would look good in a catalog!
  9. At testament to your skills & abilities! If you fish it let us know how you do.
  10. got to agree with Gneissfish, Dave Anderson is the one who got me hooked 4 years ago, no pun intended.. LOL, his articles really laid it out for me at the beginner level (I already had the wood shop though) very useful info along with patterns, painting ideas, drilling how-to, etc.
  11. Inspiring work! love the squidward paint job and the mylar wrap is very cool, got to try that one myself, if you don't mind. I also love the tail hooks on many of them.
  12. I love this site, you folks give me so many ideas! To the design software
  13. Just did a search for the Worcester area and C.C. Lowells carries it on Park ave
  14. I was using the stuff today to solve a dry rot problem and was wondering if it would be an effective sealer for plugs? nastyth fumes though. It sure is thin enough, figured it might penetrate better than thinned BLO. I figured I'd ask before I try to reinvent the wheel.
  15. I get a lot of my wood from my wood pile, maple, cherry, yellow birch, etc. you have to have the table saw to square it up and then let it dry for awhile. If I'm just start out on a new design I'll just practice on chucks of white pine from 2x4s until I feel I have the turning down. I did have to find a saw mill in my area to get AYC, but home Depot and any of the lumber stores in your area should have the standards, white cedar, maple, birch, white pine etc. Do and internet search and see what comes up. Also search this forum, I saw someone looking to unload some wood not to long a go in the RI,MA area. Good luck!