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  1. Goo gone is what I use. Gotta put the new sticker on the passenger side, the Virginia inspection sticker now goes on the driver side, not in the middle. Park ranger said its ok.
  2. Agreed, thanks Dave.
  3. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. I never met Bill but certainly knew of Mr Assateague. RIP
  4. So sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers to his family and his many friends, both on and off the beach. RIP Earl! You will be missed.
  5. Hey Dave, great to hear from you! Sorry it took so long, gotta check these old posts. Nothing wrong with Severn, we had a good life there. And fast internet is very good. But we went by there a few weeks ago and everything has grown! At least Bass Pro Shop is nearby. We do love the ESVA and working at Wallops gives me another beach to fish. I thought you were in Ohio? I'll look for ya on the beach or in the bullpen, we've gotta catch up. True story: I setup just north of Dave cause that's always a good spot. I cast my baits out as far as I can pitch em and nothing. Dave walks down and says "pitch one short in the first slough". So I do and 20 minutes later, 35" striper.
  6. Point Lookout, right down the road from ya, was my go to spot. I was stationed at pax back in the eighties so the rockfish moratorium was just starting. I caught a few but not many. Caught a lot of croakers! They have a pier and the road is lined with rocks, those were the best spots. I'd use bloodworms, bunker, crab, squid and throw lures. Bluefish would be there at times. We used to launch the boat from point lookout and run out to the sw middle grounds and the target ship. But I haven't fished there in 20 years, maybe run down and check out what everyone is doing. And definitely fish at night. You'll get more info on the Chesapeake Bay forum. Good luck, point lookout is a great place!
  7. The next launch is scheduled for January 2017.
  8. Getting ready to pull the trigger on a 2016 Outback 2.5i Limited. I've seen a few on the beach at AI but we have the SD/Lance so we won't take it out there for a few years. How do they do on the sand? AWD not 4WD, but I guess if you air down it'll work. Seems to have plenty of ground clearance. How do you like yours, any problems? They get good marks from CR and others. It can't carry my truck camper though... Thanks
  9. Gotta try your scissors trick Dave, thanks. Anyone been out on AIMD? How small is the bullpen? Hope they have room for us, we're gonna try to get out there at some point tomorrow. Happy 4th of July to all! Rick
  10. Got our new Lance 865 to go on our F350 (srw) and I'm looking for advice on tire pressure from the Assateague Island truck camper guys. Fully loaded the rig weighs just over 11,000 lbs and I'm worried I'll pop a bead if I go too low. We'll take it out on AI Saturday for the shakedown cruise and I'll start at 40psi and see how it goes. What are you guys running? I've got Michelin LTX AT2s LT275/65 20s and I'm running close to max GVWR (11,500lbs). I will go very slow and take big wide turns. Hope to see you in the bullpen, stop by and have a cold one. Thanks for your help. Rick
  11. Thanks for all the tips guys. I found Bodiak online but I haven't called or emailed yet. I like that they bolt to the tow hooks and can be removed when not in use. I'll get to it next year. I don't like the idea of losing the tow hooks but I'll try to find Leeds. I might call Gene Reynolds and see if he has a solution, he's done a bunch of cooler racks for Ford SDs, I'm sure! I'll let you know what I find. Thanks again and Happy New Year! Rick in ESVA
  12. I'm looking for a front receiver (or 2) for a cooler rack on my 2015 F350 and I'm looking for anything other than a Curt thru my front fascia. I'm hoping someone has done it by maybe using the tow hooks? I've seen a lot of SDs on the beach, someone has gotta have done it... Any ideas are much appreciated, thanks. Merry Christmas! Rick in ESVA
  13. My 2015 PSD just got back from the mountains and I used the engine brake for the first time (unloaded) and loved it! This is my first diesel but coming down the mountain was a great experience, hardly used the brakes. Downshifted to 2nd gear at 30 mph, 2300-2500 rpm, and slowed that 4 ton truck big time. Can't wait to put a 3000 lb truck camper in the back! Only have 1500 miles so I cant speak to reliability issues but I got 17 mpg on that 700 mile trip. So far so good! Rick
  14. Looking for a 1-4 year old Lance truck camper for my F350 SRW, short bed. We like the 855S layout the best but it's a bit heavy, perhaps the 855 (no slide) is a bit lighter. We'd consider an older unit in good condition. Send PM, I'm in the MD/VA/DE area. Thanks. Rick
  15. Drove my 2011 F150 Ecoboost on Assateague probably 12-15 times over the last year and half, no problems. But I was good about washing and rinsing it when we got off the beach. Loved that truck but I traded it 2 weeks ago on a 2015 F350 SRW PSD and now I'm looking for a Lance truck camper to throw in the bed and spend some time in the AI bullpen! I've seen diesels with TCs on AI so I don't think sand is a problem but maybe some of the AMSA guys will chime in with their experience. How did the sand hurt his turbo? Sand blocking the outside fins of the intercooler? I've learned a catch can keeps the inside of the intercooler clear but I've not heard of any condition where the exterior of the intercooler gets blocked and "oil coking" occurs. I didn't have a catch can on my F150 EBoost. I'm watching this thread big time! Thanks Brian. Rick