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  1. I am confused I thought there was a quota. Say it’s 1000 pounds you fish till you hit 1000 pounds. Is there also a given amount to hit the quota two?
  2. What is the best natural bait for pickerel? And what is the best artificial? And if you were hunting the biggest pickerel on the pond what would you fish? Thanks Charlie
  3. Who is joe vaido?
  4. Bob, I think the word poacher has the same meaning as the word thief. Similar to a gentleman’s club vs. titty bar or frugal vs. cheap or collateral damage people or things we didn’t mean to hit. A thief is a thief is a thief. Catch em convict em and throw the book at them.
  5. No Danny I don’t think,so I think that he confused two people. Ted Williams who was a great fisherman and conservationist but was from San Diego. Carl Yastrzemski also liked to fish but was from Long Island New York.
  6. I am thinking of purchasing the Jackson big tuna. I want be able to fish with a pal. I thought about the bass pro shop version of the old crawdad but that would require purchasing a new trailer and I think they are too heavy to be launched an recovered by one person. I figure the big tuna would give me better flexibility.would be interested in any one here who has the Jackson big tuna and how they like it or don’t. Thanks Charlie
  7. I must be dense what's the BSP?
  8. Looking for a place on the cape for best chance of monster pickerel. Not looking for a specific location on a pond or lake. Thanks Charlie
  9. I put sweetheart not sweet heart in the previous post don’t know why it changed it.
  10. Drove by yesterday the state is doing work there the bushes are gone and they are breaking up pavement. The local paper the sakonnet times had an article last week about the situation. They came as close to calling Karom (home owner who got state to take away the parking by his big house) a thief and an an sweetheart as libel laws would allow. The reporter did a dance but he really let Karol have it.
  11. Drove by today on way to work no changes yet. I wouldn't hold my breath.
  12. I used to believe that the vast majority of fisherman were good people: They cared about the fish, they were respect full and didn't want to kill every last game fish. Now I am not so sure.
  13. Yes he has the big boat moored across the channel. I am going to stop at tiverton town hall and ask some pointy questions. Don't expect to prevail just want some questions answered. When I was a kid used to fish there all the time. Especially at night. They had a bunch of resident pogies that attracted some e big bass.
  14. I drive by tiverton town hall. Will ask about it. I want to raise hell.
  15. Don’t forget to bring a judo expert with a machine gun.