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  1. Joe works better with a mole. Jerry p went to the hospital to get a mole removed could be taken two ways.
  2. In regard to Jerry penacoli. I lived in jersey about the time the penacoli incident. Don’t really know if it’s true or not. But the joke was that Jerry p went to the hospital to have a mole removed.
  3. Don’t have a video of the event just a pict of the aftermath. Was going down the bank at a local pond, tripped and broke a rock with my face. Who says I’m a klutz.
  4. Hope they never hold a corn hole tourny at a prison. Wouldn’t be a pretty sight.
  5. I looked at cabellas. They have a replacemt blatter for a round tube. Not sure if it’s the right size gonna give it a shot. Thanks.
  6. Looking for a cart for my hobie outback. I have the big wheel cart from hobie. it has advantages and disadvantages. Advantage it has big wheels that go over sand and Rugh terrain. disadvantages the hobie car I have is not well balanced the cart should attach closer to the midships or bow section. It is a real strain on the arm. the second problem with the hobie is it doesn't break down to be stored in the hull. the biggest problem is that you can't adjust the position of the cart to balance the load. any input would be appreciated.
  7. not as silly as you guys think. This year I have become more of a freshwater bass fisherman. At 67 I am prone to falling off rocks in the night and just am not the man I was in my youth. I have begun to become interested in the big swimbaits for largemouth. There is one plastic the mag draft at eight inches retails for 25.00 or 14 for the six inches. Although 25 is not fifty, the difference is amazing both the paddle tail the middle and the front wiggle. I have had strikes that were vicious in spots that I thought were fishless. The hits have been fierce. Unfortunately, these baits are not durable but five plus large mouths are worth it to me. T
  8. Coke and hookers. I go on a tear and loose things ………..like my laptop. Hunter B.
  9. Won the camp badminton championship wearing a beekeeper’s suit and ove gloves on my hands
  10. Recently a member of SOL gave me a Camo belly boat for sneak missions for largemouth bass. Last month the inner tube developed an unrepairable leak. I took it the tire place and purchased a truck inertube to replace the old tube. Unfortunately the tube did not inflate evenly. Looked like a horse shoe, overinflated on one side under inflated on the other. I took it back to the tire shop and one of the guys there said it needs a different type of tube. Does any one out there have any idea what the guy at 5he tire store is talking about? And where I could score that kind of tube? I posted pictures of the tube and cover unfortunately there is no model number or manufacturer. Thanks for helping me with this mystery. Charlie
  11. Made by the famous col hogan of stalag 17. Right under the Germans noses. Painted by Louie lebeau
  12. It’s about the military’s policy on abortion. I was listening to NPR (I know leftist, I also listen to Hannity, Jim Polito and buck I try to look at both sides. Vetting is an excuse intended to make Tuberville no look like the fool he is.
  13. I got it figured out. That guy is heading to Philadelphia. He could blend in there, and never be seen again.
  14. Went with the korkers. Thanks to all my SOL buddies
  15. Was at RISSA, a couple of years ago. I walked by the goose hummock booths heard Patric sebille talking up his lures. It felt scummy. I know it’s not the same thing. But it’s like a drug company being in bussiness with doctors. You go to a good tackle shop and expect advice that is not tainted by the owners investment in a tackle company. Not the same but SCUMMY
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