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  1. Assuming all features and price are in the same ball park would you be more inclined to purchase a hummingbird or a lowrance sounder? In your opinion does one company produce a more reliable product or is there another reason one company is better than the other. Thanks charlie
  2. I am in the process of purchasing a new kayak. I think I have it down to two models on the Austin kayak site: A lowrance hook 2 5 triple shoot soo kHz high chirp for 399.00 or a hummingbird helix 5 chirp si g2 side image gps for 449. on sale. anyone out there have any experience with these models. I am primarily interested in the side view and dsi. Don't care much about GPS or maps but they all seem to come that way. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Charlie.
  3. I have been thinking of trying the new resins in fly tying. In my research I have noted two types: solar res and tough eye. Several questions are both types save to use. I am thinking of protecting my eyesight. Should I be wearing sun glasses? Also I got the impression that the tuffeye dries wet and need further prep. I have read the threads in this forum and am leaning to solar res but am worried about my eyes. Would appreciate any input. Thanks Charlie
  4. Ray still working on which epox tuff eye or solar res which do you use. Thanks charlie
  5. Replace it with a stainless steal one from a dive shop. Only way to go won’t break or open at the worst time
  6. Don’t mean to be a butinski but owner makes large treble caps. I fish skins on a regular basis, I put the hook covers on and the skin is not discolored by the accelerated salty hook discoloration. Don’t suppose it really matters, but those big skins are hard to come by and I want to keep them as good as possible for as long as I can.
  7. Riddler sorry to bother you but you seem to be very knowledgeable. I have de3cided to take the plunge and purchase a side view fish finder for my hobile out back. I have had fish finders before but I fish shallow waters rarely if ever over twenty feet and I think the side view would be most useful. I don't need the gps or all the bells and whistles, I just want the fish finder. I am looking to spend up to the 550 range. What kind of finder are you running? Thanks for your help. Charlie any info would be helpful.
  8. Riddler looks like that bass ate your foot thanks for the info going to try the big plugs this year
  9. riddle when you troll a big plug like a grs do you do it on spinning tackle or a conventional? and how fast do you troll basic guess with our extreme current or conditions.
  10. Riddler I have been looking at the BST lately and have seen that you are selling a number of your GRS plugs. Have you given up trolling big plugs off your kayak? The reason I ask is that I am considering trying to troll the big guys my self off the kayak. Have hoy had success trolling big plugs off the yack? In the past I have tube and wormed and slow trolled eels with moderate success. I was wondering how you did day and night time trolling big plugs like the grs. And specifically have you ever used the huge GRS troller from the kayak? Sorry for suck a convoluted series of questions. Anyone else who is knowledgeable about the subject [;ease fee; free to chime in. thanks Charlie
  11. I am going to RISSA show ton Friday I will be going by the lamiglass booth. I am interested in one of the rod that john skinner descries in striper persuit. Its a lamiglass rod I think its 9 foot. and mad of fiberglass. he uses it to fish light plugs like thunder sticks and other small minnow plugs. I am not talking about his Montauk eel rod which is heavier and make of graphite. Does anyone out there know the model for the blank? I know its mentioned in the chapter about minnow plugs in striper pursuit. I cant find my book nand need the model number to ask the lami rep some questions tomorrow at rissa.
  12. You forgot about the casting egg fishing for jumbo carp!
  14. Steve what colors do you like in the Cocahoe and what style of jig . THANKS
  15. I have used devcon 2 ton epoxy for as long as I have been tying saltwater flies and plug tails and droppers. I use a spinner with a rod turning motor to get a good shape on my creations. I was reading Bob Pops new book and have begun to consider using the tufeye he recommends. Is it save using the blue light naturally don't look in to it. Is it worth going with the tough eye over the epoxy. I know that it doesn't yellow and can be used quicker but would be interested in others experiences. thanks Charlie