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  1. What size is that Donnie? I was looking for a jr. thanks Charlie
  2. tuna what kind of feather did you use for the cheek of the blue and purple hollows? Also if this not a trade secret white kind of feathers are the skinny long ones you use for the tail when you start the fly?
  3. forgot to mention in my other post looking for beach master jrs Donnie's. any condition or color gonna fish the hell out of them
  4. Wanted to buy beachmaster Donny. Looking for smaller size. Have larger. Any condition wanted to fish. Thanks Charlie.
  5. Wanted wolfort resin darter. Not big sized any condition want to fish. Thanks Charlie.
  6. Thanks pb blaster did the trick. Much appreciated
  7. The den is the schszit as my little sister would say. Scott and his people run a great shop. I have a pal from Denver who always wants to go to the den when he’s in town. When we finish up at the den, Al says there are a ton of shops in Colorado but the den is the best. Thanks bear’s den!
  8. I am trying to remove a sized bolt from my old aluminum trailer. The nut came off fine but the bolt won’t give. Tried Hitting the bolt with a hammer but it won’t move. It’s definitely stuck. I hit the bolt so many times the threads are damaged. Not a problem I will replace the bolt. But I do have to get it out. Any one have any ideas? PB blaster heat? Also I was thinking of changing the trailer from a single to a two kayak trailer. If this bolt is stuck will it be likely that the rest of the hardware on the trailer will be difficult or impossible to take apart? It might be a better idea to buy a new double kayak trailer. Thanks
  9. When I was a kid didn’t have much money. So I went old school cheap. Go to the HS football field reverse the stren gold mono. When you get too many leaks to patch in the waders, get a trash bag, strap into it and tape it tight around your leg. When you need a garbage bag for both legs......consider new waders.
  10. Last year ********** did an article on some chota shoes they were like sneakers with felt bottoms. You took some rock grabbers spikes screwed them into the felt bottoms and presto. Light weight spikes perfect for wet suiting or swimming out to the rocks. I wanted to score another pair but chota didn't sell many so they wont make it for a while. Some still exist but not in my average foot size. Any one have any Ideas?
  11. Un fortunately what you do has consequences for others. You can catch the virus and be totally with out any symptoms and pass it to others who may get very sick and or die, or they could pass it on to others. Those studying the virus really don't know that much about it. They think you get immunity after you have it. But they really cant be sure and they don't know how long that immunity might last. Picture a forest fire that burns down the forest and then comes back and burns the same area again and again. We need to get a handle on this.
  12. I realy llikethe look of flys done with dubbing brushes. unfortunately they cost a fortune to purchase all r3ady made up. Was looking to purchase a dubbing brush machine. I looked at the stonfo and purchased the spinning part cost about thirty bucks. I tried to make a table for it. didn't work so good. any one outh there have experience with a commercial one. I purchased and returned the cyclone from j Stockard it was just too small as far as the length of the brush and the width. any one out there of a good dubbing brush maker? thanks Charlie thinking of getting the table that goes with the stonfo spinner but the table is 60 bucks and plastic. is there a better one out there?
  13. Gonna try two 4\0 trebles thanks
  14. Did you mean siwash on the tail or trebles? Will have to experiment. I have been told that they more motion than a regular darter. Gonna find out.
  15. 4/0 front and back? Cuts I assume?