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  1. Sent you a a message. Not good with computer if it didn’t go through tell me.
  2. Off......like a prom dress
  3. Very much interested
  4. looking to buy some of the new beachmaster spooks. Any condition. Thanks Charlie
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  7. Is it possible to use white silicone caulk to fill a core box and mold a plastic worm? Do you have to spray the bait with something to release it form the silicone? do you need to stir in water to the caulk and pour it into the box?
  8. Don’t know if this counts as a hack. Bi I just finished a rod rack for 5he inside of my Toyota RAV4. I didn’t have a place to hang the rack so I built a frame out of PVC. I took two LED “puck” lights and attached them on the back rack.
  9. I have become interested in pouring my own eels and sluggos. I work in a hardware store and have access to plexi glass and silicone caulk. My specific questions are can I use plexiglass to make the box for the form? Also can I use tubes of calk to make the mold? I want to make simple plastics with the pour side flat. Do I glue down the sluggo down with super glue or two side tape? Do I spray the bait I am copying to make the mold with some sort of release agent to get the bait I am copying out of the mold? Sorry for the dumb questions. I see the work of people on this forum and I am inspired? thanks charlie
  10. Been thinking about this for a long time. I understand the BLM movement. Look at most black people in this country. and realize the vast majority of their ancestors came to this country in chains. Furthermore they built this nation and were not compensated for there work. In terms of housing, education, economic opportunity, and dealing with the justice system Black people have have been getting and continuing to get the shaft. That being said, as a society we cannot allow massive disruption, riots, burning city's etc. I believe that people have a right to protest peacefully. I just wonder how do we stop the destruction that has accompanied the BLM movement, I am not in favor of strong arm tactics that wont work any way and will make things worse. You cant arrest everyone or use force, dead protesters will just make the situation worse. What do you do? if you realize that the protestors have legitimate grievances but are expressing them in a way that is destructive to our society?
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  14. ITS THAT GOOD? If you are fishinfg shallow can you see a drop off say ten or twenty feet to the side or do you see any structure that goes to the side and not the drop. also I have a lowance hook seven. do you know of any videos that will me as a not very computer and or depth sounder user?
  15. Looking to buy beachmaster pikies. Any condition or color. Thanks Charlie