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  1. still thinking have it down between the hummingbird and the lorance hard to make a decision. Its like trying to read an eye chart through a kaleidoscope
  2. Thinking of making some fancy garthside gurglers. I want to make them dark on the top and light on the bottom. I don't want to use markers I want to glue two sheets together. Any one out there what type of glue or adhesive should I use? thanks charlie
  3. Riddler the negative reviews were on the bass pro website. I have five to six hundred to spend gun to your head what do you recommend?. I have a hobie and mostly fish in shallow areas to bout twenty or thirty feed at the maximum. I defer to your experience, what would you choose? Thanks charlie
  4. First of all thanks for the good suggestions on cleaning my fly line. I cleaned it with soap and water and found two nicks in the line. Its a weight forward so see ya. I am going to replace it only question is what to go with. Weight forward intermediate, floating sink tip? reg intermediate? I mainly fish small saltwater marsh outflows. and they are 15' or so. occasionally I will fish the surf in light conditions. Most of my fishing is in the outflows as the tide is dropping. Help I am confused there seems to be a million types of fly lines now.
  5. My fly line doesn’t seem to be shooting right. How do I clean it there are a ton of choices. Also do you also polish/ clean the snake and regular guides on a fly god. I have a salt water sage that’s at least 15 years old it must need something. Thanks Charlie
  6. I am getting closer to a decision. I am going with a lorance side scan over the hummingbird side scan. Too many negative reviews. New question I have a hobie outback, I have read that the 5” screen is too small to utilize to its full capabilities. True? Also do you think the 7” will be too to work in the kayak. Any information in regard to size and particular models would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I am thinking of buying a cast net I have seen them made with mono and other materials. Which is the best? Would be just using it from the beach and harbor. also curious about suggestions for size of mesh and overall sixe of net. thanks Charlie
  8. There is an old (its really ancient thread) with a step by step on this but its so old that its doesn't have pictures. There are pictures on Andrews album page on SOL but It would be great and extremely if one of the powers that be on SOL could hook up the pictures to the old thread if possible. thanks Charlie if its possible
  9. I have the book and have studied it intensely. I have looked at the videos I have looked them over and over. Guess I will have to accept the fact I am a serial buctail abuser.
  11. Title says it all. I am tired of drooling over your beats full 3D buctail decievers. Would love to see a pictorial tutorial of how you make your magic, I know you did one before but it doesn’t have the pictures with explanations for each steap. Thanks Andrew alias rachael Marie. Help me I am frustrated and tired of destroying good buctails. Charlie, serial buctaill killer,
  12. want to buy a grs troller surface or medium. used condition I want to fish it not collect it
  13. Couple of questions how do you start the tube do you cut the top? Like a tube of caulk? Why don’t they have caps? Is it ok to not have caps for the bottles. And lastly the thick flows like mollasis in January. I could soak the bottle in hot water but have it been your experience that it flows badly
  14. Assuming all features and price are in the same ball park would you be more inclined to purchase a hummingbird or a lowrance sounder? In your opinion does one company produce a more reliable product or is there another reason one company is better than the other. Thanks charlie
  15. I am in the process of purchasing a new kayak. I think I have it down to two models on the Austin kayak site: A lowrance hook 2 5 triple shoot soo kHz high chirp for 399.00 or a hummingbird helix 5 chirp si g2 side image gps for 449. on sale. anyone out there have any experience with these models. I am primarily interested in the side view and dsi. Don't care much about GPS or maps but they all seem to come that way. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Charlie.