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  1. Follow up question. I have seen a ton of videos on making a fluid bed. looks pretty simple even for me. fI have also seen commercial fludid beds at barlos jans net craft etc for about 100 Will a commercially made one work better than a home made version? Thanks charlie
  2. A few of my pals are thinking of going to the fishing show at Mohican Sun. How good a show is it? I will be driving two hours. Is it a real fishing show or just outfitters showing pictures of dead animals and fish, and booths selling beef jerky/ Bottom line is it worth the trip? went to a show in Boxboro mas last year disappointed.
  3. I was looking at the numerous videos in regard to powder coating jigs. Some guys use a fluid bed as opposed to a toarch or a heat gun. Is it worth the expense to purchase or make a fluid bed?
  4. Guess we should just let things go as they are. Guess we should ignore every legitimate scientist (a few scientists are in the employ of the oil companies) that believes climate change is a scientific fact. Ignore the fires out west and the extreme variability of our own weather. America can not force other nations to do what's right for the planet but we can lead the way. the proposal is flawed but we better start seriously about doing something and soon.
  5. looking for a source for lead jog making. I had a sheet of lead from an old lumber yard up. I was thinking trying lead from tier (I cant spell) place but I worry about the impurities. will it matter? thanks Charlie
  6. I have been looking for the right shade for some buck tails. I am at work (I work in a hardware store. I was walking by the spray paint. I see some fusion paint (great paint sticks to everything especially plastic, was wondering if any one out there had tried it. Was thinking of using XIM primer and using the fusion spray paint and then coating the finished buck tail threads and jig head with E tex any ideas how that would work? thanks for any insight Charlie
  7. I do not want the link to be posted (this site prohibits that pm me or give enough info so I can google it). A few years ago I found a video about skinning eels that featured an fish monger from Long Island. In the video he didn’t use the tradional nail and board method. Rather he cuts the eel around the Gil’s and holds the eeldown with a fish scaller and puls the eel skin off . This method is the best I have ever seen or used. The skins came out with no flesh attached to the skin al all. Tried to find it but no soap. Hope some out there has seen this video thanks charlie.
  8. I am working on some wine colored smelling bill jigs for night. I am having trouble finding the right color of powder coat. Is it possible to use nail polish and then put Etex or Two ton epoxy over the whole jig after I tie the buck tail> And if you can do this do you prime first and with what? oil based primer or XIM? thanks Charlie
  9. I making some wine colored smiling bill bucktails for night buck tailing. I have looked at the protect colors powder coating. I am having a hard time with thecolor wichcolor you guys recommend? also is it possible to mix powder colors to get the right shade? thanks Charlie
  10. At first I thought the kid was out of line but then I looked at the other videos and had second thoughts. However on further thought I an angered by the attitude of the kid. I agree that the kid was most likely provoked. Yet the man he is disrespecting is an elder or a grandfather in my world. My parents would never allow me to be confrontational with an older person no matter what they said. I would back off, if they touch you that's different. My father would kick my ass. But look at the trump hats they were wearing. They were acting just like the Donald, a man with no sense of civility or decorum: openly bragging about grabbing women by the ******, making fun of the handicapped reporter, talking crap about John McCain's service. Face it the President Is a crude man whose crudeness has infected civil discourse in this country. Those kids just don't know any better.
  11. Looking to make up some wine colored smiling. Bill buck tails. Of the commercially availble protect powder coatings what would you recommend. Also what would you call wine colored? For the buck tail dark lavender? Thanks
  12. What about sents do you guys use em?
  13. Its off season I am, at work and its slow. Started to think about buck tails and striped bass. When I fish buck tails I fish white smiling bills with a white curly tail grub. I have some old pork. if you had the choice would you fish pork (if it wee available ) the new synthetics (fat cow otter tails) or grubs? Also do you use scents on your buck tails. Last question What about colors: I use white most of the time. but what about night is it worth wile trying some wine colored bucks at night? thanks for your help just trying to go to fishing season with out going nutz Charlie
  14. Steve how many cc of water or baby oil? I don’t know know the general consencus for a Redfin in general guess 10-12 cc?
  15. What’s the deal with all the interest in trollers? What’s the benefit fo the surfcaster? It seems like every plgmaker is making trollers now. Are that many people trolling? Or are there other benefits to surf fishing the troller? Getting deep? Big fish big lure? Be very interested in others opinions. Thanks Charlie