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  1. Talk about bizarre didn’t the president who did not serve mock John McCain’s service and call him a looser. Ahh the double standard.
  3. I don't think he is very funny but some of the other guys are very funny.....especially Kennan Thompson. I particularly enjoyed last Saturday night its a wonderful life spoof was great. Its nice of the Donald to provide so much material. By the way its not the first time SNL has goofed on its a wonderful life. Way back wen they did a jewish version entitled "you call this a life". funny stuff
  4. I am considering purchasing a new reel. I have two of the old VS I like them very much. I have an old 1250 but I found it too slow to work a plug well. I have other reels in the 16 ounce range that are faster than the 150 and they are fine. in terms of line retrieval and weight the 175 will work well for my purpose. But since they are relatively new does any one out there have one of the new reels. they are cheaper and I wonder if they are tough enough. How could they be as tough as a reel that costs three hundred dollars more. Also are they water proof I don't swim with my reels but I sure get them wet. I am a full blooded klutz and fall in the water all the time.....I wear a wetsuit. I think the 175 will do the job but I am interested in other peoples experience thanks Charlie.
  5. Rhode Island. Ten years old
  6. Was working in my shop, getting ready to send my reels back to be serviced. I take my reels off the rods and have a laled box that I kept them I. Bang I go to the box reels gone I could have had a heart attack. I searched every square inch of my house and shop. they are gone. We have had some work done on our house and I don't want to believe it but they might have been stolen. I don't want to accuse people with out reason. I am going nuts I call the insurance company twenty years of homeowners insurance payments and they set it up so it will cost you more in the long term to make a claim lit this, Ok I have vented. If by the end of the winter the reels have not turned up is it smarter to replace them with used reels or pay full boat. Think it would be possible to cut a deal with a store for two reals and get a better price? Is buying a vs used a risky proposition? I am bull you know what. boy I am frantic.
  7. Wanted old school VS 200 black bailess condition used. thanks
  8. Looking to purchase a used VS 150 black old school bailess condition used
  9. Actually I was happy that many people who never got access to health care received Insurance. In regard to my party affiliation I think of my self as a compassionate republican............help those who really need help and don’t waste my money or resources.
  10. Billionaire? From his old mans estate, which they committed tax fraud on the estate tax liability, And his wife a former escort (nice way to say hooker). Old Donnie has great respect for his wife he had an affair with a porn star as she was recovering from child birth with their son Barron. Great guy. A real national embarrassment. Say what you will about president Obama, neither he or his family ever did anything to embarrass me as an American. Which I could say the same for Trump. And guess what I am a life long Republican.
  11. Gold VS’s are for pimps. Yo gonna want spinners and dark tint for it next?
  12. No so the market is closed. In order to honor the first president bush
  13. I knew Obama would get blamed for this. President is the original Teflon don not John Gotti.
  14. The war against brown and black people continues