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  1. Are you talking about a gravel bed? Like a bed area for shrubs that makes it separate from the lawn and paved areas and where the gravel is the mulch.
  2. One of my customers strings mono above her lawn in a taught crisscross pattern. It prevents hawks from attacking her guineafowl.
  3. Nice score! You may be able to find a couple of cast iron wings to match the table.
  4. The SSU 1201M gained a following when it first came out. Here is a thread discussing Lamiglass surf rods, including the Medium 10' Super Surf.
  5. Don't you think the wire wheel does a good enough job? I like the idea of wax. However, won't the oil attract dirt and sand?
  6. After looking up 3M Panel Bond it looks to be a good solution for certain areas. Most of the panels were attached by brazing. However, there are some areas that couldn’t be brazed as the heat would damage a rubber or plastic component. Also, there are tiny holes where this product would do a better job than panel sealer. I wonder if a past epoxy like Rod Bond can do the same thing. I’m not familiar with the lacquer/roof tar method, either. Is this a "home brew" method? The people on the Beach Buggy Forum are recommending POR15. There is time to think about how to approach these next steps since it has to get warmer before proceeding with these products.
  7. This has good reviews on amazon, as well. The most interesting comments their, which are really back handed compliments, are the complaints about how the product's can cannot be reopened once its closed after use. This illustrates how tightly it bonds to metal. It probably goes right on the bare metal without need for priming. Definitely worth considering. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for your response. I’ve been using an acid product that does the same thing as Ospho. It's called Exrust. It does a nice job of turning the rusted metal into solid black metal. It works best if the part can be soaked in it. But, on cars, and probably ships, the surface needs to be wire wheeled before brushing it on. Now what is needed is a brushed-on coating to keep the elements away from the clean metal. I was thinking along the lines of a bed liner type product.
  9. I’m patching holes in the floor of my landscape truck. It’s a cab over which means the cab can be tilted forward, exposing the underside panels. Can anyone recommend a brush-on type undercoating? I want this work to last a long time. Thanks in advance.
  10. I’m patching holes in the floor of my landscape truck. It’s a cab over which means the cab can be tilted forward, giving access to the underside panels. Can anyone recommend a brush-on type undercoating? I want this work to last a long time. This post was moved to the Beach Buggy Forum ...Please close
  11. My GSB 1321M is my main rod for the ocean surf. It's great the way it is. It's better to just buy the GSB1201M.
  12. If I understand your question correctly, you are asking about the bushing that fills in the gap between the outer diameter of the rod blank and the inner diameter of the reel seat. No, there is no limit to the size of the bushing, except for the size of the available real seats.
  13. One consideration is weight. Lure casting rods are built with light components, including the reel seat, to lessen fatigue caused by hours of casting. This is not as important for bottom fishing rods. Another consideration when choosing a real seat is the width of the grips, especially the fore grip. Do you have an opinion on the how thick you like the diameter of your fore grip? With the hand sliding up and down the grip while fishing it’s good to have a smooth transition between the grip and reel seat. The reel seat diameter should be close to that of the fore grip. I like my fore grips to be about 1” thick, so, most of my rods get Fugi DPG 20’s for comfort, light weight, cost and aesthetics.
  14. Has anyone here read "Cracking the Code; The Fascinating Truth About Taxation in America, by Peter Hendrickson?"
  15. "Rod Building Guide: Fly, Spinning, Casting, Trolling" by Tom Kirkman is a good place to start. He hosts a great rod builders website called "rodbuilding DOT org." He runs the annual Rodbuilders Expo. He publishes RodMaker Magazine. Don’t know why the book is $56 on Amazon. When I purchased the paperback it was around $16. It may be possible to purchase directly from him for the regular price.