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  1. Just a guess, but is one of the shelves hitting something to large on the shelves?
  2. To prevent rust, I'd use food grade silicone spray, sold by most well know sausage and smoker suppliers. or a coating of mineral oil which can be had from supermarkets and drug stores.
  3. wacko
  4. Usually a straight slot screwdriver on the heavier side should do it.
  5. Same here, now it's either Cooks shank or butt. I prefer yellow peas not green.
  6. Attack
  7. ass
  8. If you can get your hands on a chuck of the hot tar drums they use for roofing you melt it down and fill the cracks with it. It will last for years.
  9. duck
  10. putty
  11. Creme
  12. whodo
  13. tank
  14. Board
  15. I grew up having no choice they went from the heat to the plate. Then I got older and acquired knowledge. To each their own. A warm plate is a must though.