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  1. Tomato
  2. divorced
  3. You'll find after quitting your wallet get fatter. Smoked 2-3 pks a day quit in 97 and haven't looked back.
  4. What I did was scrape (which wasn't much as) wash the ceiling with TSP then rock as perfect as possible (within a 1/8 gap on all sides. Spackled the nail holes and 1 seam . Primed and painted then caulked the boarder with the tiniest bead on white silicone. Like I said still looks good after all these years. One day I'll have a new bathroom put in or move. Hope this helps. Been on or in construction since "61 " now I get my first check next check month
  5. It's the steam. You could scrape, skim coat with spackle and paint or put up another layer of green board . I had the same issue scraped and skim coated the first time, a few years later said f it and added the green board, no problems since. If you really want add an exhaust fan just don't vent it into the attic but to the outside.
  6. fast
  7. plea deal
  8. Due
  9. Simple resolve, have her join him.
  10. He offered to correct it she waited that long 48 hrs more wouldn't have made a difference vs. an eternity, except to her. If it were me I would have graciously said thank you , accepted his apology and let him make the changes. Seems like she's the one with the issues. Sorry for your loss. We went through a similar issue only with my Mom's head stone.
  11. I only look at the pictures
  12. Miami Dolphins
  13. twist
  14. My friend had sex in a mortuary on a regular basis with his wife. He owned it and lived upstairs.
  15. knowledge