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  1. methane
  2. You made the right call. No need to be at or in your house, he should be able to fix it inside while having a cup of coffee.
  3. acid
  4. dog
  5. why? got mine and I know my Dad is Scandinavian and my Mom's family came from Poland. It came back. 37% Sweden 31% Norway 26% Eastern Europe and Russian 6% England Wales and N.W. Europe
  6. Toad
  7. inoculate
  8. Cold
  9. Gilfilte
  10. implode
  11. sign
  12. Cook the corned beef ahead of time , cool in the liquid and slice. Use some of the liquid to re=heat/steam. You can also use it to cook your potatoes, carrots and cabbage in. Rather than making your own soda bread pick it up at a store.
  13. stuffed
  14. tuck
  15. Late