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  1. You see the commments from Pete the wieghmaster right? You see how he snowballed you guys... "Yeah, there was a fishs tail cut, obvious to everyone there, but it wasnt greg, he wieghed in the 17LBER, ( Got beat by a 34 and 54.10lbs), it was somebody on his boat with tatoos, a cigar, and a really foul Crooklyn Vioce. If you guys protest hes coming after you!
  2. Oh my? What should I do? Run from the truth? Lie? Cheat? Hide? Charter business beyond my repair, I Im booked in 2-3 days for the spring in november bud... Defend a cheat.
  3. Oh really what lies??? If I fished a tournament and somebody on my boat wieghed in a fish with a cut tail its no reflection of me as captain right? What happens if its a 50k Purse? seriously???
  4. (*edited - other site stuff doesn't belong here Kenny - leave it on the site's where it was posted please. TimS)
  5. (*edited - other site stuff doesn't belong here Kenny - leave it on the site's where it was posted please. TimS)
  6. This is 100 percent true and happened today at the Sea Tow Striper Shootout in old saybook at between the bridges marina. From speaking with people that were there, and witnessed the whole incident. It was actually so bad that the wieghmaster could not accept the fish. The striped bass tail looked like a bluefish tail. Really sad and pathetic, with all of the controversy the last two years at OTW and with the 81lber, destroying his reputation over $1700.00. Congrats to Paul Parzych who won the 40" and under along with Paul Rescigno who won heaviest overall 54lbs!
  7. Bunch of Rich, very selfish guys that could afford private charter planes to take them to the best waters to hire the best fishing guides to catch bass with no understanding of the fishery. Lets let them decide whats best for everyone......
  8. How the hell is this different???? This Captain is one in the same when he had a problem with a particulular patron doing drugs, bragged about how he locked him in the bathroom until the coasties got there. There is no excuse for this man and his crew. How the hell do people keep 800 some odd seabass in a closed season under there nose? I am a licensed captain, do many, many charters over the last few years. I take full responsibility as to what goes on on my vessel. This vessel consisted of a captain / owner and crew. THERE IS NO EXCUSE, incompetency is not an excuse. Throw the book at him, obviously this has been going on A LOOOONG TIME, just got away with it is all.....
  9. I just dont understand how anyone can justify the actions of this Captain, he and his crew should of been aware of what happening on his Vessel. There are no excuses, he should accept responsibility, his crew and those that knowingly broke the law. It really is that simple. If this vessel came back from the eez zone with 800 striped bass over the limit would it be any different to those defending his actions? Im sure some would say "Well striped bass are plentiful, its ok"...
  10. So people can only catch fish if they live "There" and are entitled??? Yes Fish Move, never questioned that. Never said nobody is fishing the Sanspit right outside Padamnaram where the radar tower was, (Good Fluking of the Can there) Mishon Ledge, Ribbon Reef, hens and chickens, all those Rock Piles in Buzzard arent the Same during JULY and AUG. Fish Move through Early and late, but dont hold way they used to, there is a reason for that, Bait, Temps or maybe they are wiped out right? Hows the Sqid Run off the Vineyard??? The herring run in the Canal is what it was with all the herring? Where did I ever say I support Poaching? I guess nobody is selling Tuna there, but then u live there and am sure know whats going on. By the way why is everybody going crazy buying new boats, etc in anticipation for the upcoming tuna season? There was some $$$$ Made up there last few years yes $$$ SSHHHHH!. Weve all fished temp breaks for bass and other fish Im sure, varience in temperture on an outgoing tide vs incoming tide at different time frames make no difference, especially outside of inlets and bays?? Wonder why fish hung around NJ in the surf jan and Feb?? Kind of Crazy, but Im sure if we had the winter we had last year they would have been around to? Fish made it to NC this year just like last too?
  11. Tim is as a Charter Captain I personally see the 2 fish per man as excessive, most clients want to catch, if they do catch their limit they make sure to keep it. Many make it a point to have Tags. I just cant remember a single C&R Trip. With the exception of most diehard Surfcasters, Flyfishermen, you dont see much C&R. Take the Jersey Coast for instatnce, Fluke Closed, Sea bass Closed, Tog Closed, during that time what is every single headboat, Rec guy targeting? I will say nowhere else do you see as many people fishing for SB as you do up and down the NJ, LI coast and every year there is more pressure. The real problem cannot be addressed because it cant be recs can it? After all the comms alone caused the crash last time... Like I said, I dont think I am far off by saying the Mass Com quota gets hit in our state on a weekly basis. As of 2011 I no Longer com fish, and I dont see that 18-20 day season as the big problem on the striper coast. By the way how have you been Tim? Been a long time!
  12. If this is such a Big Concern why isnt there a movement to deal with MICO By StripersForever, whom instead are trying to shut Down the Mass Com season 18 some odd day season? Does Mass need the same regulation as StripersForever Home State of Maine? More Slot Limits? Jersey Tried it a few years and worked well? Or should they take their Com Limit and Do a Bonus tag Program like in NJ??? Anglers get to Buy a tag and get to kill an extra fish and have to pay $2 and change for it, unlike mass you get to sell the fish and make $100-200 a fish. Peoples printers get all broken up from making multiple copies of these tags by the way! Mass is better managed than most states on the striper coast if you ask my opinion... If Striped bass where a game fish in mass what would happen to the com quota? Bonus tags? Im sure VA would readily take their share. You know have Alot more people fishing and who is killing the bulk of Striped Bass?
  13. To many Different factors to figure in Tim. 2008 oil prices peaked at 150 pb, $4 bucks hurt alot of people from fishing for fun anymore especially ip in rhode island, Mass. You definately saw alot less people on the water. Com days there were fleets, on the off days there were very few people fishing. The fishery on the back beaches on the cape worsened every year with the exploding seal population. All the bait is now offshore, as are the fish. That water has been unusually warm the last several years, mid 70's July, august off the vineyard, buzzards bay. The outer cape is much warmer too. Who was counting the number of fish from the guys that were doing most of the catching???? Nobody I know had their rec caught fish counted, neither were mine. Com quota was 1.2 mil pounds was filled in record time last year, what was it 16-18 com days? Agian the same guys catchin will keep catchin and the guys that don't, well it's a bit to complicated for them to figure out maybe? Everybody's got the tuna bug out there Those that fish the cape know the potential in the eez, where no striped bass live??? Remember how we used to drive up there late 90's cause the fishing was so good and new jersey sucked? What happened when the bunker came back? No I bet the rec, shore, boat, charter fleet does the entire mass quota on weekly basis in NJ! What will my clients say if I tell them "these bass are almost wiped out" after some of the fishing we had the past few years? You saw what happened in the spring and fall, how good was the late fall run? Tell those guys the fish are almost gone? A non resident com license will cost $400 and change, boat license. Fuel to get up there 800-1000, daily fuel boat costs, $200, ur out a few grand before you start, but if u put the time and know what your doing u can make good $$$$ pay for a 100k cc and 50k suv like Bob said, just don't let some if the locals find out u can catch more of their fish! Tim, can u pull up the rec striped bass catches for north Carolina?? I bet in the 90's it was unbelievable when the bait and stripers made it down the beaches in nags head, duck, kitty hawk, hatteras, it happened a few years and hasn't happened in over a decade while we enjoyed the best if times. There were years the nc coms couldn't have any fish in the quota because the fish didn't migrate that far south, 2010 and 2011 the stocks are all healthy agian down in nc, the coms were catching so many bass they were throwing thousands back dead! Point is there are to many variables, nc is just a single example, we seen what happened in our home waters over the years and can figure certain variables and reasoning, same with the store striped bass coastline but on a bigger scale, some area will never be the same. I'm not going to look at that chart and cry it's the end, I fished up there alot, recreationally, as a charter captain, and as a commercial fishermen and have seen alot of changes over the years.