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  1. Let me know you'd like to block, i can access your profile and help.
  2. no sir, leave well enough alone.
  3. In before the lock!
  4. Why, are more people dying?
  5. that;s the way to do it. The place around the corner from my, Ryans, makes peach ice cream I'd choke a bitch over. I only go in the summer because I've convinced myself it's made from real summer peaches and not concentrate. Getting it in February would kill me.
  6. It's OK dude, you don't have to explain yourself.
  7. Slacker porn.
  8. Change is what? It's bad. Change, is bad. They don't listed do they billybob.
  9. And my wife can't get the stain out of my KKK robe. It's giving me agida.
  10. I've done that. I've also adjusted them out of level to people who I don't like or know are OCD to eff with them.
  11. spaz does have a habit of expressing his angst via his avatar.
  12. Heath Care and Health Insurance.
  13. Did they really? When? **** now Ima get more **** from double to the G about news.
  14. Day drinking. Thinking about it. And a cigar.
  15. Amazing what power does to one's head.
  16. it's ok, because he can laugh at himself.
  17. Blaze of glory.
  18. Truth of it I don't follow the flat earth or other threads where he does his best work. so there is that.
  19. In the world of name changes, Mike nailed it. Why? Because.
  20. Sorry, this one is stupid. lagerhead is well, expected, because dug. Flyangler at least makes sense. flatasscalm might as wel be flatassstoopid.
  21. Good, because we will be joining you...laughing at yourself. What a stupid name change. In the history of stupid name changes, this tops the list.
  22. Mick got whacked?
  23. The Indians changed their name to the Guardians? for real?
  24. I think he was illustrating a cycle. Or hes a stuttering prick.