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  1. Would be great if the old school gombahs show up to "discuss" blm's concerns.
  2. Gain of function.
  3. So much awesomeness with more to come, and the best part, its not going away anytime soon.
  4. I know people chomping at the bit. Wringing their hands. And its only going to get worse. A year, at least, this continues.
  5. Some of you know my first born. Its been hard for him, growing up in the shadow of his brother who you know as "The Golden Child." So, Andrew, well he is my worker kid. Very industrious, love him some money and always looking to make a buck. Not a student so he entered a training program with the merchant marine union, and my wife and i dropped him off in piney point Maryland last october for training. Couple of skype sessions but otherwise havent seen him since. He completed his training 10 days ago and has been sitting idle since then, until this morning, when at 01:00 (am) he left the facility to catch a flight to detroit where he met another plane to seattle (hes in the air now) where he will meet another plant to anacortes airport where he then has a phone number to call for a ride that will bring him to the port where he will meet the american endurence, a 600 ft. Oil tanker, for his 90 day aea trial. Hes 20 and doing all of this on his own. Im riding the emotional rollercoaster of tremendous pride tempered by apprehension. Looking forward to hearing that hes there, safe and ok....followed by copious amonts of bourbon and a bacon cheeseburger. Im an emotional eater. Lol
  6. he tried making his own using raisins. I was afraid he'd burn down the house. Yes, he'd love that.
  7. Going back in october
  8. Its not that hard. Wife got out of planet fitness with a phone call and an email, and i got out if work out world jersey strong with a letter to the main office, just like the contract says.
  9. Ill tell him when he gets back from the union hall with his vacation check. Of my 3 kids i worry the least with this one.
  10. So much awesomeness. The vax will be available to 5 year olds pretty soon and landlords are not renting to unvaccinated people. And its only going to get worse.
  11. Nj transmission rate holding steady at 1.07, hundreds of positive tests among students and staff and one district back to virtual for a week. Its only going to get worse.
  12. Yup, and he's had them all. Not this one. We have tons of covid and vaxx discussions so id rather not turn this one down that rabbit hole.
  13. No.
  14. So awesome.
  15. No, not mandated by the stores. Ive only been in one grocery in a year. As an aside, the one i went to doesn't provide plastic bags. Had to buy one.
  16. There is a website or app floating around where you can identify businesses with mask mandates. I think its a great idea.
  17. Its on the way. Transmission rate is 1.07. Won't be long.
  18. 2 weeks to flatten the curve. I think we should do it a the federal level.
  19. Yes, plus the original property for a second look.
  20. Picked up andrew at the airport this morning. His union is placing a forced vaxx mandate eff 10/1 so he'll be home for a while if not indefinitely. Pretty interesting voyage with some VIP's on hand to witness some rocket launches. Good to have him home again.
  21. Took a couple of weeks before i could enjoy a cigar and cocktail after covid. Had a my father #3 the other night that wasnt good. Last nights macanudo hyde park was really good and this afternoons rocky vintage 1990 also very good.