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  1. We have a ways to go. One year at least.
  2. Doesn't matter, vax for 5 and under will soon be authorized. Wonder if it will be mandated?
  3. No idea if the courts will allow an eviction after a lease expires. Likely not.
  4. Really? How many have been sent back? 1% 10% 25%
  5. This isn't a company mandate, the NJ Gov. Signed an executive order mandating that child care facility employees be vaccinated. And you said no big deal. So, which is it? You can understand my confusion.
  6. Sorry, I stand corrected. How about adults? For or against mandatory vaccination? Its too bad because i think you're about to be disappointed. I expect 5 year old authorization to happen.
  7. Never said you hoped for it. I said you'd cheer when it happens, because, clearly kids need to be vaccinated to go to school and this isn't a big deal. Did I misinterpret your statement? Are you against mandatory vaccinations of kids?
  8. Awesome. Won't be too much longer kids will be forced to be vaccinated against covid and people like paddie will cheer.
  9. I avoid pretty much everyone.
  10. I was there this morning. Mostly elliptical lately but just got a shot in my shoulder so ima try getting back to my push pull lift routine.
  11. I know, its absurd, but the sooner we hit rock bottom the sooner we bounce back. And don't blame me, its not my executive order.
  12. Not everyone can afford that luxury. Day care is an essential service.
  13. Masks on 2 year olds. of course until vaccines are mandated for them.
  14. State slogan.
  15. How much longer do you think this goes on? I say at least 12 months.
  16. He's the best. And he's going to win in November too.
  17. Gov Murphy (NJ) just mandated vaccines for all childcare workers as well as masks for everyone including children 2 and older.
  18. He's also mandated vaccines for employees of day care centers.
  19. Philly is awesome!
  20. Hate to say it but he's going to win and by a huge margin. I feel bad for parents and also the day care centers who have to deal with this.
  21. Landlords are refusing to rent to or renew leases with unvaccinated tenants. Progressives are supporting it. Love it.