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  1. Welcome to the world of economic reality, where money matters more than principal. I'm not disagreeing with you, however, if you were a stock holder in March Mac (I'm not) then you would agree with the decision. Spitzer has companies shaking in their boots, much like Ashcroft does/did with civil rights issues, because the mere allegation of impropriety has them running. Let's face facts...any company, I don't care who it is, is going to have something that may not pass the smell test. This is true of my industry as it is of yours.
  2. I just had a cancellation for Saturday. If your trip gets blown out you and John are welcome to join us for the second round of "Let's dunk the Suntzu and Kill Flounder" expedition.
  3. That's my point! Just because the AG alleged corruption doesn't make it so! But because he did the world believes it.
  4. Again, your opinion and belief. I don't hijack your threads. Please repect mine.
  5. My purpose was not to begin a faith based discussion. Allen feels differently. I object to that.
  6. The AG should not turn his back. IMO, Spitzer is on a personal crusade in pursuit of higher office, and for that reason he should not be allowed to extort companies. I'm all about taking responsibility, and if they did something wrong they should hang from the thumbs. The allegation of "Contingent Commissions" is very sexy and no doubt causes people to assume that we are money hungry mongers who make decisions based soley on compensation. Again, allegations in a complaint are always more sensational that what actually happened. 40 million is a drop in the bucket when compared to the years it would take to defend, and what with their earnings being what they are, better to take the hit now than endure years of bad press.
  7. sorry... it's that fat and slow on the uptake thing again.
  8. You're welcome. I thought you were leaving due to the election?
  9. The singing is my favorite part. C'mon'll be fun.
  10. We start the day with a big group hug, talk about our feelings in the cabin whilst motoring out to the spot and pat each other on the ass when a fish is boated. It's just a big love fest.
  11. Merry Christmas means little to those who celebrate Kwanza. Merry Christmas doesn't cover New Year's Eve and New Year's day. Happy Holiday's covers it all. I see it as more a matter of being respectful and courteous, but you can't please everyone all the time now, can you?
  12. I'd ask that you edit your post to read "My Savior," out of respect for those that don't share your views.
  13. Not for a meat fisherman like me. If I catch it I wanna eat it. Our new motto is "If it's got dies" Hey, that would look good on my my new stick.
  14. Afraid of Tog? Stay under the covers...there is no help for you. CHF, come, be merry, there is plenty of room for more fat guys
  15. I think we should add "Shellfish King" to your title.
  16. Anytime Spitzer goes after your industry it's gonna be cause for concern. Allegations in a lawsuit are always more sensational than what actually happened. If anyone thinks this is gonna make a difference in bringing costs down they are misinformed. It's cheaper to settle than to fight...sad, but true.
  17. Wind...what wind?
  18. "Arrrrrghhhhh!" "Was that funny?" "Did you enjoy that?" Have you ever seen him move so fast. It was like someone dropped a spider in his skins. All that was left was him to cry "I'm melting." The plan remains the same for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday will be a flounder fish killing marathon and Tog on Monday.
  19. for the greater glory. Tis a shame to look back at what is...and what once was.
  20. and mention of the emu. Yer fearless gurl...I wanna party with you.
  21. I find that bluefish needs to be complimented by a strong flavor. I'd never cook them francaise as example, but puttanesca works. I prefer them blackened if given the choice.
  22. Ketel..frozen.
  23. John, I only drink gin martini's. I'll do an apple/vodka type martini thing every once and a while. I keep a bottle of Ketel 1 and Stoli in the freezer and drink it neat in a small frozen fluted glass. Grey Goose give me a I serve it to my mother in law.
  24. Not if she's wearing the high heels and slinkly thing. Then I get all gaga and have enough trouble remembering to breath.