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  1. So natural infection is better.
  2. Press secretaries spin, left or right, its what they do.
  3. Nope, really not that interested.
  4. I got this covered.
  5. I'm not anti. If you want the shot go get it. My stance has been 100% unchanged from the drop, I'm not worried about covid and would rely on my bodies natural response to deal with it. As it turns out my wife and I did have it last month, and it wad no big deal. But if you want the shot, go right ahead. You can have mine.
  6. Nope, sorry. I haven't been paying attention to all of that because i didn't care (still don't really) because i wasn't getting vaccinated so why bother. Still not getting jabbed too
  7. Good for you.
  8. Yeah, pretty much. Whats it mean?
  9. Ok, i thought you had read about a reported trend rather than anecdotal info from a family member.
  10. Thanks. I admit to not paying attention to vax stuff.
  11. First time I'm seeing this. So awesome. Was that in their literature? Reminds me of the scene from Shrek. "Some of you will die, but thats a risk I'm willing to take." If I'm to unpack your earlier comment about memory, is it a leap to say that natural immunity though anti bodies are a better defense?
  12. Long way away from that. Going to take some doing before people come to accepting an "acceptable level" of covid and the risks that come with it.
  13. Seems to conflict with vaccinated people catching it, no? Isn't the vax essentially a neutered version of the bug?
  14. Younger? Younger than who? Do you have age brackets?
  15. Dont know, its all I you see on the news is about kids in terms of masking and vaccination.
  16. KoQ

  17. KoQ

    I dont think so, let me check with my wife. She remembers every movie.
  18. Wow, why so long? I figured sooner.
  19. Whatever, as long as there is enough for our kids first.
  20. Did i read earlier we don't hold them to perfect?
  21. Apple is evil.
  22. As long as there are enough vaccines available for the 5 to 12 year olds once it becomes authorized/approved.
  23. Ur not a cloudbro r u?
  24. Its official! Covid deaths surpassed 675,000, making it more deadly than the 1918 Spanish Flu. And there is no end in sight.
  25. Looks like employees can opt out of vax with regular testing.