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  1. Let's face it, this plan is for chit. My wife complains that I've been talking in my sleep while dreaming recently. Clearly she will kill me out there and bury me in a shallow hole. Its up to the random to solve the caper.
  2. Helli, yes, id like some cowboy boots, but can i get them already broken in? I think the kids call that "distressed."
  3. Lol @PeterO Exactly where i was going.
  4. That was Slackers plan. Can you blame him. A few years in and his teeth are falling out.
  5. What do you mean you dont know how to cut a half skin fade scissors on the top!
  6. Ima be the mayor of Laramie, watch.
  7. Looking forward to the reaction when we stroll into the realtor in laramie.
  8. Access is a plus, view paramount.
  9. Has panache, and is fitting. I like it.
  10. You changed it back?
  11. ?
  12. And to find landcwith a river view with which to build our compound.
  13. Yup, tuesday 8/3 begins out quest to see a game in each stadium. Starting with a clean slate.
  14. I never really vacationed as a kid and as such didn't as an adult. Regret that u wear on my sleeve. I just picked up little sister from the airport last night and she went to london on her own 2 years ago. The golden child is going to myrtle beach with 6 broskis on sunday and andrew isx a merchant marine. Hopefully they learn from my mistske. I just booked flights, ewr to den. The seek to find land is on.
  15. Let me know you'd like to block, i can access your profile and help.
  16. no sir, leave well enough alone.
  17. In before the lock!
  18. Why, are more people dying?
  19. that;s the way to do it. The place around the corner from my, Ryans, makes peach ice cream I'd choke a bitch over. I only go in the summer because I've convinced myself it's made from real summer peaches and not concentrate. Getting it in February would kill me.
  20. It's OK dude, you don't have to explain yourself.
  21. Slacker porn.
  22. Change is what? It's bad. Change, is bad. They don't listed do they billybob.
  23. And my wife can't get the stain out of my KKK robe. It's giving me agida.
  24. I've done that. I've also adjusted them out of level to people who I don't like or know are OCD to eff with them.