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  1. He wasn't talking about Rand Paul Little, he was talking about a guy he threw out of a bar suing him.
  2. The interviewed her in the afternoon BEFORE he was arrested, on something that the police say wasn't a credible threat. And the PR chick has PTSD
  3. I've never heard of that combination. twisted negroni.
  4. What is this you say?
  5. For me the walk of shame is when I duff a fairway shot and have to sulk 20 yards to hit the ball...agam.
  6. that would be great, but I'd prefer it without the hot sauce. little salt and pepper is all the seasoning that I'd need. Hope you enjoyed it.
  7. Id love to hear jeffs side.
  8. I double dog dare you.
  9. Jmb getting maced has to be a good story. Do tell.
  10. Good God. Whats scary is that people will lap this up.
  11. My thoughts.
  12. I made the mistake of rubing the one foot over the top of my other foot and thwn realized it wasnt a rock stuck in my foot.
  13. In what capacity do you see them? Work related? I find it fascinating.
  14. Has anyone actually run into someone like this, because I havent.
  15. Then you should have all three.