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  1. Dont know the house specifically but the area is tip top.
  2. Castellano and the recently deceased lived a couple of houses away from each other.
  3. Here are my Eagles. Every day.
  4. JFK Airport.
  5. Big fan.
  6. That's cause he's always stoned.
  7. True. You guy probably still have snow from october.
  8. Utah?
  9. I noticed my first earlier in the week.
  10. Last night my wife noticed hers are coming out of the ground
  11. No surprise, we always get snow in March. The nice thing is that is doesnt last long.
  12. This post makes me smile. My son and I enjoyed a day at bens range in Ct 3 or 4 years ago. I still use the training exercises he taught (dry fire till you puke). This post also reminds me I was supposed to call Jim. Sorry Dude, totally forgot.
  13. Gun For Hire, RTSP and Bullet Hole all have indoor ranges and rentals in North Jersey. Shooters, Garden State Shooting Center and Sure Shot all have indoor ranges and rentals in the Lakewood\shore area. Legand Firearms is located in Monroe, Nj, and is located inside a private range\club. No rentals but Ira is my guy. My advise, rent a bunch of guns and see what feels good in your and and what you like to shoot. 9mm is a great choice.
  14. NJ has a process in place. Cant buy\sell gun without Fire arm id card that required a back ground check. The state should monitor those with the card and confiscate if I become an inelegible purchaser. Otherwise what is the purpose of having the card in the first place?
  15. The president doesnt make laws, he just signs them into law.