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  1. Ive been on vacation simce friday. Not eating bad per se and not really drinking. I really prefer my home routine.
  2. With a sandwich or burger. Otherwise, meh.
  3. Thom is an egg price denier.
  4. Libertarian kat, rest in peace.
  5. So many pictures of my fuds and recipes. Gone.
  6. Where is my denied stamp?
  7. You only live once and can't take it with you. I have no plans to alter plans, except to say, we're going to book something. 55 years old and coming out 2 years of corona hell. Eff that, I'm going to enjoy myself.
  8. Thats great news, congratulations. It feels good when they do good.
  9. Stop it!!!
  10. Holder? Did he say this in any official capacity or was this just his opinion?
  11. Balsamic glaze on asparagus is great.
  12. I saw that in a movie and change my address to a few steets away.
  13. Id just burn the house down. i hate snakes.
  14. Where in Freehold?