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  1. "Men?" Did harf assume gender in his open post?
  2. You described my son as well. Same sentiments, and when we ask the ladies (25ish), they dont understand and cant explain why the guys arent asking them out. Probably a different thread but the whole metoo woman dont need men blah blah blah stuff blew up on them.
  3. Battle over the cat bed in my office ends like you might expect, big cat wins.
  4. Was a really good storm last night. If i have my choice, i like them at night, in the dark, so you can see the lightening.
  5. We? Are you Roman Catholic? Or did you mean to ask "amazing there still is a pope?"
  6. Not sure why this is here, but it is.
  7. I've got a pretty epic umbrella, dont I?
  8. MIne is done every thursday, but I've got irrigation and a guy who feeds it, so it's pretty thick by then. It could be done twice a week. It does look very nice and makes me feel good.
  9. I just asked it to write a response to you your post, which follows. Dear [Name], Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your experience with cold call emails. It's interesting to hear that AI is now being used to find the right people and tailor the emails accordingly. This use of AI technology has indeed become more prevalent in recent times, leading to an increase in the frequency and number of these types of emails. While it may be surprising to receive personalized emails generated by AI, it's important to note that the purpose behind using AI in this context is to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in reaching out to potential clients. By utilizing AI algorithms, companies can quickly identify relevant individuals and create personalized messages at scale. It's great that you had a discussion with someone who explained the process to you. This demonstrates the growing adoption of AI technology in various industries, including the insurance and fintech space. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss this topic in more detail, please feel free to reach out. We're here to help!
  10. NO disputing that. I have a chat gpt thing available to me but haven't used it...yet. I have seen some examples and it's pretty damn good. One guy I know, not in a sale role, he's actually on the team who supports that tech, told me he hasn't drafted a new OR REPLY email since the feature went live. It will read, decipher, and create a response to an email or other document.
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