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  1. Please leave the OP out of this.
  2. Its a real shame that the OP walked right past the issue of a US Service Man, who fought for our country, and didn't get the help he needed, instead, tried to make a "right wing" issue out of it. Sad.
  3. First I'm hearing of it, but sure, this type of an attack is clearly similar if not the same as muslims blowing things up on Easter.
  4. We get osprey and eagles in the yard everyday. They are so large. Funny to watch the smaller birds peck and dive at them.
  5. Health care = going to a doctor. Anyone/everyone can do that. Medicare = entitlement, free insurance. Im really suprised you needed me to spell that out and dont understand why you are being so dishonest.
  6. So than why not say that instead of spreadi g false information.
  7. Nicely done. Another way to do it is to scewer and tie indiclvidual pieces about an inch and a half wide and grill them, this way you get nice char on all the meat. You do lose a lot of the cheese.
  8. Can you explain what universal health care means?
  9. Shmaaaaat.
  10. Scared? They should play her 24/7.
  11. Aaannnnd from 3 point range, nothing but net.
  12. Nj has a record of all pistol owners an holders of firearm purchaser id cards, which are needed to purchase long guns. They know exactly what doors to kick in. For the record, i mailed all my magazines to florida in december. True story.
  13. I can't wait for this report. The wailing and gnashing of teeth is going to be epic.
  14. Oh please.