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  1. Do i neeeeeed? Now you sound like an anti 2a'r bitching about the number of, size and scope of my firearms. Do you neeeed them? Look, you don't like librarys, fine. Start a petition. I won't sign it, but I won't point and laugh at you either. Well, that might not be true.
  2. Wife borrows electronic books too, for the e-reader. It's got public assembly places, they run community events there. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's outdated, irrelevant, or dying. Perhaps in your opinion, but not mine.
  3. That's outstanding.
  4. Wow, pre-raisin removal, and that's Andrew in the middle. Steve (WTF) was/is an arborist who brought all of us boxes of various hardwoods for our smokers.
  5. Clearing malfunctions. Speed Reload Tactical Reload Slide lock reloads Tap Rack Bang Stovepipe Double taps Slow fire Drawing from the holster for speed.
  6. We have that too. Library in our town is a pretty busy place, well utilized. I couldn't tell you how much of my tax dollar goes to fund it.
  7. I sold my office condo in NY last November. The transaction generated transfer taxes (think sales tax) of $1,420 to the state and an estimated $5,058.75 to the City. They could come back for more after we file our tax return. Also, a $6,150 mortgage tax. NYC levies a tax when you take a mortgage on your property. So glad to be done with NYC.
  8. My wife is at ours almost every day, borrowing the latest movies and books as I request them.
  9. Don't you pay attention at the other place? Same company, expanded role. I don't want to muck up this thread with my stuff, will bump up my original new job from 2015.
  10. At some point they can pick a vessel, but he's a greenhorn. He goes where they send him.
  11. Thanks. Haven't forgotten about you by the way. Finally settled into this new job.
  12. Looking for another topic and found this gem from 2016. LOL
  13. An update. We retrieved Andrew at the end of October once his classes were finished. That was a fun day that started with a 6 pack striper charter out of Staten Island. It's around noon or so and were trolling near Rikers Island when my wife texts me that he had passed his test and was waiting for us to arrive. lol We get back to the dock around 2:30, I head home, grab the misses, and begin the 5 hour drive south, collect him at around 8 and turn right back around for the ride home. He was cute, "Dad, if you want, I can drive." Ten minutes later both he and my wife are asleep. I didn't start to get tired until around Burlington, NJ, 45 minutes from home, but made it. He was with us through the middle of December when he finally got the call that they found him a ship, and I dropped him off at Newark so he could fly down to Florida. He's been in Cape Canaveral until last Thursday when the ship pushed off. It's a military research vessel that contracts with his union to provide maintenance and operational support. He spent the time at home working odd jobs and back at his marina and banked another couple of grand. lol. He just shows up with stacks of money for my wife to deposit, and checks show up in the mail. He's an earner that one. He like this ship better and went out with some of the guys to a "club" before they sailed. He texted the $80 credit card receipt to his mother because she manages his bills. He also went to walmart to buy dark chocolate. lol We expect him to return in April when he will be eligible to become a full fledged member of the union and really start making some money.
  14. That would be outstanding over Muellers egg noodles.
  15. Capers are good too, but they fall off. What is the best bagel for this application? This morning I had it on a sesame seed, but an everything bagel is up there on my list.