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  1. I promise you, fnm and suntzu are not one and the same.
  2. You're welcome. : )
  3. The Dude? Could it be?
  4. 2 hours start to finish. Just under 2 tablespoons of yeast.
  5. I bench rest for 20 minutes or so while water boils and then bake. Malt Barly same as photo above.
  6. 40 oz flour, 23 oz water. Ball and poked home. Barly makt syrup from the local health food store. Outside right now and can't check label.
  7. Google?
  8. 2nd haul arrived today and I might have some buyers remorse. I picked up 20 rocky 20th anniversary not realizing they are "fumas" which are apparently the cuttings from the cigars. They are dirt cheap at 3 bucks a stick. Will report back with a review.
  9. Nice spread tomspaz.
  10. you can go longer rise, no doubt.
  11. 5 min to assemble ingredients, 15 minute knead. Preheat oven. 60 min rise. Put flame under pot filled with water. 10 minutes to portion and roll, make hole. Bench rest while water boils. Boil and top bagels tskes 6 to 8 mins, bake for 18 to 20.
  12. Unintentional. No, inadvertent. That was it.
  13. Not about members, but once you hit send its in the public domain. No rule about quoting a members prior post.