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  1. How so? All I heard in the last years was that people were leaving in droves.
  2. They can't give the stuff away. Literally.
  3. Amazing she hasn't smothered me in my sleep. Yet.
  4. Miss our Manhattan rendezvous. You want a cherry? Duh, of course I want the cherry.
  5. Need to stop ui payments, people don't want to go back to work.
  6. Replacement time?
  7. Pace yourself, you can make that project last. They guys in my sons union tell him that. "Whoa son, slow down!"
  8. "Is the tofu fresh?"
  9. I'm thinking about lighting up a Macanudo Maduro my self. Got my delivery today, Mac's at under 4 bucks and Alex Bradley Black Magics at four fiddy. Thank you cigar bid!
  10. Admiring my handy work. Think I'll smoke a cigar.
  11. Nice fish.
  12. Yeah, that's sad. I like to see the veterans go out with their team, ride out the season, have a celebration.
  13. That made me laugh.
  14. No, really?
  15. Dear curious in the Bayshore, Are Friend Mick is indisposed at the moment furiously trying to scratch an itch he can't reach because he's only got one good arm, and typing is difficult for him on account of, well, he's only got one good arm, so il filling in. No, we don't give a **** about Boston and/or their snowfall. Sincerely, KoQ (say it out loud)