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  1. I'm open to offers, I won't be offended.
  2. Sold to drumfish213. Thanks!
  3. Sure, that works for me. Pm on its way.
  4. Yes. And as you can see I added a hook keeper too. I can easily strip it off if it's not wanted.
  5. Yup, coming right up Serial number says the rod was built in November of 2015. Which I understand is the newer model
  6. I've had the Google home for about a year, but decided to get Alexa. The bitch doesn't know ****. Never answers any questions like Google can, won't make animal sounds which my 9 month old likes to hear and laughs at. The only good thing about Alexa is the music because I have Amazon prime.
  7. Amen brother
  8. Brand new, never used. I bought it and it's been sitting in my closet since. Size large. New from simms this vest is $130. Asking $100 shipped tyd. Pictures to come later tonight if I get a chance.
  9. Agreed. I have the 10' 1/2 - 2 and it's amazing.
  10. I bought this here last winter. I used it a few times but I can't love it like I want to. Which is surprising because I love every other St. Croix rod i own. LGSS100MMF2, 1-4 oz, 10-20# line. It's well used but still in great shape. Some scuffs and scratches on the blank and hairline cracks on the guide epoxy, which is normal. The reel seat is solid and all of the guides are clean and perfect. It also has a brand new tip guide I got from St. Croix. With the tip I'm in it for about 390. That said I'm asking 350 picked up / meet up Monmouth County to Hudson County and anywhere in between. I'd prefer not to ship but I can on the buyers dime.
  11. Hot on Marty's trail this morning. I couldn't find any 50's though.
  12. Good thing I'm a squatter and don't pay property taxes