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  1. Took long enough this season for another sp vs Hydro minnow thread to appear. This has to be at least number 7.
  2. Order paint from hd's website and do curbside pickup. Sherwin williams does curbside pickup too, not sure what they have worth masonry paint though.
  3. I think I'm gonna do a couple more roasts next weekend.
  4. What's your price range? I love my daiwa saltist backbay. I think that would be a great match for that rod.
  5. Yes, the red one.
  6. I bought this rod here a few years ago and it's been collecting dust. I'm trying to thin the heard a little. I paid 250 for it, so that's what I want to get back out of it. It's in fantastic shape, Damn near new. Model AVSS100MF. 10' 1-4 oz. Pick up /meet up Monmouth County to Hudson County NJ. I prefer not to ship.
  7. Pizza tonight was fantastic. I wound up having to get another dough. The one I got they other day was no good, it had formed a kind of crust on the outside and it was really tough, it wouldn't stretch out nicely. Lesson learned. So I turned the oven to 475 and put the pan in the oven while it preheated. While it was doing its thing I stretched the dough. I overestimated the size of my pan, so I had a thicker crust that ran up the sides of the pan, but I actually enjoyed it like that. Once the oven was hot I pulled out the pan, spread some olive oil in it and laid out the dough. Sauce, parm, mozz, and pepperoni. Back in the oven for 14 minutes and it was perfect. Crust was perfectly golden brown. I'll do it again in a heartbeat.
  8. I wouldn't use gorilla glue. The fact that it expands might cause more problems. Super glue or salt Hansen's hard as nails are your best bet. Or uv cement.
  9. Cupping the spool and steadily pulling straight back usually gets my snag free. I'd say at least 75% of the time when I decide to break off it winds up coming free instead. When it does break off it's almost always at the clip.
  10. Yup, I have these on my chunking rods. Throwing 6oz and a bunker head isn't fun on your fingers.
  11. Good on you Phil. I'm not interested in the giveaway, I have more than enough fw gear for me and my kids, But I just wanted to share a quick story. Tonight while I was putting my son (6yo) to bed he asked me why it's called memorial day. I told him it's a day to remember all the soldiers who have died fighting for our country. His response was that he wanted to go to a cemetary and put an American flag on all of the soldiers graves. It hit me pretty hard in the feels.
  12. Well it's a 15" pan, so I think the crust won't be too thick. I'll decide what I'm gonna do in the moment. Side note: I put that plumb ax I got from you to work last weekend splitting wood for the firepit. What a beast, I love it. Did you change the handle on it? I forget what you told me. Whoever did it didn't do a good job, it started coming loose with about 4 or 5 logs left. It's all good though, I noticed it before I sent the head flying.
  13. I remember having the option to turn your entire computer like that back in the days of windows 95. Only the cool kids did it.