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  1. Not all 5 lugs are the same. There's different spacing. Your 5 lug wheels may not fit his 5 lug car. That's why he was asking. Regardless, these are great tires. I had a set on a car a few years back and loved them. Glws.
  2. Finally got out for the first time this year the other day and used my new tiderunner belt. Wow, what a difference compared to the old crappy belt. I like it so much I think I'm going to order another one.
  3. Looks delicious
  4. Nice. I'm in for the scabelly!
  5. FWIW I have a Daiwa bg 5000 on my tfo 1065-2 and I feel like it's perfect for me. It's nicely balanced while remaining very light. The bg 5000 is listed at 22.6 oz.
  6. I spooled up a reel with the 15# late last year, didn't get much use though. I'll be putting it through the ringer this spring though.
  7. Got out back today for the first time this year. Nothing but heartache. Got snagged and cut off twice on mussel beds. Lost a mag darter and sp minnow. Then dropped my reel in the sand while tying on a new clip. Must've gotten sand in it somewhere bad Cuz it was sticking hard in one spot. Which is surprising Cuz I've abused the hell out of this thing in the past and she always kept right on kicking. Didn't have tools on me to take the reel apart and clean it out so called it an early day. One kind of positive was finding a dead bass washed up. So there's some around. Looked to be in the 24" range. Saw a few guys chunking bait catch something small. Not sure what though. Biggest one looked to be about 12"or so.
  8. I Have a flatlander bag, soon to have a second, and unless you're trying to bungee jump with it, I highly doubt that using one d ring will cause any harm.
  9. Price drop! Oh wait, it's free!
  10. Amazing movie. It's in my top 5 favorite of all time. The original ending was a shot of Derek standing in the bathroom, looking in the mirror, and shaving his head. It was cut at the last minute. That would totally change the message behind the movie. But either way, great movie.
  11. The officer clearly could have easily gotten out of the way of the car. However, this is a perfect example of "play stupid games, win stupid prizes." If you listen to, and comply with, an officers commands, then 99.99% of the time nobody dies or goes to the hospital with holes in them. In conclusion, this is a questionable shoot. 50/50
  12. Yup, it's definitely glass inside. Thanks suds. Pm incoming.
  13. Gonna give this thing another bump
  14. Yeah, I would replace the ignitor.