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  1. If you're a fan of meshuggah, check out periphery. They're in the same djent genre as meshuggah. Sick band. PS... Idk how to embed videos.
  2. Too funny, too perfect, and great movie.
  3. $3000? Roughly $12 per fish. Not enough. They'll be right back out doing it again. Make it $100 per fish and then maybe they'll think again. Poachers piss me off
  4. Agree to disagree. Who's ready for a beer? I know I am!
  5. Exactly what I'm saying though. Someone who is experienced and has done this many times I have no doubt would do it right. But, from what I gather, it doesn't seem that the op is experienced in doing work of this nature. Which is why I recommend to thread the pipe to ensure a good connection.
  6. Wow, gorgeous house you have there. The potential is astronomical! Congratulations, good luck, and enjoy. I'll definitely be following this one along.
  7. I personally wouldn't do this. With a good 1/16" of wiggle room it'd be tough to get a good solid seal. Unless you're real good, which I'm not. With that much space it's just a question of when it will fail. I think you're better off picking up a 3/8 die and threading the pipe.
  8. Sorry to hear this, condolences. A very similar thing happened to my wife's friends brother inlaw. Cutting down a tree in the yard it somehow fell on him. Horrible tragedies are really hard to swallow. RIP.
  9. I thought I was the only one Haha.
  10. In Florida
  11. NPT (pipe thread) sizes dont correspond to actually inch sizes. I don't have any 3/8 pipe on hand to measure, but 1/2" npt pipe is actually 3/4" od. Which leads me to believe that you have 3/8 npt pipe there. I'm like 95% sure.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, that pipe should be 3/8 npt. Go to harbor freight and get a stock and die and rethread it. Easy peasy. Then get a reducer or adapter to whatever you want to put on it.
  13. I Have a waterproof north face jacket that my wife bought me for when it's cold. The thing is great. It doesn't have gaskets like a surf top does, but it handles a good amount of splashing with no problem.
  14. Love the flatlander bag. I absolutely love mine!
  15. Yeah, they have one song I've heard that's in Maori. All I know of them though is the 4 songs I've heard on the radio.