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  1. Never heard of it.
  2. You can only get aids once
  3. I vote they put on the gloves and take it 10 rounds.
  4. The pill isn't 100% effective. Neither is the pull out method.
  5. Money. Done.
  6. Looks like a washer is needed.
  7. That popped into my head too. Is it no longer a sport when it goes the distance and it comes to a decision? I think not.
  8. Exactly right. My neighbors have a daughter who does dance. They call it competitions. Cheerleading is an extension of dance as far as I'm concerned. Therefore, not a sport. It's a competition. Edit : After writing that I got to thinking about other stuff that's decided by judges. Gymnastics, figure skating... Things of that nature. Actually, a good portion of Olympic events. Skateboarding, snowboarding... All decided by judges. Are they sports?
  9. I had no problem using their site earlier today. Rarely do I ever order from them though. Their shipping charges are outrageous. I usually use them to get part numbers, then I order from Amazon.
  10. Seriously, ditto here. Pm me on the sly. TimS doesn't have to know. Ssshhhhhh. Haha
  11. Wow, those look amazing!
  12. I know 4 people who committed suicide. One was the brother of a friend whom I only met in passing. One was an old friend from middle school. He killed himself in college. We drifted apart during high school. Another was the mother of an ex girl friend. The last was a guy I worked with who turned out to be a good friend and a great fishing buddy. I miss him. Permanent solution to a temporary problem. There's always another answer. I feel like the only time it might be acceptable would be in a Dr. Kevorkian type situation. Someone who is terminally ill and in pain.
  13. If you're want to keep it in the garage I highly recommend and exhaust fan. I have an exhaust fan in the ceiling of my garage and with one window open it creates quite a powerful vacuum. I have no problems running my generator in the garage like that. I would also throw a carbon monoxide alarm in there just in case too.
  14. I love my 10' Suzuki. I have it paired with a quantum smoke inshore 40. Crazy light combo. I Fished with it one day back in the spring for a solid 16 hours basically straight through. I must've made well over 1000 casts that day and it didn't phase me one bit. It's my go to rod for back bay and light ocean front plugging. The thing is an sp minnow rocket launcher. It can throw under a half ounce and well over 3 ounces. It can work everything from a bucktail to a spook to a pencil popper all very well. By far the most versatile rod in my arsenal. Sadly I haven't put anything over 26" on it yet this year but hopefully that'll change soon.
  15. No I don't, I actually didn't even know they made 3oz ones. I'm gonna have to look into it.