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  1. The diy kits from home depot are pretty idiot proof. They come with everything you need. Used them before with good results.
  2. I'd have to agree. The last time I made pork butt it was great the day of. But the next day it was even better.
  3. Moisture and some flavor I suppose. When I make ribs I add a couple tablespoons of butter when I wrap them.
  4. Sorry, just saw this, and I know were past the sea robin talk now. But anyway, I leave them bone in. You take the head and guts out in one shot and are basically left with a bone in sea robin drumstick. Search "how to clean a sea robin" on YouTube and a few videos should pop up. As far as the actual cooking. Pan fried with butter, salt and pepper and fresh herbs if you have them. Rosemary and Thyme preferred. Dried always works too.
  5. I haven't watched it yet. I've been busy with the kids all day. I'll watch it tonight and report back.
  6. Yup, same here. That's one of the few benefits I have of living on the corner of a main road. Lots of people see my junk and stuff is usually gone within a few hours. I've had stuff get picked up as I'm walking back up the driveway after just putting it out.
  7. Get out of here with your science, geometry, logic, and reasoning! There's no room for that here! Hail Satan!
  8. That was a loud ass door slam. Sure as **** sounded like a gunshot. But the cop is a fucin moron for blindly shooting through a door because there might be a bad guy on the other side. That's like a hunter blindly shooting into a bush because there might be a delicious deer in there rustling around, oh wait no, it's Joe, and now he has a bullet in his temple. Bad shoot.
  9. No The church (probably all religions) , free masons, nasa, scientists, physicists, paleontologists, Hollywood, the music industry... Am I missing anyone? I feel like I'm missing someone. All of them are pedophile satanists. Some of which are homosexual transgender, according to you. Is that correct? Everyone is a homosexual transgender pedophile Satanist, except for you, Eric doobie, maybe Bernie, and like 10 other people. It's that correct?
  10. Mick is serious(ly insane) Bernie is a troll
  11. You made me spit my beer out.
  12. Incorrect. Nobody ever said there is a line where the atmosphere suddenly stops and space begins. It's gradual. The higher you go in Altitude the air gradually gets less and less dense until there's eventually nothing.
  13. They appear to, but they're not, we are. Well, they are moving, but their movement isn't what we see, we see our own movement.
  14. Filed mine 3/2. Nothing yet. Still says accepted. They also shorted me stimulus money for the baby we had in September. But that may be because they used my 2019 taxes for the stimulus. Supposedly they'll correct it, but I won't hold my breath.