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  1. Channel routed, 4 coats of poly, track installed. The poly is still wet in these pictures, which is why it's shiny. I used a satin finish. I extended the channel past the track in order to be able to remove the tools from the track without having to move the miter saw. Gonna give the poly a couple of days to cure before I start using the bench for real. I still need to install the measuring tape inside the track. Other than that, the only things I can think of that I need to do is to secure the RAS cabinet to the wall, add some eggcrate to the lights to cut down on some of the glare, add some trim pieces along the back and corner, and install the woodworkers vise. The more I think about it, the more I want to install some drawers. I'm thinking just one row of drawers, maybe 3 or 4 inches tall, along the length of the bench. That can happen whenever though, it's not a rush. A dust collection system will definitely happen as well. Also, after seeing how @Sudsyhas his garage set up, I want to do a fine dust air filter as well.
  2. Possibly, but I just picked up a new rod for fluke, so I want to see how I like that first. I grabbed a legend inshore from the bst. Definitely want to give that a go for a little while first.
  3. Ah, that's where I'm going wrong. It all makes sense now!
  4. Man, you're living the dream kil. Looks like I might have another blackhole rod in my arsenal.
  5. Congrats @CrappieAttitude. I've done some business with him, he's good people. I'm sure he'll keep the dream alive with the next one
  6. ^^^ No new pictures today, I'll take some in the next day or 2. I got the channel for the t track routed out tonight, and got a coat of polyurethane on. I'll get 2 more coats of poly on tomorrow and mount the track.
  7. I like the 7" ones for calm water. They're great for shallow areas too since they swim just under the surface, maybe a foot deep at the most. Stock, they cast like a potato chip. I have a few that I've loaded with water, and a few that I've through wired and weighted with bb's and then filled with foam. They seem to have the same action as a stock one does, but they cast much much better. There's a thread somewhere about modifying them. I'll look later to see if I can dig it up.
  8. If you're in Monmouth County it looks like the storms will miss you. I'll be getting out there in about an hour, after the little humans go to bed.
  9. Haha, thanks. More pictures to come after this weekend hopefully. I thought about finding a place for a fridge, but I already have a beer fridge in the laundry room, which is conveniently located next to a bathroom. Grab a beer and take a leak, good to go.
  10. Good advice right here.
  11. Yes. Not always though, obviously. In my experience, depending on the size of the bass and blues, if I'm on bass and a school of blues move in the bass move out. If they stay in the area they'll come back again once the blues move out. But if the blues are small and the bass are larger the bass stay. It's just tough to get to them through the more aggressive blues.
  12. I Have a bg5000 on my tfo 10'6" 2-6. They do run a bit large. The 4000 might be a better fit. What rod exactly?
  13. I Have rabbits nest in my yard every year. I always find at least 2 nests per year. And every year I inadvertently wind up taking out at least 1 or 2 babies with the mower. I don't mind them in my yard, it's just annoying that they nest in the middle of it. Like, go under the shed or behind it, where I don't drive the mower.