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  1. So I'm just curious if anybody has tryed any products outside of the normal rattle can realm for primer base coats? The old can of Rusto 2× just becomes to costly in the long run and i needed something for a cheaper solution for large volume production. I am now using waterborne acrylic white undercoat. I recently switched to a product made by Lenmar Coatings called Duralaq. Essentially it's used indoors for a primer base on the interior of your home. Over the course of the last 2 months I've noticed some yellowing of the base primer with certain woods like Red Cedar as well as Eastern White Pine after being epoxy sealed. Over all it's a small amount of each batch but I'm just curious as to why only some of the pieces for example(heavy dark colored grains). I'm using an HVLP gun at 40-60psi
  2. Misquamicut B&T now
  3. I saw a 14' HDX and casted it it's way too much rod unless u plan on throwing 6oz +. Id cut it to 12'
  4. 30lb PP regular green cast my plugs insanely far! Shimano LC 12' set up with Aero Technium helps alot too
  5. My second proto darter seems to work better than my first
  6. The almighty BugPlug!
  7. Thanks 420! Love the name btw lol
  8. I hope i didn't mess those up i use a small loop on the little darter and a bigger loop on the 7" darter
  9. Peanuts & Pencils turned & now I'm playing with various woods to build some darters for myself to test and play with in the next week or so.
  10. It's been a while since i crawled around but I'm in the shadows
  11. So i take it u got no interest in my Habs Sr needles?
  12. $50 for a new set why would anyone pay that for used
  13. That's easy buddy Lights Out Lures does! DeadHead Mackerel is everyone's favorite!
  14. Thanks Robcc22