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  1. Anyone have a SS gasoline bottle they'd want to trade for something else
  2. I'm going to put this thread on hold for a little. I want to get the reel checked before I sell it. Wzi after I get it checked from Bert I'll give you first crack at it.
  3. Looking to trade yellow Donnie for SS gasoline bottle. Donnie is new but has some storage bumps.
  4. Still available
  5. Sure just add $130 for shipping and it's yours
  6. Sorry I wasn't around yesterday but will be around for the rest of the weekend of you would like to see it.
  7. Lindenhurst
  8. Bump
  9. Looking to sell as a combo for $700 plus PayPal fees. Picked up in Suffolk County Long Island or shipping is on you. Will not split unless I have a buyer for both. $280 plus PayPal fees and shipping for the rod and $480 plus PayPal fees and shipping for the reel. Not original owner of the reel but it has sam scratches it came with and works fine. Hasn't been serviced, I don't use it enough. The rod is from 2012 in great condition basically new. I don't recall registering it either.
  10. This is why it's closed. The entrance is washed over. Has nothing to do with taking away access.
  11. Should've clarified. It's a new install/build Shag. It's so my Mother in law and little guy can get in and out of a yak/paddle board easier. Most companies around here are busy raising houses.
  12. Looking for a reputable company to install a floating dock in Western Suffolk. Not penny pinching, rather pay for quality work then save a few bucks and have it fall apart in a few years. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. From the pics it looks like a little rust on the bullet and the popper. I have these two available for trade if you're interested.
  14. Are the poppers new or fished?
  15. I have a pink mac bottle of you're interested.