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  1. SWLCC Show about 2015! Left to right Stripercrazy, BigFish, Johnny The Rat Boy, Tagger, Chumbucket and I can't remember Adam Romagna's handle maybe someone can remind me! Ed will be missed. Met him many times at get togethers for plug building and such! Heard from him in April asking me how I was doing......typical of him. Told me what he was dealing with and seemed so upbeat. Rest in peace Ed.
  2. The one on the left is mine for sure....the one on the right is not but its cool! Yeah that one goes back a ways for sure!
  3. Hey Dave how you doing buddy!
  4. Nice fish T-man!
  5. That would have been 2019 Ed! I think they have that show slated for May but not sure of the date or if it will actually happen! Its the SWLCC Show!
  6. PayPal is fine.
  7. All yours! Message sent!
  8. Beachmaster Pikie for sale brand new never fished! $55 shipped to your door PayPal *
  9. My heart breaks for you my friend. You are a very strong person I can tell by your post and only a day after you lost her. As you said, stay strong for your children and keep the memories close to your heart always. My best to you going forward.
  10. Given your information Ghost after I get my delivery it will be my last transaction with Tackle Direct!
  11. Not again? I had issues with an order a few months ago as many did! Prior to that they were great! I decided to make a small order mean its gonna take me 3 months to get my swivels again and they are going to arrive in 6 different deliveries again?
  12. I have some coming out soon! Check my FB page or shoot me a message!