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  1. more jack Daniel's rants. I'm boring now. How them snook treating ya
  2. Doing good. Likes pikeral fishing like a good piney.
  3. Flyers are favorites to win the cup Bettman should be cancelling the season again any day now Atleast the bruins wont win
  4. Bruins haven't won a game in 5 months.
  5. Wish ya the best Tim I'd recommend the heart docs at chop...but ya might be a bit old How soon after that kinda surgery can u swing a golf club
  6. Would that be good for shooting bruins fans?
  7. U won't get 1500yds plus top shot on it. Prolly more like 800-900 with a 150yd top shot. I do 600yds plus 200+ yd topshots of of 80 or 100. We mostly troll so like long top shots here in jersey.
  8. I'd look good in blackface. Already got the giant wanger to be a holio.
  9. In all seriousness...I hope none of u non bruins fans die from this thing.
  10. This is all bull****. The flyers were the ****ing odds favorites to win the cup and they cancel the league. Even God and diseases hate the flyers. **** this. **** the Chinese and **** the bruins
  11. Peaches.
  12. Rangers suck.
  13. Hi homos. Bruins suck