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  1. Went to pure hockey 1200$ for a pair of skates **** off. found some cheap ones hidden in the corner
  2. Ya. holy **** did hockey sticks get expensive do they even sell wood anymore or is all 300$ bull****
  3. Yup. Says he hates winter Cause can’t go fluke fishing or sharkin.
  4. Good. Constantly sick like any other kindergartner. But otherwise fine.
  5. I bought a pair of hockey skates today to take the kid. Haven’t been on the ice in years. Gonna be interesting
  6. Wow cock ring isn’t censored here whoda thought
  7. Well. After a few years of not watching sports cause of liberal woke bull crap and them pushing blm and Toto’s homo rainbow flag **** not kicking provorov out of the league has made watch it again. so of course the flyers are getting there ass kicked so far tonight. Nothings changed I see. And I don’t know who half of these ****ing people are. f the bruins
  8. Haven’t the bruins been full of trannys for a while now? Atleast there fanbase is
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