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  1. We havent. But others have. I'd think a bouy rod a bit higher up would be a great way to target them.
  2. 18v cordless drill with a reel crankie. Look up reel crankie. It latches on handle to crank it in. There like 150$. Plus the drill. Bring a few batterys or a charger. It can drain them pretty quick.
  3. Been good... No weird **** Did a daytime sword trip saturday....skunked
  4. Where'd he go
  5. Doin good Growing like a weed True piney. Likes fishing and the race track.
  6. Flyers go 75-7 this year. Win cup in 17 playoff games. Bruins dead last and whole team gets sent back to minors.
  7. Yes...what
  8. Hooker and lp are the only two that seem to hold up long term. Both like 3500$ and better. We use a penn 50w n a 70 loaded with 80lb metered braid. Either are fine. Texas boys are using talica 50s and they catch a ton and that's closer in size to a 30. There's a **** ton of structure out there. It really is amazing. Bumps holes ledges valleys etc..... Only thing I've noticed so far is that marking deep bait and fish is what u want more so than a specific spot. Need a sounder that can read good to the depths ur fishing...we focus on 1200 to 1800. But some guys are finding them shallower but we havent really tried it yet. It can be the best looking structure but if there's no bait I've found dont even bother. If they're around you will find out suprisingly quick.
  9. Nope. All hand crank. Do have a drill & reel crankie for just retrieving the baits which works great. Electrics not neccesary. And the ones good enough for swords are pretty pricey.
  10. Up out of belmar nj.
  11. Heard it said a few times once u deep drop em you stop caring about 30 pound yellowfins...its true lol. Suprisingly easy to do also.
  12. Anybody been targeting swords lately? Finally made it to the deep the other week and went 2 for 5. Bouy rod got most of the bites since we were marking them a good bit off the bottom. Sounds like lots around should be a phenomenal fall....
  13. Hi homos Bruins suck
  14. Sorry forgot to respond....where u located?
  15. Titleist 716 cb. Amt s300 stuff shaft 3-pw and 52 n 58 Vokey sm6 wedges. Great condition. 500$ plus shipping if not local. Adam's xtd forged 5-pw with a 4 hybrid. Kbs c-taper stuff shafts.100$ plus shipping if not local. Can take more pics if wanted...