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  1. If u don’t have sumacs and grape vine you won’t see too many. They seem like maples too but to a lesser extent. They don’t seem to do much damage…yet rather have them than the cicadas. Luckily here on the edge of piney land we don’t have either
  2. Congrats.
  3. Ahhh sharkin with cantiloupe
  4. Black weenies are the biggest weenies.
  5. U can’t say porn hub on here?
  6. U sure that wasn’t something u we’re watching on ****
  7. Doing good thanks wont stop growing kinda getting an attitude gonna change his name to lil Carcillo
  8. Yes. absolutely But i have to work.
  9. Yup. Can’t win the cup every year.....
  10. Ok. Thanks do they sing the black national anthem since no one knows the canadien one?
  11. Stopped watching hockey when they did all the Black Lives Matter crap. Are they still doing it?
  12. Worked at a range years ago....only person to ever accidentally shoot themselves was a cop.
  13. Just got the nics approval on a tp9sf elite. Be picking it up this weekend. Heard pretty much nothing but good things. Hard to beat for the $.